Pizzelle Maker vs. Waffle Maker [What’s the Difference?]

Last updated on October 9, 2023

A pizzelle maker and a waffle maker are both very similar small kitchen appliances. The main difference is the griddle design and the thickness of the waffle they make. Read on to learn about all of their differences.

In a nutshell, here are all the things that make these appliances different:

  • The thickness of the waffle/pizzelle.
  • The baking time.
  • The price.
  • The design of the griddle.
  • The number of waffles/cookies they can make per batch.

And the most important difference of them all: you can’t make perfectly thin and crispy pizzelle in a waffle maker! Meanwhile, you can make crispy waffles in a pizzelle maker among other things.

What's Inside

Pizzelle Maker

cucinapro pizzelle maker
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Pizzelle is an Italian word for small, thin cookies. It’s basically like making crepes or pancakes but with different ingredients. You can use it to make cookies, cakes, pastries, etc. The best part about this machine is that you don’t need any special skills to operate it because all you have to do is add water into the pan and wait until they are done.

A pizzelle maker is an Italian kitchen appliance used to make small round Italian waffle cookies called pizzelle. The dough can be made from scratch using flour, eggs, water, sugar, salt, yeast, oil, and sometimes other ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts, raisins, etc., but most often, it’s rolled out into thin sheets of pasta that are then cut with cookie cutters. Though, the traditional flavor of pizzelle is anise. They are typically baked for Holiday events.

Price: $40 – $100

Baking time: 30 seconds to 1 minute per batch.

Parts of Pizzelle Maker

The product consists of three parts; the main body, the heating element, the control panel, and the storage compartment where the batter will sit while cooking. There are two types of pans available in the market today. One type has holes on both sides so that when the batter cooks, steam escapes through these holes. This allows the batter to cook evenly without burning at the edges. Another option is to buy one with only one side hole so that there won’t be any steam escaping during baking. 

Features of Pizzelle Maker

Many features come along with this product, including adjustable temperature settings, timer function, automatic shut-off after 30 seconds if not removed by the user, and more. Some models even include a built-in light source to illuminate your workspace. They’re easy to clean, too, since they require soap and warm water. If you want to bake multiple batches at once, some models allow up to six pans to fit inside their oven cavity.

Ice Cream Cone Roller

This ice cream cone roller can help you roll out delicious waffle cones without having to use messy tools like cookie cutters. A cone roller sometimes comes with a pizzelle maker because freshly baked pizzelles make excellent waffle cones if they are rolled right away. It’s another popular treat during Holidays that people like to make. It’s only possible with the pizzelle maker.

Waffle Maker

waffle maker

The waffle maker is an electric griddle for cooking food on top of its surface to produce crisp results than when cooked over direct heat. The term “waffles” refers to any pancake-like food prepared in a particular machine rather than a pan. Waffles may have many different shapes and sizes depending on their intended use; they are usually served for breakfast foods like pancakes, French toast, crepes, omelets, and so forth. They are typically cooked at high temperatures until browned and crisp. What we are used to making with the waffle makers are usually known as the Belgian Waffles.

Price: $15 – $200

Baking time: 2-5 minutes per batch

Parts of Waffle Maker

The product consists of four parts; the base plate, the lid, the grid, and the handle. The base plate holds the waffle iron together and provides support for the grids. The grids hold up the waffles and allow them to expand. When heated, the grids become hot enough to melt butter and syrup onto the waffles. The handles provide leverage for lifting the waffle iron off the stovetop once the waffles are ready.

Features of Waffle Maker

There are several features that distinguish a good quality waffle maker from others. These include:

  • A nonstick coating on the bottom of the waffle iron helps prevent sticking.
  • An automatic shutoff feature prevents overheating.
  • It should come with a warranty card.
  • If your waffle maker does not have some of these features, consider buying another brand instead.

How to Choose the Best Waffle vs. Pizzelle Maker

Waffles and pizzelle are great options when entertaining guests because they’re versatile enough that everyone can enjoy them. They also make it easier than ever to serve healthy foods like fruit salad and yogurt parfaits without having to worry about making separate dishes.

If you have kids in the house who love eating breakfast food, then owning an electric waffle iron will allow you to create their favorite treats while still sticking to a healthier diet plan. These machines come in various styles and designs, which means there should be one that fits your family perfectly. For example, if you want something simple and easy to clean up, then look for models that require no cleaning whatsoever. On the flip side, if you prefer more complex features, then opt for those that offer multiple settings and temperature controls. If you’re looking for a model that makes both waffles and pizzas, then check out our guide to choosing the perfect waffle maker here!

The first thing you’ll notice about these two appliances is how similar they are. Both are essentially just flat plates with heating elements underneath. However, what sets them apart is where exactly you place each plate. With a waffle maker, you put the hotplate directly onto the stovetop, whereas with a pizzelle maker, you set it inside a larger container filled with boiling water. This allows you to get much crisper results since the steam helps keep everything moist.

The second significant difference comes down to size. While a waffle maker is generally smaller than a regular frying pan, a pizzelle maker is significantly bigger.

A third factor to consider is whether or not you need a nonstick coating. This isn’t important if you don’t mind getting grease stains all over your kitchen countertops. But if you do care about keeping things cleaner, then opting for a stainless steel unit might be worth considering.

Finally, some people find that using a waffle maker requires too much attention from the user. A pizzelle maker takes less time to prepare but does take slightly longer to bake. So if you’d rather spend your mornings doing other activities instead of standing around waiting for your waffles to finish baking, then go ahead and pick up a pizzelle maker.

The Verdict

There are several differences between a waffle maker versus a pizzelle maker. First off, a waffle maker has a single purpose – to make waffles. At the same time, a pizzelle maker serves double duty as a waffle maker, cannoli maker, ice cream cone maker, and pizzelle cookie maker.

The main difference between the two devices is the thickness of the waffle cookie they make. Another key distinction is that a waffle machine typically produces four small square-shaped waffles at once, whereas a pizzelle machine usually creates 1-3 small round cookies. Finally, a waffle maker is often made of plastic, whereas a pizzelle maker tends to be constructed of metal.


What makes pizzelles crisp?

Pizzelles baked in a pizzelle maker are always thin and crispy. It’s hard to mess it up. Just follow the recipe and don’t go overboard with spreading the dough. Thin pizzelles don’t wilt in humidity.

Can pizzelle crispiness vary depending on the type of recipe you choose?

While there are many recipes for pizzelle, they only affect the flavor. Pizzelle made in a pizzelle maker are always thin and crispy no matter the extra ingredients and flavors.

How long does it take to make pizzelle?

A typical pizzelle maker makes a batch of pizzelle in 30 seconds to 1 minute.

What else can be cooked in a waffle maker?

You can cook pancakes, crepes, French toast, and even omelets in a waffle iron. However, they won’t have the same crispy edges that pizzelles have. They will still taste great, though!

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