15 Unique Kitchen Blinds Ideas That Designers Love

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Are you looking for new kitchen blinds ideas? The following list will give you inspiration for classic and unique treatments.

Blinds are the most popular window treatment option in kitchen design. They are functional and provide many opportunities for decorating. And while in some cases using curtains or drapes in the kitchen make sense, you will most likely install blinds or shades of some type.

Besides the several types of blinds that are available (regular, roman, Venetian, roller, and others), you have to think about the style and design. This is where a whole world of options opens up.

From classic white blinds used by Emily Henderson, to trendy shade patterns created by Nate Berkus. And it doesn’t stop there.

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White Roman Shades

Emily Henderson kitchen blinds
Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Emily Henderson has chosen white Roman shades in this Spanish California home kitchen design. It’s very neutral and doesn’t make an accent from the window. Instead, the grey painted window frame blends the window into the rest of the decor.

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Pattern Shades

Nate Berkus Kitchen Blinds
Source: nateberkus.com

Nate Berkus, on the other hand, has an entire line of patter shades which make kitchen windows stand out. The patterns are in neutral colors, so they fit a range of decor styles. And yet they make a statement and get the windows noticed.

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Grey Shades

grey kitchen blinds

When you’re looking for a neutral design, there are two popular options you can choose – white or grey. The matter of choice is all about function in this case. Grey shades provide better natural light management than white counterparts.

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Top Down Shades

Roman Shades
Source: www.houzz.com

Talking about better light management, top-down roman shades are even a better option. They make the best of two worlds – letting in more light and providing privacy at the same time.

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Black Venetian Blinds

1095 Royal York
Source: www.houzz.com

Kitchen windows stand out if they are in a contrasting color to the rest of the interior. These can be Venetian, roman, vertical, and other types of blinds.  The resulting statement window treatment fits any contemporary kitchen design.

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Floral Patterns

Leawood, KS Colorful Kitchen
Source: www.houzz.com

If you’re looking to add another pattern to the interior, the shades might be the right place. Floral designs, for example, create a cozy look which is ideal for farmhouse-style kitchen decor.

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Roller Shades

Roller Shades
Source: www.houzz.com

Roller shades are among the most popular types of kitchen blinds. They are inexpensive and easy to install. If we’re thinking about more decor value, the best options for roller blinds are bamboo or faux wood. They provide an earthy accent to the interior and can make a statement.

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Wood or Faux Wood

Source: www.houzz.com

If we’re talking about wood as the material for the blinds, it’s an ideal way to add more decor interest via window treatments. The natural wood look of the Venetian blinds gives character to the kitchen design. And it’s always welcome in decorating the space.

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Grosvenor Crescent
Source: www.houzz.com

Among unique accents made with window shades are the striped fabrics. They are ideal when trying to create a classic interior with luxurious accents. Gilded stripes are visually appealing if you’re looking for ideas of using them.

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Double Blinds

Source: www.houzz.com

This idea isn’t used very often (perhaps a new trend in the making?), but it’s very functional and can be visually appealing. Using two layers of blinds to control the natural light better and create additional window treatment. The basic white blinds control the light (functional), and the roman shades on top provide visual appeal in a patterned fabric.

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Red Accent

Georgian Town House
Source: www.houzz.com

We love this idea for its simplicity and timeless use. The red accent color is a great way to make a statement, especially if a pattern is used too. It works in absolutely any style, and it will never go out of fashion. Get stocked up on your red shades!

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Blinds Across All Windows

Harvey Jones Portfolio
Source: www.houzz.com

Installing the blinds across all windows makes them look bigger. The window treatment looks more complete this way too.

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Oversize Shades

Traditional Kitchen
Source: www.houzz.com

Oversize blinds make the windows look bigger too. This country kitchen design also uses a print fabric to make the shades into art. It’s not the idea for everyone but adds a lot of character to the room decor.

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Plaid Fabric

Guild Anderson Hand Painted Kitchen and Dining Space
Source: www.houzz.com

For the more traditional design with the character, we turn to the plaid fabric for the roman or roller shades. It’s inexpensive and makes a decor statement.

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White Beachy Kitchen
Source: www.houzz.com

Besides using wood and bamboo as the material for kitchen blinds, other natural shades have a similar effect. Parchment is one of those options that gives an earthy look. It’s ideal in beachy designs.

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