Are Popcorn Makers Worth It? [Solved]

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Yes, popcorn makers are worth it! And you don’t have to be a big fan to appreciate it. Here’s our reasoning behind this.

Popcorn is a staple of the modern movie theater, and if you’ve ever tried to make it at home, you know it can be a bit of a pain. Microwave popcorn is convenient and easy, but it’s expensive, and it often comes with unhealthy additives. Air-popped popcorn is healthier but tends to be bland and dry. That’s why many people prefer to use a popcorn maker to get the job done.

Popcorn makers are one of those kitchen gadgets that seem kind of silly at first, but they can be a lot of fun. Once you try a fresh bowl of popcorn made in a popcorn maker, you’ll probably never want to go back to those microwave bags again. But do they really add all that much to your life? That’s one of the big questions that we’re going to take a look at, and we’ll consider all of the aspects of these appliances, from the different kinds to the best ways to use them to the different kinds of popcorn you can make.

What's Inside

How Does a Popcorn Machine Work?


In a nutshell, all you need to know is that corn kernels pop once they reach a certain high temperature. So all a popper has to do is to provide the necessary heat. That’s why you can just as well pop it in a standard pan.

The popcorn machine is high and has hot oil, kernels, and a canister with a heating element. When the heater is on, it will heat all the way to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The kernels pop out in the metal canister. This fills up when turned off, spilling into the glass surrounding it to hold everything inside. Popcorn machines can be high or low with different heights due to their generator capacities for oil and popped kernels of corn.

The Air Popcorn maker is a type of popcorn maker that differs from the traditional one. This is because, in the Air Popcorn model, there are no oils involved. Instead of hot oil (which can reach temperatures higher than 300 degrees Fahrenheit), all you need is an air popper that works by blowing hot air heated elements to pop the corn kernels in its kettle.

Advantages of a Popcorn Maker

popcorn maker

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A popcorn maker provides the necessary components to make home-made popcorn (along with classic popcorn containers). The one major advantage of purchasing a maker is that it usually includes a tabletop device, so there will not be any mess when you are done eating the popcorn.

Another advantage of having a popcorn maker is that the one purchase can save you money from constantly making your own pretzels, chips, or other snacks on the go. The owners of a popcorn machine get access to unlimited snacks.

Popcorn is a tasty snack, but not all microwaves work well. Microwave popcorn has a risk of being burnt and sometimes leaves chemicals at the bottom. A popcorn machine comes with safety features like touching sensors so that you don’t have to keep an eye on it while popping. You will be able to get a whole-kernel popcorn that tastes better than microwaved ones because the foil bag can’t do it justice!

Disadvantages of A Popcorn Maker

A popcorn maker requires an energy source to heat it, so is more expensive and causes higher bills than other alternatives (such as a pan).

Things to Look for When Buying a Popcorn Maker

A popcorn machine can give you the full cinema experience at home with the push of a button. If you care about aesthetics, there are many things to look for. However, without getting into much depth, what we think are important features is looking at a machine’s size, what type of popcorn they use, and the cost and warranty to determine if it is worth buying. There is nothing more nostalgic than enjoying old-fashioned movie nights with popcorn.

When shopping for a popcorn maker, it is important to consider how easy it is to clean. If the popcorn maker is too difficult to clean, you will not use it as much as you would if it was easy. If you buy a machine, you will want that machine out often, so ensure the cleaning is not too annoying.

Popcorn machines must have a stirring mechanism which ensures all the kernels get popped.

Choose oil vs. hot air machine. Both have their benefits. A hot air machine is considered healthier, but you get a tastier popcorn with flavored oils.

If a warmer plate is included in the machine, you can keep popped popcorn warm longer.

Do You Need a Big Popper Machine?

The size of the machine depends on how many people you are serving. Usually, an 8-ounce machine is enough for about ten people.

Does It Taste Better Than Microwave or Bagged Popcorn?

The argument is that popcorn made right away tastes better than popcorn from microwaves or cold bags. It’s healthier and cheaper too.

How Long Does Popped Popcorn Stay Fresh?

When you go to your local grocery store and purchase a bag of popcorn, it is bound to be fresher than instant popcorn. But does popped popcorn last long? If you have a popcorn machine at home, you can reheat the freshly popped corn on the warming plate. Homemade airtight containers work well for storage if enjoying pops at more than one sitting. Keep in mind that underserviced quality will vary based on how fresh it is when first opened.

The Oil Movie Theaters Use for Popcorn

How theaters make, popup depends on what theater it is. There is usually a mix of coconut and canola oil. Coconut oil makes the best flavor, though you could also use canola oil to save costs. You could also use spray butter for the flavor.

How Much Do Popcorn Makers Cost?

A popcorn machine can range in price, with small countertop models costing $25 to $50 and the larger ones considered “movie theater-like” costing $250 to $300.

Is it Worth Buying?

The bottom line is that if you like popcorn, you will like your popcorn maker. It’s worth buying if you have popcorn more often than once a month. It’s not expensive, and you save on corn kernels that are much cheaper than bagged popcorn. It’s healthier too.

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