20 Stunning Glass Houses and Why You’ll Love Them in 2019

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Glass houses feature amazing floor to ceiling glass walls and stand as a pinnacle of modern architecture. Here are some of the best examples in 2019.

These aren’t glasses made entirely of glass, floor to ceiling glazing is their accent feature. Such houses have a lot of modern architectural interest and open their interiors to the eye of the beholder. Exteriors are no longer separate from the interior. Which means that there should be a continuation between the two.

We admire this style of architecture very much. And so we’ve made a great list of fantastic glass houses that admirably expose this modern feature. These houses are nothing short of stunning, and they provide huge inspiration to designers and architecture fans alike.

Ross Residence

Ross Residence Glass House #architecture

The Ross Residence by  Griffin Enright Architects features full wall windows for an open modern look. It makes the house look more prominent with a spacious patio. The entry features a charcoal board and a pivot door.

Seacliff Glass House

Seacliff Glass House #architecture

This modern seacliff house features an exterior with full wall windows. The exterior design allows maximal interior lighting and opens the views to make the most of the house’s location in Los Angeles.

Peconic Bay House

Peconic Bay House #architecture

This unique modern house puts an accent on the natural wood flooring and decking. The full wall windows help achieve this beautiful effect in natural surroundings.

Magnificent Glass House Exterior

Magnificent Glass House Exterior #architecture

This glass house is nothing short of amazing. The glass walls extend across two floors and open the beautiful interiors. That way the exterior merges with the interior to form the perfect ensemble.

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Log Cabin with Glass Walls

Log Cabin with Glass Walls #architecture

You have to let the nature in and let the beauty of interiors out. That was the primary goal behind this log cabin renovation. And it has turned out as an architectural spectacle.

Barcode House

Barcode House #architecture

This glass house stands out in its contemporary glory. In addition to the glass, the steel materials are used to make rectangles of varying sizes and provide a smooth and spectacular finish.

Hudson Passive Project

Hudson Passive Project #architecture

The wall of windows and metal inserts on this contemporary two story exterior home goes a long way in highlighting the interesting five-sided polygon shape of the structure.

Wyatt Residence Glass House

Wyatt Residence Glass House #architecture

With its combination of wood, glass, and stones, this glass house blends seamlessly into the environment in which it is located. It makes for a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of life.

Modern Mirror Glass House

Modern Mirror Glass House #architecture

This super cool glass house has excellent elevation and spectacular and functional privacy windows that reflect the surrounding beauty. This modern marvel looks like a beautiful place to live.

Hunts Point Three-Story Glass House


This three-story glass exterior dwelling has enormous windows that effortlessly bring the outside in. The illumination from the outside helps to make this glass house stand out in its lush environment.

Minimalist Glass House Exterior

Minimalist Glass House Exterior #architecture

This white two-story minimalist glass exterior home has a contemporary style and massive walls of windows that are designed to let natural light and other aspects of nature inside.

Glass Sunroom

Glass Sunroom #architecture

This beautiful home is awesomely accentuated by this gorgeous glass sunroom with its triangular shaped glass roof. This stunning space is a great place to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

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Shavano Park Glass House

Shavano Park Glass House #architecture

The glass windows on this remarkably beautiful house look like black but are a dark-bronze anodized curtain wall system. The metal cutout on the dark bronze roof adds to the overall aesthetics of this glass house.

Haus J19 Minimalist Glass House

Haus J19 Glass House #architecture

This large white three-story glass house stands out in its unusual modern design. The flat roof of this house does a lot to add to the overall uniqueness of the structure.

Casa Sardinera Glass House

Casa Sardinera Glass House #architecture

The flat roof style of this modern minimalist glass house provides the perfect topping for the large rectangular windows placed throughout the house. These windows expertly frame the views of the beautiful outdoors.

Sebastopol Residence Glass House

Sebastopol Residence Glass House #architecture

This two-story glass exterior home in a mountain style design is spectacular in its beauty as it exudes tons of visual appeal. It is designed to capture the incredible surrounding views.

Two Story Floor to Ceiling Glazing

Two Story Floor to Ceiling Glazing #architecture

The contemporary townhouse features a gorgeous powered-coated walnut and steel open tread staircase. On the back of the structure, there is a dramatic two-story floor to ceiling glazing that provides views of the beautiful garden.

Belvedere Contemporary Glass House

Belvedere Contemporary Glass House #architecture

This stunning glass house could make the perfect vacation spot and provide an excluded vibe that can let you forget, even temporarily, the demands and responsibilities of everyday life.

Glass Cube House

Glass Cube House #architecture

This is a white, contemporary two-story glass house with a flat roof and a cool cubic design. The walls painted in green and white perfectly complement the wooden deck outside the home to create a remarkably relaxing environment.

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Abbots Way Glass House

Abbots Way Glass House #architecture

This white mid-sized minimalist glass house is spectacular. At the heart of this design is structural transparency. This can be easily identified by its walls of glass, extended planes of solid walls dotted with openings and a flat roof.