How to Create Classy Black and White Living Room Decor on Low Budget

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Creating a black and white theme for your living room will not only send out a message of finesse, but also power. People all over the world consider these colors contemporary, retro, classic and stylish, and the trend is gaining more popularity as each day goes buy. Here are some black and white living room ideas to get you started.

If you decide to go with a black and white decoration, you’ll have the option to repaint your wall or simply leave the current paint. If you do decide to repaint your wall, you can simply apply coat of paints to different parts of the wall. If repainting the wall seems like a lot of hassle, then adding rugs with zebra stripes to the center of the living room will equally do the trick.

Your flooring is another part of your living room where black and white colors can be used. You can either go for white tiles or marble. You’ll have to decide whether to use both colors for the flooring or just the white color. These colors will not only improve your living room’s aesthetic appeal, but will also make it seem bigger than it actually is.

If you don’t have enough money to replace your furniture with black and white themed ones, then adding black and white textured fabrics for your coaches will also help. This won’t cost you much to buy and will be easy to clean and maintain. Black and white window curtains will complement the rest of the room’s d├ęcor perfectly.

Instead of buying a black and white TV cabinet for the living room, you could try mounting it on the wall. As for pictures, rather than placing many pictures on the wall, you could place a huge frame with different pictures cleverly spaced within it.

Whether you are millionaire or working on a low budget, you will find it very easy to decorate your living space with black and white colors. All you need is a little creativity and help from images of such houses from the internet.

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