5 Unconventional Yet Effective Additions to Your Home

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Property design is as much about following the fashion as it is about innovating. Here’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your home and the first step towards that is adding personal, homely touches that you will appreciate and enjoy. 

Often, people approach this by adding trinkets, ornaments, and other knick-knacks around the place which signify what they love and care about. This works brilliantly but often, these small additions end up becoming dust-collectors, increasing the cleaning workload, and generally forcing you to spend more time on housework.

There are other ways to personalize your home though, it’s just about unconventional additions that serve a function as well as make you smile. Here are some quirky yet effective home additions to get your imagination going.

What's Inside

Bacteria-resistant Tiling

Whilst not immediately noticeable, sometimes all it takes is a smart flooring choice to add a little something special to your home. Bacteria and microbial resistant flooring has been available for whilst now, with a variety of technologies being used to create solutions that kill 99.9% of bacteria. One of the most recent innovations, allows you to create a 24-hour bacteria resistant barrier on your floor and wall surfaces – a super-practical yet unique home addition.

On top of the consistent protection, you don’t need to compromise on style. These bacteria-resistant tiling options come in a host of different designs to ensure that whatever your existing décor or preference, you can find something that works for you.

Artificial Grass Flooring

Artificial grass is usually associated with outdoor flooring for sports pitches and occasionally playgrounds, but it does see use indoors too. Suppliers of artificial grass usually offer a range of different product options, each designed to cater to a different budget or use. One of the most common applications of these artificial grass ranges is in playrooms. 

For young families, creating an enticing space for young children to play safely can be difficult to achieve when you also want a long-lasting or hardy solution that can take some punishment. Artificial grass bridges this gap by being soft, easy to clean, and, with the assistance of a shock-absorbing underlay, accident-friendly too. Definitely worth considering if you have a little one. 

Spiral Staircases

Usually, spiral staircases are reserved for castles, manor houses, and very old buildings but as home décor trends adapt and change, that no longer needs to be the case. Spiral staircases are a very quirky and unique addition to any property, speaking volumes about you as a homeowner whilst remaining practical and useful. In fact, one of the major advantages offered by spiral staircases is that they save space, particularly if you have more than two floors and want to maximize the room you have available. 

Pool-Dining Table

For many, finding space to enjoy hobbies is just as difficult as finding time to enjoy them. Pool-dining tables are a brilliant way of balancing this. Doubling as both a pool table and a dining surface, these aren’t the newest products on the market but they’re still rare to find and make an incredibly effective dinner party solution. 

If you’re a fan of playing, this style of table kills two birds with one stone, but it will definitely hit your wallet too. 

Thief-Proof Windows

Finally, we have another less obvious home addition but one that can definitely be a talking point if you’re interested in security. Traditional windows are strong but with the right amount of force can be damaged, kicked in, or smashed by a particularly tenacious thief or home invader. However, there are other options; multiple businesses have produced highly optimized, extra-strength glass windows that are designed to withstand a huge amount of punishment and help protect your home. Additionally, this extra-strength often comes with weather resistance, energy efficiency, and noise reduction too – a win-win scenario.

Whether you want something bold and obvious or just a practical home addition that others are unlikely to have, this list should have got you thinking about unconventional options for your property. Always remember that turning your house into a home is as much about the details as the overall décor and style, don’t hesitate to make it your own.

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