Small spaces require smart solutions and not only for storage and furniture but aesthetic design as well. Their tendency to get cluttered very fast means that almost every idea has to include space for storage in one way or another.

If your home is on the smaller side (or it has small rooms) you will appreciate more ideas how to add storage and surface solutions the smart way. Here are 10 of these ideas that are really worth trying.

Shelving Just Below the Ceiling

When the horizontal space is lacking, there’s always vertical space to work with. Add shelving just below the ceiling to make use of it.

Bookcase Behind the Couch

If a couch occupies the space against the wall, you can make better use of it by moving it away just enough to insert a bookcase behind it. Placed this way, it gives room for display as well as storage.

Wall Mounted Desk



A wall mounted desk is a smart solution for a small work space. Even better if it doubles as shelving.

Wall Mounted Nightstand

Likewise, a wall mounted shelf that works as a nightstand is the perfect solution in a small bedroom.

Entryway Landing Strip

Install a suspended shelf on the wall in the entryway to serve as a landing strip for keys and other small things. This will keep the clutter away from other rooms.

Corner Shelves

Wall corners (especially by the doors) are rarely used effectively and stay empty. Add corner shelves for extra storage and display.

Cabinet Door Storage

Make use of the cabinet doors to add extra little shelves or hooks for more hidden storage space.

Divide Shelves Diagonally

Dividing shelves diagonally will provide extra organization for books, magazines, bottles or fabrics.

Door Storage Baskets


Hanging attractive baskets to the door can be a smart way to use that extra space which is usually empty.

Window Shelves

Adding glass shelves to windows won’t affect the look visually and won’t obstruct the light if you keep the shelves moderated. It’s a great space to keep houseplants, herbs or dishware.

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