4 Potential Dangers That a Blocked Drain Pose to Your Home

Last updated on October 3, 2023

Here are the top 4 potential dangers that a blocked drain can post to your household. These aren’t to be coughed at. Read on!

Are you struggling with blocked drainage? A drainage system is an essential part of your home. It is the system that enables you to get rid of unwanted elements. Despite this aspect, keeping it clean and ensuring it has a free flow is crucial. Many people clean other parts of their backyard but fail to do the same on this system.

In reality, a good number of homeowners remember the drainage system when there is a blockage. You should not be one of them by ensuring your drainage remain unblocked. Clogged drains can become a disaster and health threat to your household. Here are the four potential dangers a blocked drain poses to your home:

What's Inside

Bad Odor and Smell

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Everyone loves clean air. While other places can deny you the experience, your home should be a haven of nice and fresh air. The blocked drains lead to a concentration of sewer residues and stagnant water. These elements produce a bad odor and smell that spread in your backyard. The bad odor impacts your family’s health. 

Some people experience nausea while others suffer severe headaches. So, if you have this issue in your home, it is recommendable to engage blocked drains specialists and resolve the problem.

Waterborne Diseases and Allergies

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Stagnating water and sewer provides a good home for bacteria and fungi. With blocked drains, there is a possibility of the sewer water to flow back. This water contains bacteria and other harmful microbes. 

As you use different water points such as the sink, the bacteria find their way to your body. The result is bacterial infections and other waterborne conditions. So, it is important to keep your drainage system unclogged to save your family from such experiences. 

Plumbing Leakages

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A plumbing system has the inlet and outlet. The inlet is the water supply while the outlet is the drainage. With your drainage suffering a blockage, the water flowing in will not find an exit point. However, the flow must continue in the system. The blocked drain leads to the building of pressure in the water pipes. 

When the pressure exceeds, the pipes bust leading to leaks. You’ll notice this aspect when water starts to flow on your floors or walls. The leaking water can damage your walls and ceilings. In some cases, it can reach the electric system causing substantial damages due to shocks and shots.

Contaminated Water

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As you know, the drainage system is part of your plumbing system. When a blockage hinders water from flowing out, it starts to flow backward. The backward flow means that the contaminated water will meet your freshwater. This means that your taps will have contaminated water. Such water poses health issues to your family, such as diseases and bacterial infections.

As you can see, blocked drains are a house of disasters to your home. You can avoid these issues by keeping your drains clean and unclogged. Sometimes, you can do it yourself or engage a professional plumber to take up the task.

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