6 Cheap and Easy Bedroom Upgrades

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Moving from one location to another is a long-term process. After you’ve scout through several movers and decided which moving company to hire, you have to pack your valuables and transport all of these safely. And once you arrive in your new home, you need to unload all of your moving boxes and make your house feel like home – and what better way to start achieving this goal by working on your bedroom first, right?

Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of your house as it dictates the quality and quantity of sleep every night. A neglected bedroom can often lead to sleep deprivation which can eventually take a toll on your health. Here are some cheap bedroom upgrades you can try out:

What's Inside

Bring Color to Your Bedroom

Most bedrooms are painted in neutral shades. This part of the house usually have tan, cream, or blush walls and ceilings. If you happen to have this kind of bedroom, things can get a little dull and boring. If you want to take it up a notch and add fun in the area, add color. You can do this by investing in colorful bedding, pillows, and wall decors. If you have enough budget for it, scout for colorful and printed carpets, as well. 

Be Bold

If you’re not satisfied with merely adding small pieces to bring color to your bedroom, use a printed wallpaper. With the number of printed wallpapers available in the market today, it’ll be very easy for you to find one which perfectly fits your unique style and home’s overall theme. 

Provide Seating Options

A bedroom is used for sleeping, but that doesn’t mean that that’s the only thing you’ll do when you’re inside it. More often than not, you’ll spend time reading books or working on your laptop when you’re in your bedroom. To make this area more functional, provide seating options. Add in a couch or chair in the corner of your bedroom or at the foot of your bed. These pieces are cheap investments that can surely improve the functionality and aesthetics of your bedroom!

Hang a mirror

Most bedrooms are small, tight spaces. This space is usually enough to fit one bed, dresser, and a chair. If you have a small bedroom, fret not – there are still ways on how you can upgrade the space without breaking the bank.

Placing mirrors in your bedroom can create the impression of having a large space. Because mirrors can reflect light, they can trick your eyes and mind into thinking that you have a lot of space. If you’re looking forward to using mirrors, make sure to place them in your headboards or lean them up in an area adjacent to your window. 

Find Your Light

As mentioned, you’ll be doing a lot of things in your bedroom aside from sleeping. For you to read a book or work with ease, invest in the right type of lighting for your bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, look at lighting fixtures that can be attached to your ceilings or walls. There are actually a lot of lighting fixtures to choose from so make sure that you buy one which perfectly suits your budget. 

Stick to a Color Scheme

Adding colors to your bedroom is like adding life to space. However, going overboard can also make the space look and feel unorganized. Using items which have contrasting color can affect your mood and even heighten your stress levels. When picking out items for your bedroom, it’s best if you stick to a color scheme. If you’re planning to use wallpapers in pink floral prints, make sure that your pillows and linens also show shades of pink. Sticking to a color scheme will make your bedroom more appealing and cohesive. 

Look For Options

Aside from using this article as your guide, go ahead, and research more about the fun things you can with your bedroom. Look for techniques that are easy and cheap to make, and don’t forget to look for ones that actually showcase your uniqueness and style. After all, this is your bedroom and no one can tell you what you can and can’t do with it. 

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