4 Ways to Make Your House Feel Warmer This Winter

Last updated on October 11, 2023

Feeling Draughty? Here’s how new windows and other home improvements could cut your energy bills and make your house feel warmer this winter. Read on!

We’re right in the thick of winter now, with January and February being commonly acknowledged as being two of the most miserable and unmotivating months of the calendar year.

Christmas is over so snow is no longer festive, and Spring is just that little bit too out of reach to start looking forward to. We spend more time in the house in the Winter season than we do at any time of the year as we reach for our home comforts – which tends to immediately mean that our energy bills surge upwards at this time of year. None of it seems ideal.

Although many people immediately blame the drop in temperature outdoors for having to use their heating more, it could be the case that there are other factors that are contributing to the chill of the outside coming in.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of these other components, and how making a few simple home improvements could cut your energy bills in half, and make your overall house feel warmer this Winter.

What's Inside

Replace or Reseal Your Windows


From replacing your windows with trusty organizations to simply taking time to do some DIY and seal your window edges, there’s no denying that these are two of the smallest things that will make the biggest difference.

Now, windows have changed a lot over the years. From double to even triple glazing, there’s no denying that there is more of a choice to be made than ever before. What people don’t realize is just how much it effects the warmth of your house overall.

Of course, replacing windows costs money – but think of it as the investment it is. For a one time larger payment, you then pay less money out on a monthly basis and are likely to save more than you spend in the first place.

If you’re concerned that your windows are outdated or are even letting in a little bit of a draught in the wind, then we’d strongly suggest you consider these options before cranking the heating up.

Incorporate Thick Winter Fabrics into Your Decor

Cozy Blanket

Have you ever considered that the way you choose to decorate your home has an impact on the overall warmth of the property itself, and therefore of its energy efficiency?

It might sound obvious, but so many people don’t realize that the thicker the materials you use in your overall decor, the better insulated the rooms will feel.

Now, we’re talking about curtains and rugs in particular. Another solution to draughty windows if you can’t get afford to replace them and don’t have the time to reseal their edges, is by putting up thick Winter curtains in front of them. This way, even if they are letting in a little more draught than normal, it shouldn’t affect the temperature of the entire space. The curtains should trap and insulate.

Likewise, throws and rugs are another great way of further insulating a space – especially if you have wooden floors. Although great for practicality and trend, hardwood floors can be a little cold in the Winter season in comparison to carpets, for example. Invest in some thick, warm rugs and place them strategically around the house. The difference may be small but is without a doubt notable.

Cover Keyholes and Exclude Letterbox Draughts


Sometimes, the tiniest changes make the biggest difference. Who would even stop to consider that their keyholes and letterboxes are one of the reasons why their home is a little chilly? Well, we have.

In the depths of winter, when the winds are blowing and the snow is blizzarding, draughts creep in through the smallest of cavities. This is why it’s well worth fitting brushes in your letterbox, or adding covers to your keyholes. It’ll stop at least some of the cold coming in – and every little helps!

Have Your Brickwork Repointed

brick wall

If you live in a house with brickwork and it hasn’t been updated in a long time, it might be worth having it repointed – particularly if it’s an old house.

Finally, small gaps in brickwork let in a surprising amount of cold air. It’s well worth having the mortar between your bricks renewed in order to keep the property warm.

Now, although some people do attempt to DIY this, we would suggest having a professional do it properly. Again, although these costs – think of it as a long term investment. A one-off payment could save you cash every month – remember that.

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