The Top 10 Best Pizzelle Makers of 2022

Last updated on May 17, 2022

Looking to finally make the perfectly thin and crispy pizzelle for your Italian-style Christmas? You can only do that with the best pizzelle maker...

… which is the CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker.

But first of all, pizzelle are plural, and pizzella is singular. Though, for all it’s worth, pizzelle is used so often as a singular term that pizzelles makes sense too.

With that out of the way, the best pizzelle makers should have the ability to make perfectly thin crispy pizzelle, be easy to use and have a non-stick surface of the griddle. You want a durable maker that doesn’t take too much countertop space. Finally, the right pizzelle maker should also have a warranty from the manufacturer with a strong reputation for customer service.

Many pizzelle makers feature a non-stick coating of the griddles to ensure a smooth, easy baking process. Additionally, they are easy to use and clean. The best gadgets have temperature control for custom browning and short cooking times with the least fuss.

So, we’ve dug into the world of pizzelle making and found these to be the best makers (links are included, they help our site and earn a commission.)

What's Inside

CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker

cucinapro pizzelle maker
CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker

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This is our editor’s pick.

Making your pizzelle with CucinaPro maker is easy because it even has recipes included for you to follow. It has non-stick plates that are extra-crisp and even cooking. There are no worries about it getting stuck, which prevents burning the cookies.

When using this product, your hands remain clean, so you don’t need any butter on top of the presser. The plate is designed not to have burnt spots, so there’s no need to rotate prematurely and you can avoid these problems that customers sometimes encounter with other brands when making their pizzelle.

Key features include baking plates that are extra thick and ensure even heat distribution with a non-stick surface, making cleanup easier. In addition, please note that your pizzelle baker may produce an odor upon first use, as this is due to the bakelite material releasing a harmless scent into the packaging upon first use.

Overall, the Cucinapore Pizzelle Maker is an excellent machine made for making two 5-inch round handmade Italian cookies at one time by providing controlled heat. You can bake a few more things with this maker as well.

VillaWare Pizzelle Maker

Villaware Pizzelle Maker
Villaware Pizzelle Maker

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Best for non-stick baking.

The VillaWare Company is a famous company that manufactures kitchen utensils for cooking, baking, and serving. The newest product from the company is called a V5000-NS Prima Pizzelle Baker. This device has been designed to create two of these small pizzas in thirty seconds of time or less. You don’t have to put any oil into the machine; it heats up automatically and senses when it’s heated with indicator LEDs and a built-in thermostat device.

The model features tubular heating elements and stainless steel control panel components that keep your hands safe from steam during usage. It is essential not to forget the wire grounded plug on all units.

The VillaWare Pizzelle Maker makes two 5-inch pizzelle with patties made of one tablespoon water, 1/4 cup sugar, and two tablespoons flour in 30 seconds. It has automatic heating, a steam guard to cover the user’s hands from the steam generated by the grill plates. It is made of chrome covers facing upward on its tubular heating elements to even out heat distribution across the unit. The product is built for North American electrical standards.

Traditional Pizzelle Maker

Villaware Pizzelle Maker
Villaware Pizzelle Maker

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Best for traditional look and style.

A Traditional Pizzelle Maker is a must for those who enjoy pizzelle! There are many models just containing one metal griddle; however, this one does have two. The extra griddle allows the user to bake two traditional pizza-shaped crispy cookies at any given time.

The product benefits include being able to cook through both sides automatically, so your food cooks evenly. With this one, there will not be any fumbling around.

This pizzelle maker comes with space-saving handles that fold into the product to stand upright for easy storage. There are also no messy cords because it has a cord wrap compartment. This traditional pizzelle maker has polished metal grids that will not stick and boast “Traditional Fiore Pattern.”

As far as safety, you are protected by the steam guard barrier on both sides of the handle. Lastly, this pizzelle maker is equipped with an automatic thermostat to make your cooking experience more accessible.

Vitantonio Pizzelle Maker

GBBC Pizzelle Maker
Vitantonio Pizzelle Maker

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Good for a cheap option.

These are just two pizzelle irons for your pizzelle baking needs. You have to do everything manually. It’s made in China. But nothing can beat the price, and sometimes it’s all you need for a decent product. It’s worth considering if you want an economical option.

Vintage Pizelle Iron

Palmer Pizzelle Maker
Palmer Pizzelle Maker

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Perfect choice for a traditional (vintage) pizzelle iron.

Palmer’s Classic Pizzelle Maker makes crispy, delicious pizzelle in half the time required by hand irons. The quality product is made in the USA. This product includes cast aluminum plates for easy cleaning purposes and cooks two 4-inch pizzelle of uniform thickness at a time.

It looks like the most quality product in its field, and it is made in the United States, making it very easy to warrant. This is perfect for any kitchen enthusiast. The price tag might strain to purchase this product at first, but as a vintage piece of kitchen equipment, it’s worth it.

Piccolo Pizzelle Baker

CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker
CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker

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Best for mini pizzelle.

The main pro of this compact appliance is making lots of crispy pizzelle at once (3.25 inches), just the perfect size for your Christmas festivities (or any other occasion). It also cleans easily because the surface area of the baking platform is entirely non-stick and free from cooking grease. Plus, bigger-sized models come in handy during gatherings or when you need to speed up your production time in an average family setting.

You can enjoy hot pizzelle in just two minutes. For safety, it features a steam guard that protects the cook’s hands from getting near the steam as it builds up during cooking. All griddle surfaces are coated with non-stick baking grids, which has made cleanup easier because nothing sticks.

Though the product is not dishwasher-safe, it wipes down easy enough after cooking, and if anything does become lodged on either surface, it can be wiped off.

Electric Pizzelle Iron

Palmer Pizzelle Maker
Palmer Pizzelle Maker

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Best electric pizzelle iron.

An electric pizzelle iron made by Palmer Manufacturing has a ten-year warranty and can make two thin 5″ cookies.

It works great and fast. Once you get the hang of it, you can make a 100 perfectly crispy pizzelle in no time (1 in 30 seconds.)

While it may lack some of the features other models have, simplicity is its forte. People who look for a pizzelle iron (rather than an electric maker) are in for more control over their cooking anyway. That’s how you make 100% Italian pizzelle anyway!

Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker

Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker
Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker

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Best for 4” pizzelle.

Cuisinart (a popular brand in the industry) designed this Pizzelle Maker, and it includes lots of neat features that make this product great. First, the Cuisinart branded pizzelle maker is designed with an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to start your pizzelle within minutes.

It also includes measuring scoops and a rolling dowel which make the perfect pizzelle every time. Lastly, the non-stick baking plates allow for easy removal of pizzelle without any mess or tedious efforts on hands; plus, it has browning controls, which lets you cut pizzelle into crisp waffle-like chocolate cookies by setting 1-5 for different degrees of browning!

The Cuisinart 2-Pizzelle Pizzelle Maker makes 2 pizzelle at a time. It does not provide timing guidelines but has an indicator light telling the user when to open the pizzelle. The plate is non-stick so removing them is also less likely to break than most others.

Dash Mini Maker

DASH Pizzelle Maker
DASH Mini Maker

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Best for a mini multi-functional maker.

DASH is not a dedicated pizzelle maker, but you can bake them using it. You can make walls with it two. You will want one if you need a compact gadget. A word of warning, though, because it’s not as thin as traditional pizzelle iron, your cookies won’t be as thin and crispy.

This product includes a waffle maker, grill, and pizzelle maker. It comes with adjustable temperature settings, making it perfect for individuals to cook waffles and remove the excess air while cooking, which would not affect the taste or texture of either product.

Weighing 1lb, it is small enough for a smaller kitchen or apt. This would be the perfect gift for a college dorm crowd camper, RV traveler to make quick, simple meals.

Polished Electric Pizzelle Baker

CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker
CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker

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Great as a gift.

The pizzelle maker is easy to use and has a polished surface to create traditional pizzelle. One even measure of dough can turn out two 5-inch cookies that are stable for cones. The Steam guard protects the hot metal, so your hands don’t get burned. After cooking, you can clean off fat by wiping it on paper towels and wiping the baker’s outside with dish soap or water.

These are pros that this product offers:

  • It’s easy to use
  • The cookie measurement is just right at 5 inches
  • Suitable for working with dough
  • Easy cleanup on cook space surfaces on metal polish board

Overall, the polished look of this maker would make an excellent gift to someone who appreciates a real pizzella.


Where is CucinaPro pizzelle maker made?

CucinaPro pizzelle maker is made in the US as it is an American company.

What do pizzelle mean in Italian?

Pizzelle is plural of pizzella, and it means a small pizza.

What can I use instead of a pizzelle iron?

You could try using a regular cookie sheet if you do not want to invest in a pizzelle maker. You might need to adjust the recipe slightly depending on what kind of oven you have. If you bake cookies regularly, then you should know how long each type takes.

How many pizzelle can my pizzelle maker produce?

Most pizzelle makers can produce between 4 and 6 pizzelle at a time, although some models can produce up to 8 pizzelle at a time.

Can I freeze pizzelle?

Yes, you can freeze pizzelle! Place frozen pizzelle onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper and allow to thaw before serving.

Can I use a pizzelle maker to make waffles?

No. A pizzelle maker works best to make crispy flatbread products such as pizzelle, crepes, French toast sticks, etc. It cannot work well for other baked goods like pancakes, muffins, biscuits, scones, etc.

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