5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom Now

Last updated on November 4, 2023

Here’s how to upgrade your bedroom very quickly, easily, and without the bank. Read on!

Are you tired of the same old look in your room? Want to branch out into something new that matches your personality better? Maybe you just want to update some old, busted furniture.

Either way, there are a few fantastic ways to update and upgrade your bedroom. Make it more than just a room where you sleep with a few of the suggestions below.

Good luck and happy decorating!

What's Inside

Get a Bedside Table


When it comes to accessorizing a bedroom, there’s nothing better than a bedside table. Bedside tables are an awesome addition to any bedroom. They serve a practical function, act as additional storage space, and create another surface you can use throughout the day.

Keep your lamp, a book, remote controls, or whatever else you please within easy reach of the bed. Also called a nightstand, these tables can also really tie a room’s decor together.

There are several different types from which to choose. You can opt for a simple table that just has legs and a surface. This is practical and minimal.

Then there are the nightstands that have drawers or additional storage. These are great for when you have less space and lots of stuff to store.

You can even get shelves or small cabinets to use as a nightstand. There’s quite a bit of variety out there, so take a good look at your room and see what will fit before making a choice. Ultimately, having a nightstand is pretty useful for any purpose.

Get Some New Curtains

bedroom curtains

Curtains are another important design choice for any bedroom. Ostensibly used to block out light and help keep the room private, curtains or blinds are an essential part of the bedroom layout. That doesn’t mean they need to be drab and boring.

You can accessorize your room in a really neat and visually pleasing way by getting some new ones. They provide an awesome color contrast, keep the room cooler, block out extraneous light, and look great while they do it.

Get a New Mattress


One of the best things you can do for your room is to add a new mattress. Mattresses only last a little over 5 years on average. Sometimes they can go slightly longer, but then you might end up waking up with back pain or experiencing not quite restful sleep. That’s no good.

Also as they get older. So upgrading to a new mattress solves every single one of those problems. The other issue with standard mattresses is that they are made from materials like polyurethane and contain VOCs, flame retardants, and formaldehyde.

All of these are pretty dangerous compounds that you probably don’t want to be exposed to while you’re sleeping. The solution? Getting a natural mattress.

Natural mattresses are made from sustainable, organic materials that are certified to be organic. They go through a rigorous specification process to determine that they are actually organic. It isn’t just some marketing phrase. These materials are sustainable things like cotton, wool, latex, buckwheat, and cork.

A latex mattress or a latex hybrid mattress is one of the most durable mattresses you can buy. Latex is a naturally occurring substance that comes from rubber trees. When it’s processed, to create the filling of a mattress it can be one of the most comfortable and durable mattresses around. So, when you’re looking to upgrade your mattress in your room go with a latex mattress for the ultimate in fantastic sleep.

Add Some Artwork to the Walls

bedroom artwork

To really bring out the personality of your room and add a bit of texture to the walls, consider adding some artwork. This could be your own artwork, printout, posters, pictures you love, or even sculptures.

Either way, you can bring out the personality of your room and create conversational pieces for guests. It also can help provide inspiration when you wake up in the morning and look around to see what’s on your walls. Capture a little bit of well-being and open up your space more with a little bit of wall artwork, especially when you want to add a little something more to your home’s decor. 

Improve the Lighting

bedroom lamps

The best decor and the most beautiful room that looks amazing won’t amount to much of anything if there is no proper lighting. Lighting is essential for any activities you’re performing in the room such as reading or writing and can also help improve the ambiance of the room.

If you are so inclined, you can get a ceiling fan that has lights as your primary lighting source. If that doesn’t suit you, then you might want to try candle lighting that is recessed partially into the ceiling. This is an elegant way of generating light without having obtrusive light fixtures.

Alternatively, you can go for a single primary light fixture in the middle of the ceiling with a couple of side lamps throughout the room to help provide additional lighting. You can do dimmable lighting to alter the ambiance in your limbs or even put up sconce lights if you’re so inclined. Depending on the size of the bedroom and what you’re hoping to accomplish, your lighting can be the finishing touch on a lovely little room.

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