5 Feng Shui Rules to Your Master Bedroom Layout

Last updated on November 4, 2023

If you like taking a holistic approach to decorate your home, follow these 5 Feng Shui rules to design the perfect master bedroom. Read on!

The concept of feng shui is meant to show the deep connection between human beings and the environments they inhabit. It’s about arranging a space so that there’s a balance between the human and the natural world. All the changes in your living space affect you significantly and change a lot in the way you feel and sleep.

According to feng shui philosophy, the bedroom is the most important room in your house. The energy that the Chinese call “Chi” can be harmonized if you follow a few feng shui rules in your bedroom layout. It aims to provide you with better relaxation, deeper sleep, and good sex. Therefore, you can benefit a lot from improving the feng shui in the room you spend so much time in. 

What's Inside

Bed Placement

feng shui bedroom

The bed is the center of your bedroom. In feng shui, the placement of it is crucial as it determines how well you sleep. 

The best position of your bed is a commanding position. It means that when you sleep, you face your door, but the doors are not in the direct line with you. if you don’t want the harmful energy to be released you have to beware of the “coffin position” in which your feet direct the door. Additionally, never place your bed under the window, as the Chi energy may leave through it.

When your bed is in the right placement, don’t forget about the mattress that provides you with a good night’s sleep.

Decluttering the Room

bedroom sliding closet

Clutter in your bedroom disrupts you and your energy. It makes you feel tired and unproductive. Get rid of the unnecessary objects in your bedroom, and the quality of your sleep would improve significantly.

Don’t forget about decluttering underneath your bed. Plenty of people tend to store a lot of old objects that they no longer need. According to feng shui, it’s a representation of blocks in your life. It would be best if there were no things stored under your bed. However, if there’s no option to do so, the only objects that wouldn’t disrupt your sleep to that great extent are sleep-related things like blankets or pillows. 

Mirrors Placement

bedroom mirror

You can have mirrors in your bedroom, but you have to follow a few rules when you place them. Mirrors attract your energy and move it in the opposite direction. 

Rule number one is to never place a mirror directly across the bed. Your bed should never be reflected as it invites a third party to your bedroom and creates a space for nightmares. Additionally, it would be best if you avoided wall mirrors. The way to place your mirror so that it’s not harmful to your energy is to put it in a place where it reflects your door.

Adequate Colors

chic bedroom

There’s no one universal rule when it comes to colors in feng shui. To put it in the simplest terms, you should paint your bedroom walls a color that you resonate with the most.

Listen to your intuition – if you feel that you lack passion, incorporate red elements. Warm colors such as red, burgundy, or orange would release the energy of romance. When you think that you need healing and calm, use the shades of blue. Neutral colors, naturally associated with safety and support, would also provide you with deep relaxation. 



If you feel that your sleep quality is low, there’s a strong probability that the electricity in your bedroom is the culprit. According to feng shui, you should get rid of electronic devices and power lines entirely. 

This means bad news for all of those who fancy watching TV shows before going to sleep – it would be best if your TV would disappear from your bedroom. It should be your chamber — an oasis of rest and relaxation. Electronic devices, your phone with alarm clock, or computer you use while laying in bed makes your brain associate the space you sleep in with work or entertainment, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

The Takeaway

Incorporating a feng shui layout into your bedroom can increase your health and well-being. When deciding which layout is the best for you, think about your needs. Do you feel that you need more passion? Or maybe you can’t stop overthinking and fall asleep? 

Feng shui works individually for each person as it balances one’s energy with the environment’s dynamism. The ideas presented above are general feng shui rules that you can follow and see if you start to feel better. But if you want to personalize the layout and be a professional practitioner, check the feng shui wheel. Only a few changes can make you feel like a newborn after a night of good sleep. 

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