American Made Faucet Brands: An In-Depth Buying Guide

Last updated on April 11, 2024

Knowing American made faucet brands is essential because it not only ensures quality but also supports local manufacturers, offering exceptional satisfaction for all homeowners.

Key takeaways:

  • American Standard: Durability, classic designs, water-saving technologies
  • Kohler: Elegance, American craftsmanship, advanced technologies
  • Chicago Faucets: Commercial-grade durability, high-traffic environments
  • Pfister: Timeless design, modern functionality, water conservation
  • Delta Faucets: Quality, innovation, touch and hands-free technologies

What's Inside

Top American Made Faucet Brands

top american made faucet brands

Navigating through the array of faucet brands can be overwhelming, but focusing on reputable American manufacturers can help narrow down your choices and ensure you’re investing in quality. Among these, American Standard stands out for its commitment to durability and classic designs that have graced homes for over 140 years.

Kohler, another long-standing brand, offers an array of high-end faucets that blend elegance with a rich history of American craftsmanship. Known not just for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their reliability, Kohler faucets are fixtures in households that value heritage and performance.

In the realm of commercial applications, Chicago Faucets dominates with a reputation for durable products that can withstand the demands of high-use environments. For homeowners, this translates to faucets that are as sturdy as they are stylish.

Pfister and Delta Faucets have carved their niches by balancing timeless design with modern functionality, making them popular choices for contemporary homes. Pfister’s focus on innovation ensures that their faucets not only look great but also incorporate the latest technologies for water conservation and ease of use.

Delta takes innovation a step further with touch and hands-free technologies, appealing to tech-savvy consumers seeking the height of convenience in their kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

When quality and affordability must meet, Peerless offers a range of faucets that deliver American-made reliability without breaking the bank. While Kingston Brass provides homeowners with artfully crafted faucets, reminiscent of bygone eras yet built for modern-day resilience.

Finally, for a personalized touch, Jaclo allows for customization in design details, ensuring that your faucet is not only American made but also uniquely yours. These brands collectively highlight the craftsmanship, longevity, and conscientious design inherent in American-made faucet selections.

American Standard: Durability and Tradition

american standard durability and tradition

Founded in 1875, American Standard has firmly established itself in the plumbing industry with a reputation for durable fixtures that stand the test of time. The brand is synonymous with tradition, showcasing classic designs that never go out of style.

What sets this brand apart is its commitment to crafting products that last. Using high-quality materials, American Standard faucets are designed to resist corrosion, reduce leaks, and minimize maintenance—all crucial aspects for fixtures that see daily use.

Their faucets often feature ceramic disc valve technology, ensuring smooth handle operation and drip-free performance. This attention to detail extends to the ease of installation, with many models equipped with the Speed Connect system, making them quick and straightforward to fit.

Though steeped in traditional values, American Standard does not shy away from innovation. Incorporating water-saving technologies, the brand has a lineup of faucets that meet stringent WaterSense certification standards, helping consumers to save on utility bills and conserve water without sacrificing performance.

Whether you’re renovating a historic home or simply prefer a faucet that tells a story of longevity and reliability, American Standard offers a blend of timeless design and modern functionality, rooted in a legacy of American manufacturing excellence.

Kohler: Elegance and Heritage

Founded in 1873, Kohler has evolved from a modest iron and steel foundry into a global leader in the design and manufacture of kitchen and bath products. This Wisconsin-based company merges its rich heritage with a commitment to craftsmanship, harnessing innovation to create products that are not only visually striking but also functionally superior.

From sleek minimalistic designs to ornate traditional models, Kohler’s faucets reflect a dedication to aesthetic diversity, catering to a wide range of tastes. They blend form with function, ensuring each piece is as user-friendly as it is beautiful.

Kohler also places a strong emphasis on incorporating advanced technologies into its products. Features like touchless operation and water-saving functionalities offer users convenience while promoting environmental stewardship.

Moreover, Kohler’s longevity in the industry speaks to the durability of its products. They are constructed with the finest materials under rigorous quality standards, assuring long-term reliability—a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence.

Chicago Faucets: Commercial Excellence

Chicago Faucets stands as a testament to industrial function melding with innovative design. Created with facilities like hospitals and schools in mind, their products offer robust construction meant to handle high-traffic environments. This is where reliability intersects with versatility – the brand features a variety of models that cater to specific industry needs, from anti-microbial handles for healthcare settings to water-conserving options suitable for green buildings.

The company’s commitment to commercial-grade performance also means that maintenance and repair are simplified. Replacement parts are standardized, and cartridges are interchangeable, ensuring that the faucets remain operational for longer periods before needing a fix. Emphasizing sustainability, many of Chicago Faucets’ products are designed to minimize water usage without sacrificing performance, which is crucial for institutions managing large-scale facilities. With a focus on crafting faucets that can endure the rigors of commercial use, Chicago Faucets delivers where it counts: reliability, efficiency, and serviceability.

Pfister: Timeless Elegance, Contemporary Design

Pfister faucets blend classic elegance with modern innovation, offering designs that can complement a myriad of interior styles. Notably, their commitment to contemporary design doesn’t sacrifice functionality; they integrate advanced features like touchless operation and water-saving technologies. The brand prides itself on its quality craftsmanship, ensuring that their products are not only aesthetically pleasing but built to last.

Furthermore, they offer a spectrum of finishes and styles, ensuring that whether you’re renovating a vintage bathroom or updating a modern kitchen, there’s a Pfister faucet to meet your vision. The company also emphasizes ease of installation with their “Push & Seal” drain assembly and “Pforever Seal” technology, aiming to streamline the setup process and provide a tight seal with no leaks. They stand behind their products with a robust warranty program, showcasing confidence in their fixtures’ durability and performance.

Delta: Quality and Innovation

Delta Faucet Company stands out for its relentless pursuit of innovation. Equipped with proprietary technologies like Touch2O, which allows users to turn faucets on and off with just a touch, Delta brings a high-tech approach to kitchen and bathroom fixtures. This feature is particularly helpful in maintaining hygiene and conserving water.

The brand’s adherence to quality is evident in its Diamond Seal Technology. The diamond-embedded ceramic discs in its valves ensure that Delta faucets can handle up to five million uses, which is up to ten times the industry standard. This translates into faucets that are designed to last longer, reducing the need for replacement and repair.

Expanding beyond mere functionality, Delta also creatively integrates convenience with its MagnaTite Docking system. This innovation utilizes a strong magnet to keep pull-down spray heads firmly in place, preventing droops and ensuring the faucet retains its original, sleek look over time.

Delta remains committed to eco-friendly practices, offering a range of WaterSense labeled products that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s strict water conservation guidelines. These efforts help consumers save water without sacrificing performance.

Investing in a Delta faucet is a step towards integrating advanced technology, dependable quality, and thoughtful design into the daily ritual of water usage.

Moen: Excellence and Innovation

Moen stands out for its commitment to innovative solutions that enhance users’ interactions with faucets. Pioneers of the single-handle faucet, the brand constantly evolves, integrating smart technology into products. With user convenience in mind, Moen offers features like touchless operation and app-controlled settings that deliver custom water temperature and flow.

Their dedication to craftsmanship doesn’t compromise on style. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern design to complement a contemporary bathroom or a classic look for a kitchen, Moen’s range of styles ensures there’s something for every taste. Furthermore, spot-resistant finishes help maintain the faucet’s appearance, minimizing the time spent on cleaning and upkeep.

Equally notable is Moen’s commitment to water conservation. Their faucets include aerators and efficient flow optimizations, seamlessly blending eco-friendliness with everyday functionality. With Moen, enhancing your home’s aesthetic and functionality also means being a responsible steward of environmental resources.

Jaclo: Detail Precision and Customization

Jaclo sets itself apart with a unique focus on the finer details that define luxury and individuality in the bathing space. Here are key points to note:

  • Jaclo offers an array of bespoke options, allowing customers to tailor faucets to personal style preferences and functional requirements.
  • The brand’s respect for craftsmanship means every piece emerges with a high-quality finish and precise engineering.
  • Custom finishes are a Jaclo hallmark, with a variety of hues and textures available, showcasing the company’s commitment to aesthetic versatility.
  • Flexibility in design is a cornerstone; Jaclo provides solutions ranging from vintage-inspired to ultra-modern, ensuring a fit for any decor.
  • With meticulous attention to ergonomic design, Jaclo ensures that each faucet not only looks exceptional but also offers comfort and ease of use.

Opting for Jaclo means embracing the possibility of transforming an everyday fixture into a statement piece that reflects personal taste and lifestyle.

Peerless: Affordable Luxury

Recognized for delivering cost-effective sophistication, Peerless provides a range of faucets that blend functionality with flair, all while respecting your budget. Ideal for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installations, Peerless faucets offer:

  • An array of Styles: Whether your home embraces a modern or traditional aesthetic, find designs that elevate your space without breaking the bank.
  • Smart Solutions: Experience advanced features, such as water-saving options and ADA-compliant designs, which ensure accessibility for all users.
  • Easy Installation: Faucets equipped with clear instructions and necessary components allow for straightforward setup, making renovations hassle-free.
  • Accessible Quality: Benefit from the durability and performance of higher-priced alternatives, ensuring a long-term investment in your home’s plumbing needs.

Peerless faucets provide homeowners with the opportunity to enhance their living spaces with products that strike the perfect balance between luxury and affordability.

Kingston Brass: Timeless Elegance

With a commitment to merging the classic with the contemporary, Kingston Brass offers a variety of fixtures that fit seamlessly into any decor. Their extensive product range combines reliability with a touch of sophistication, making them a go-to for homeowners seeking a blend of vintage charm and modern functionality.

Key points of Kingston Brass include:

  • Robust construction with high-quality materials, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.
  • Aesthetic versatility, with collections spanning from Victorian to modern minimalist designs.
  • They provide exceptional detail, with finishes that resist tarnishing and corrosion, keeping fixtures looking pristine.
  • The brand’s dedication to innovation is reflected in features like ceramic disc valves for drip-free performance.
  • Kingstone Brass also provides a comprehensive warranty, showcasing confidence in their product durability and customer satisfaction.

Their elegant designs embody a dedication to craftsmanship, establishing Kingston Brass as a brand that beautifully balances form and function.


Are any faucets made in America?

Yes, Waterstone Faucets, which has been manufacturing its products in California since 1999, is an example of a faucet brand made in America.

Are Kohler faucets made in USA?

Kohler faucets are largely manufactured in the USA, predominantly available in small kitchen and bath showrooms.

What is America’s most trusted faucet brand?

Moen is recognized as America’s most trusted faucet brand, having received the Lifestory Research® America’s Most Trusted® award for the past six consecutive years.

Is Moen USA made?

Moen products are manufactured in the US, specifically in New Bern and Sanford in North Carolina, as well as in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania.

How are Waterstone faucets associated with American manufacturing?

Waterstone faucets are associated with American manufacturing because they are exclusively designed and fabricated in the USA, honoring traditional craftsmanship and ensuring high-quality products.

Are Pfister faucets a product of American industry?

Yes, Pfister faucets are a product of American industry.

How does American Standard rank among domestic faucet producers?

American Standard, renowned for its innovative designs and top-tier quality, often ranks as one of the leading domestic faucet producers in the United States.

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