25 Modern Kitchen Ideas With Mirror Backsplash

Last updated on March 17, 2024

Incorporate a mirror backsplash into your modern kitchen with these ideas for a modern and stylish look. Read on!

Mirror backsplashes can add a touch of luxury to any kitchen. Like any mirror, it creates an illusion of a larger space and provides better distribution of daylight in a room.

Use dark grout around the backsplash and fixtures with a bronze finish for a trendy look. Modern shaker-style cabinets work well with a mirrored backsplash, creating contrast and decorative interest.

Here are more ideas we’ve found inspiring.

What's Inside

Show-stopping Dining Room

Show-stopping dining room kitchen with mirror backsplash
Source: @woodharbor

This small dining room has a sink and backsplash, which is made to look bigger by including a mirror. It also provides better lighting to this confined space.

Dark Bronze Mirrored Backsplash Tile

The dark bronze mirrored backsplash tile instantly elevates this small condo kitchen. The sleek black grout and dark electrical components create a streamlined look that adds drama and glamour to the space.

Basement Wet Bar

Basement Wet Bar Ready For Entertaining. kitchen with mirror backsplash
Source: @kdbteam

The mirror backsplash creates a beautiful reflective effect that brightens the room, while custom cabinetry and appliances provide plenty of storage space.

The lighting design adds to the overall ambiance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The flooring design features durable materials perfect for busy kitchens, while the sink offers an easy-to-clean surface for washing dishes or preparing food.

Antique Mirror Backsplash

This beautiful kitchen features a mirror backsplash, providing an elegant yet timeless look. The room’s interior is designed with modern kitchen elements such as quartz countertops and shaker cabinets.

At the same time, antique and foxed mirrors bring an extra touch of sophistication to the space.

The decorative mirror backsplash adds the perfect finishing touch to this unique and inviting kitchen design.

Elegant Kitchen Look

This traditional kitchen features a beautiful mirror backsplash, providing an elegant and classic look. The shaker cabinets and grey color palette create a timeless atmosphere perfect for home renovation inspiration.

The extension of the kitchen offers plenty of room for a comfortable dining area and adds to the overall design. From the understated yet chic decor to the modern touches like the mirrored splashback, this kitchen will inspire any homeowner looking for interior content ideas.

Mirror Strip

This modern kitchen features a sleek and stylish mirror backsplash that reflects the light beautifully, creating a luxurious atmosphere. The glass-like surface catches the eye with its unique reflective qualities while adding a hint of glamour to the space.

With its chic look, this mirrored backsplash will become a focal point for any home. The smooth edges add to the contemporary feel and further enhance the overall aesthetic of this stunning kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen with Mirror Backsplash

The kitchen glimmers with elegance, boasting a reflective backsplash made of shimmering mirrors. The glossy surface creates a luxurious and modern look while reflecting the vibrant colors of the surrounding decor.

This beautiful kitchen is further enhanced by well-crafted cabinets, which provide ample storage space for organized counters and drawers.

It adds an effortless touch of quality and luxury every time you cook – no matter your budget.

Bar Design with Mirror Backsplash

The kitchen is immediately striking with its sleek mirror backsplash that reflects light, creating a moody space. The custom bar and wine cellar give it an inviting vibe, making it the perfect hangout spot.

Sleek Mirror Backsplash

This sleek and modern kitchen boasts a stunning mirror backsplash, warm wood tones from the flooring, and an open-plan layout. The walls are finished in black, while grey countertops complement the monochromatic look.

An olive tree sits atop the center island with three hanging pendant lights overhead to illuminate the room. The vaulted ceiling is adorned with white beams that draw your eyes to admire its grandeur.

This kitchen renovation’s total effect is elegance and luxury, creating a space for you to be inspired by for years to come.

Mirror Backsplash Kitchen Remodel

Mirror Backsplash Kitchen Remodel kitchen with mirror backsplash
Source: @durasupreme

This kitchen features a stunning mirror backsplash that is the star of its unique design. The cabinetry is inset door style with beaded frames, concealed hinges, and optional slab cabinet drawer fronts.

Crafted from quarter-sawn oak and finished with a soft sesame stain, this cabinetry creates a modern look that pairs perfectly with the white-painted wood hood.

Teal Kitchen

This modern kitchen features a sleek mirror backsplash reflecting the room’s warm light, adding brightness and energy. The reflective surfaces offer a unique style that will add a distinctive look to any home.

Elegant Backsplash Mirror Addition

This kitchen is a beautiful blend of classic design and modern style. Its stunning mirror backsplash reflects light around the room, creating an airy atmosphere.

The white marble countertop adds to the brightness, while its deep blue cabinets provide contrast and give the space a sophisticated touch. A sleek kitchen island sits in the center with plenty of storage for all your culinary needs.

And matching oak floors run throughout, making this classic design genuinely timeless. Uplighting along the baseboards fastens it together perfectly while adding character to this overall inviting home decor.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

This luxurious kitchen features a sleek mirror backsplash that can turn heads. The contemporary design combines designer appliances and interior elements for an inviting ambiance.

The classic grey and white color scheme create an eye-catching contrast between the oven and the glossy mirror surface. Together they give this kitchen a modern feel while maintaining its inviting atmosphere.

Classic Kitchen with a Twist

This kitchen is a stunning mix of modern and traditional elements. A beautiful mirror backsplash reflects the warm oak floors and walls, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

The space is filled with handmade pieces, such as an in-frame kitchen with a stone worktop, paneling, barstools, and kitchen stools. Lighting has been carefully thought out for both practical uses and to add a wow factor to the room.

Mirrored Kitchen

The kitchen gleams with the beauty of a mirrored backsplash. The reflective surface creates an illusion of space, making it look larger than it is.

Care must be taken when installing this backsplash behind a kitchen hob, as heat can cause cracking. If multiple cut-outs are required due to sockets, a colored glass splashback may be a better option due to its increased durability.

Typical London-esque Mirrored Kitchen

This modern kitchen features a beautiful walnut finish and a unique mirror backsplash, creating an eye-catching look. The kitchen extension adds plenty of space for cooking and entertaining guests.

Modern Rustic Mirrored Kitchen

This kitchen features an eye-catching mirror backsplash reflecting the modern rustic interior. The bespoke kitchen contains renovation elements, making it unique to its environment.

An expansive countertop is paired with stylish bar stools to make food preparation more accessible. Meanwhile, small kitchen design solutions are craftily integrated into the overall layout without feeling cluttered or cramped.

Lastly, strategic lighting fixtures complete this chic mirror backsplash renovation project elegantly and subtly highlight every detail in the room.

Basement Entertainment Bar with Glass-Enclosed Wine Room

Basement Entertainment Bar with Glass-Enclosed Wine Room kitchen with mirror backsplash
Source: @westbayhomes

This modern kitchen boasts an eye-catching mirror backsplash that reflects light and adds a touch of luxury. The custom-built cabinets are gray and feature a rolling ladder, while the floors are white oak for a classic yet contemporary feel.

Subtle details like the subzero refrigerator complete the look and make this kitchen fit for entertaining or relaxing with friends in the wine room.

The interior is designed to create Instagram-worthy home envy, perfect for those who want to develop their dream home or share their home style with followers.

Gold Plated Tiles Backsplash

This modern kitchen features a sparkling mirror backsplash that catches the light and reflects its surroundings elegantly. Taylor Design Studio, a renowned interior designer, has used custom cabinets with brass and gold accents to create a luxe atmosphere.

The quartz countertops add an extra touch of luxury, while the details, like the SOFC stovetop and BEVcenter, provide all the necessary amenities for everyday use.

Renovating this room was no small feat, but thanks to the CLEdesigner’s hard work, it now looks stunning! On Fridays or special occasions like July 4th, you can relax in this space and truly enjoy life.

Subway Tile

This contemporary kitchen features a stunning mirror backsplash, navy cabinets, and a walnut butcher block countertop. Floating shelves add an extra touch of modern style, while a cold brew tap provides convenience to the space.

A San Diego interior designer has used their expertise to combine the historical Victorian style of the house with modern design elements, creating an eye-catching look that’s sure to be the apple of someone’s eye.

Large Mirror Backsplash

This backsplash mirror is perfect and goes with any aesthetic you want. You can add coastal-inspired countertop designs such as floating shelves, built-in storage, or plants. These additional do elevate the feel of your home and help distribute good air into the kitchen area.

Modern and Minimalistic Mirror Backsplash

This kitchen features a stunning mirror backsplash, which reflects the light and adds a modern touch to the room. The backsplash is made of glass, with intricate mirrorwork adding a unique and stylish look.

The renovation was completed with glass railings for an extra bit of elegance.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Mirror Backsplash

This kitchen is a stunning combination of modern and traditional design, featuring an open-plan living space with a shaker kitchen cabinets and a mirror backsplash. The limed oak finish adds warmth to the room, while the mirror backsplash reflects light throughout the space.

The interior design creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and conversation. With its unique blend of style and functionality, this kitchen is perfect for any renovation project or home vibe.

Traditional Kitchen

The mirror backsplash reflects the light from the tap and lighting fixtures, creating an inviting atmosphere. A beautiful kitchen island with paneling adds extra storage space and provides seating for barstools or kitchen stools.

The stone worktops add texture to the room while completing the classic look. With its timeless design, this kitchen will be enjoyed by all who enter it.

Countertop Horizontal Rectangular Mirrors

Add a touch of glamour to your kitchen! These mirrors bring light and add a sense of depth to the room. It’s an effective way to make your kitchen look bigger than it is. Thus, this is a perfect design for small kitchen spaces. It’s an inexpensive way to bring class to your home.

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