3 Renovations Your Home Probably Needs

Last updated on December 18, 2023

While popular renovation projects get the spotlight, some things in your home are neglected more than anything else. We have identified three renovations that most homes probably need. Read on!

No matter how often we may clean our houses, most of us need to upgrade our spaces every few years. Utilities deteriorate, styles change, and renovations are an inevitable rite of passage towards feeling more comfortable at home.  

So, how do you choose what upgrade is most important, especially if you’re on a budget? Well, there are a few ways to begin, and one is by prioritizing existing problem areas in the house alongside features that could be improved—either for comfort or to sell the house for a better profit. 

If you’re still having trouble, check out our list of the top three renovations we think your home probably needs.

What's Inside

Appliance Upgrades


The larger appliances in our homes, such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and bathtubs, need the most attention when it comes to maintenance and upgrades. You’ll want to repair or replace these appliances to make sure your home is efficient. And if you’re going to go through the trouble of replacing these heavy units, you’ll also need to evaluate the pipes they’re hooked up to and check areas for mold.

Having a set up that facilitates mold growth and water damage makes you vulnerable to possible infection and future interior damage. This is common in areas with washers and dryers, as well as bathrooms.  

When you’re planning ideal development concepts for your home renovations, consider inspecting areas with appliances for hidden mold and water damage. You may need to call in the pros if necessary, but consider the inspection as part of the renovation!

Flooring Replacements

floor renovation

Every home has flooring that eventually needs to be upended and replaced. Carpet from the 1970s, tile in the bathroom that is collecting unthinkable bacteria in its grout—we’ve all been there. Updating your flooring is not just a great idea for those who want a change of scenery; it’s also be an integral step to living in a cleaner, healthier home long-term.

Many things live and fester in the tiny spaces we can’t see daily, and so converting your flooring to hardwood lessens the possibility of bacteria living in your home. Wood floors may acquire a lot of dust that you need to sweep frequently, but carpets that are not vacuumed can attract bugs or harbor germs.

Roof Retiling

roof shingle

Roofs are some of the most fragile parts of a house due to their exposure to harsh weather.  After excess heat, storms, and snow, your roof tiles may need some tender love and care or replacement altogether. 

Of course, roofs can (and should) be power-washed and tended to regularly, but that can only extend their lifetime and not ensure decades of future stability. 

It may seem as though roof tiles are just for show, but a major function of their design is to prevent leaks from rainwater. That said, they must also be tended to regularly, because loose or weak roof tiles could cave-in and harm those in the house.

The Takeaway

Home renovations are common for many. Whether the project is out of need to create a cozier environment, or a desire to sell to future occupants, every home will eventually need a facelift.

Many houses look outdated and need to be spruced up to appeal to modern day buyers, and others have not been thoroughly cleaned or repaired on a mass scale since their construction.

Consider these important upgrades if you’re mulling over ways to improve your home. These three upgrades encourage you to take care of appliances and features that need replacing first before you splurge on a new bathroom or kitchen. 

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