26 Functional Double Farmhouse Sink Ideas

Last updated on March 4, 2024

These are practical double-sink ideas to incorporate into your kitchen design. From traditional to modern, this post inspires creating a stylish and functional kitchen.

Double farmhouse sinks are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design due to their classic and timeless aesthetic.

These sinks feature two deep basins and an apron-style front. They are ideal for accommodating all the dishes, pots, and pans needed for family dinners or hosting friends.

They come in various materials, such as concrete, marble, and stainless steel, allowing homeowners to customize their kitchens with a unique look that suits their tastes.

With ample storage space, modern lighting fixtures, and plenty of seating options, double farmhouse sinks can give any kitchen an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying meals with family members.

What's Inside

Double Farmhouse Apron Sink

The traditional Belfast-style sinks offer extra workspace and accommodate all the dishes, pots, and pans needed for family dinners or hosting friends.

A sunlit morning adds to the inviting atmosphere of this home decor inspiration, ideal for weekend meals around the kitchen island.

Custom Kitchen with Double Farmhouse Sink

The sink is durable stainless steel and features a classic apron-style front with two deep basins. This creates an efficient workspace while also adding character to the room.

The large windows provide plenty of natural light and fresh air from the outside. The cabinets are modernly designed with smooth surfaces and clean lines that give the kitchen an overall contemporary feel.

Ample shelving space allows for easy storage of cookware and dinnerware without taking up too much countertop space. Modern lighting fixtures brighten the room’s atmosphere.

Furthermore, they provide task lighting in critical areas, such as above the sink or on either side of the window frames.

Plenty of seating options make entertaining guests or enjoying meals with family members easier in this cozy environment.

Classic Double Farmhouse Sink

The white porcelain sink is set against a light grey countertop and is surrounded by classic kitchen cabinets in a country cottage style.

The open-plan layout allows plenty of natural light through the windows, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.

A kitchen island with seating provides extra space for entertaining guests or relaxing on lazy afternoons. The overall look is completed with homey touches like rustic pendant lights and vintage-inspired decor pieces that add warmth and charm to the room.

Concrete Farmhouse Sink

The two sinks are made of durable concrete for an industrial feel, and the white finish helps to brighten up the room. The rustic charm is enhanced by rustic furniture, such as vintage cabinets and antique chairs.

A laundry room and utility room nearby provide extra convenience for busy households. The decor is cozy yet stylish, combining country living with modern touches like sleek kitchen appliances and contemporary lighting fixtures.

This kitchen design has all the elements necessary to create an inviting atmosphere that exudes rustic charm and modern country style.

Antique Plate Rustic Shelves Over the Sink

The shelving is made of the same robust material, giving an authentic country cottage feel held in place by brass taps and fittings. For a pop of color to offset the warm tones, geraniums add a vibrant splash of life in one corner.

Big bookshelves are above the sink area, while beneath, there’s plenty of room for storage and necessary items like a washing machine or dishwasher.

To complete this classic cottage-core style, an old-style kitchen sink tops the look with gentle curves that bring nostalgia to any home.

The Country Rose Farmhouse Sink

The two large ceramic sinks provide plenty of space for washing dishes and other kitchen tasks. The surrounding cabinetry from natural wood with a classic country rose pattern adds warmth and character to the room.

Add more designs with kitchen accessories such as tea towels, textiles, and other decorations. Above the sink is an inspiring kitchen decor that inspires any chef to create delicious meals!

Beautiful Marble Double Sink

The sink is made of marble, giving it a classic yet modern look that complements the rustic-modern style of the room. Paint the cabinets white to create a bright and airy atmosphere, while the countertops are made of wood for a cozy cottage feel.

The French-inspired design adds an elegant touch with its intricate details and ornate fixtures. This kitchen is sure to be both charming and functional!

Traditional Double Farmhouse Sink Idea

The deep, broad basins from stainless steel have a classic country cottage style that is timeless and elegant. The window above the sink offers plenty of natural light and a beautiful view of the outdoors.

A selection of pottery adds an extra touch of charm to this cozy kitchen space. With its rustic yet modern look, this double farmhouse sink will surely bring functionality and style to your home.

Accent Kitchen Sink

The durable stainless steel has two separate basins for effortless multitasking. The deep basins provide plenty of room for washing dishes or prepping food.

The sleek design adds a modern touch to the kitchen, while the classic farmhouse style gives it an inviting feel.

White Paint Decision

The floor is a classic neutral style that complements the quartz worktops and kitchen furniture. An eye-catching traditional kitchen extension adds extra space. More storage means more details to inspire your home renovations.

Timeless White Marble Sink

The large sink size allows for more space to work with, while its classic style adds a timeless touch to any kitchen. It’s not only clean and calming to the eyes. It also adds to the elegant look of your home.

Fluted Sink for Elegance

The beautiful fluted sinks add a lovely touch to the bohemian beach house. Create a unique detail by making sure your basin is authentic and original.

Roman Sink

Set the large, deep bowl sinks on a countertop with an elegant white finish. The farmhouse style of the sinks adds a classic touch to the room, while their size allows for the convenient washing of pots and pans.

A brushed nickel faucet completes the look, adding shine and sophistication to this beautiful kitchen design.

Quaint Double Farmhouse Sink

The stainless steel sink sits on an oak countertop, adding a rustic touch to the room. The walls feature a country cottage-style decor with white-washed wood panels, while the window has blinds2go for added privacy.

A cozy home style is achieved with warm lighting and soft furnishings, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The kitchen accessories are not minimalistic but rather eclectic and unique – from the kitchen decor to the kitchen sink – making this kitchen design truly one of a kind!

Stainless Steel Double Kitchen Sink

Combining modern and classic elements creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining. The matte black fixtures contrast beautifully with the white quartz counters and blend seamlessly with the warm tones of the backsplash.

The double farmhouse sink adds a rustic charm that guests will surely appreciate. With its timeless appeal, this kitchen remodel will bring years of enjoyment to any home.

Black Stone Countertop with Burnished Brass Finish

The burnished brass finish of the sink adds an elegant touch, perfectly integrating it with the rest of the kitchen. The under-mounted design allows the sink to disappear beneath the countertop, creating a sleek and modern look.

Minimalist Double Farmhouse Sink Idea

Sarah's Double Farmhouse Sink Idea double farmhouse sink
Source: @shipponbarn

The classic white porcelain of the sink is accented by the sage green cabinetry, creating a beautiful contrast that adds a touch of color to the room. The cottage-style cabinets and countertops complete the rustic look with farmhouse-inspired details like beaded paneling and antique-style hardware.

To top off this cozy country kitchen, a vintage-style chandelier hangs above the sink, adding an elegant finishing touch.

Rustic and Medieval Double Sink Design

Roche Piscis double farmhouse sink
Source: @objet_la_ny

This design is not something you often see. But it’s time to be in the old and make it modern by adding some accessories. Check out this brass and rustic double kitchen look. It’s perfect for those looking for an industrial look in their home.

Beautiful Mess Kitchen Idea

The large, deep sink is made of stainless steel and is the room’s centerpiece. The white cabinets and counters are contrasted by the dark wood flooring, creating an inviting atmosphere.

A window above the sink overlooks a beautiful garden outside to complete the look, providing natural light and an outdoor view from the inside. On either side of the sink are faux flower styling accents adding even more charm to this rural-inspired kitchen.

A classic mug sits atop one countertop for a touch of country cottage style. A cockerel painted on top of one cupboard door adds to the rustic feel and completes this cozy yet stylish kitchen design.

Classic and Timeless Kitchen Counter

Easy like Sunday morning double farmhouse sink
Source: @homebyrosie

The sink is made of stainless steel and has a classic look that works well with any kitchen style. The deep basin allows plenty of space to wash dishes or prepare food.

It also includes a built-in draining board, making it easy to dry dishes after washing them. The high-arc faucet makes cleaning up more accessible than ever before.

With its timeless design and modern features, this double farmhouse sink is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Glazed Ceramic Double Farmhouse Sink

Measuring one meter wide, this sink is perfect for busy households, allowing you to dump multiple mugs and bowls or soak a pan without sacrificing the functionality of the whole sink. The mottled brass taps above complete the look, creating a timeless and elegant aesthetic.

Neutral Shades Double Farmhouse Sink

The sleek, Tansy-colored cabinets provide a timeless backdrop for an intriguing veined backsplash that adds texture and interest to the space. A countertop adorns the cabinets, creating a sandy mid-tone contrast to complete the neutral look.

The focal point of this design is its double farmhouse sink which adds convenience and luxury while also fitting perfectly with the home’s traditional style.

Neutral Shades Double Farmhouse Sink

The marble worktop has a veined backsplash to add interest and texture. The result is an elegant yet practical space perfect for hosting any event.

This eye-catching design evokes rustic charm thanks to its double farmhouse sink, allowing you to rinse off larger dishes like roasters or rubber mats quickly. With plenty of countertop space, this kitchen will surely be the heart of your home.

Deep Basin Kitchen Sink

The sleek, stainless steel fixtures and deep basin dishes create an eye-catching contrast against the surrounding materials. The under-mount installation of the sinks allows for extra countertop space, ideal for preparing meals or entertaining guests.

To complete the design, custom cabinetry, and hardware provide extra storage and character to complement the overall look of this luxury kitchen.

Gleaming Double Farmhouse Sink

The sink is made of grey material, with a tapware and hot tap completing the look. The countertop is a worktop that adds a touch of luxury to the kitchen design.

The cabinets are custom-made for this self-built home, creating a unique and stylish look that will make this kitchen stand out from the rest.

Double-duty and Timeless

The unique living space is enhanced by the classic look of the farmhouse sink, which adds style and functionality to the room. The stainless steel finish ensures durability and easy maintenance for years to come.

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