10 Clever Ideas to Disguise the TV in Your Home

Last updated on September 29, 2023

Whether to hide the TV in your home decor or not is entirely up to you. If you’re serious about decorating your home and you think about every detail, you have to think through the positioning of the TV too. It must not become a decor eyesore under no circumstances. And sometimes it has to be hidden at all.

How you do it, depends on your decor style but there are certain things you can try. From making the electronics look a seamless part of the room to camouflaging it out of the view – here are 10 clever ideas how you can disguise your TV in home decor.

What's Inside

Fabric Panel Cover

Use a panel of fabric in any pattern you want to create a cover for the TV and turn it into wall art.

Mount the TV on an Accent Board

You can create an accent in the room’s decor with a board (like this rustic one) which makes the TV blend in. And it can even have some shelves for extra storage.

Decorate Around It Heavily

The easiest way to draw any attention away from the big black flat box is to decorate heavily around it, thus balancing the space out. You can do that with pictures or wall art.

Hide It Behind Sliding Doors

If you want to hide it altogether, a great crafty way is installing a sliding door just for the TV.

Hide It in the Table

Another crafty DIY project with an integrated hidden TV is this coffee table that opens up to reveal the technology.

Or this ingenious way to slide the TV up from the cabinet.

Create a Wall Niche for It

This project requires some planning but a wall niche can be the home for your TV, such as this wonderful brick wall with a fireplace and naturally unveiling TV.

Distract with Shelves

You don’t need special furniture if you can afford to install a number of suspended shelves on the wall. That way you can use them to display various accessories, collectibles or plants, and the TV seamlessly becomes one of them too.

Hide It Behind Pictures

Install an unfolding picture board and you can hide the TV behind pieces of art. No one will suspect it.

Source: www.gadgetgiftideas.net
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Or get this awesome TV mount that unfolds over your bed for the bedroom.

Frame the TV

Make the TV an art piece by framing it with picture frames. It doesn’t even have to fit perfectly just as long as you give it some sort of a frame.

Hide It Behind a Mirror

By installing a sliding mirror you can hide a TV behind it too.

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