17 Unique Christmas Tree Alternatives Just to Be Different This Year

Last updated on August 13, 2023

When it comes to Christmas, the Christmas tree is the most important element in decorating your home for the holidays. But sometimes the good old fir tree just doesn’t cut it and you want something unique. Now I’m not saying you should throw the green tree away but here are 17 unique ways how you can decorate your home with a different “Christmas tree.”

Christmas Tree Books

Have a lot of books? Stack them up in a pile that resembles a tree and put some garland lights – you have a unique book tree!

Christmas Tree Cards

A simple but very cute Christmas tree alternative is to use a big triangle cutout and hang Christmas cards on it.

Christmas Tree Curtain

Dealing with small space and have little room for a big tree? Get a wonderful Christmas tree curtain like this and you have instant holiday decor.

Christmas Tree Lights

Some simple wall art and garland lights can go a long way to create a beautiful Christmas tree out of thin air.

Christmas Tree Painting Frame

Or if you don’t want to mess with your walls, use a picture frame. Use an antique style frame and Christmas toys to create a very vintage feel.

Christmas Tree Paper Craft

Using paper crafts and layering identical toys in rows create a very neat orderly effect and a beautiful Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Paper Toys

Looking for something simple? Just putting paper toy orbs in the correct order you can have a cute little tree.

Christmas Tree Pictures and Trinkets

Creating something personal is simple if you use pictures and trinkets that are important to you and your family.

Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

If you have some scrap wood to use you can create something like this tree.

Christmas Tree Toys and Garlands

Or use all Christmas decorations you have to create a tree without using an actual tree.

Christmas Tree Tubes and Toys

Christmas tree made out of tubes – elaborate but truly unique.

Wooden Christmas Tree

Still need the tree to be more natural? Use sticks of varying length.

Wooden Christmas Tree with Toys

And if a flat tree design lacks dimensions for your taste, you can create something more like a real tree.

Christmas Tree Words

If you’re more into wall art simple words can tell the meaning of Christmas spirit as well as create a tree.


Christmas Tree Wall Art

Or you can simply have something beautiful as this wall art.

Christmas Tree Canvas Tags

Want to be trendy? Create a tree of tags that portray the meaning of Christmas.

Paper Christmas Tree

And if you’re into paper crafts you can create a whole tree by your hands.

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