20 Best Summer Door Decorations Ideas: Easy & Attractive Designs

Last updated on September 30, 2023

Discover a world of vibrant and refreshing summer door decorations with these twenty fantastic ideas that will instantly uplift your home’s entrance while embracing the warmth and joy of the season.

Summer is here, and it’s time to give your front door a fresh new look! Whether you’re hosting a summer party or just want to add some seasonal charm to your home, there are endless ways to decorate your door. From DIY wreaths made with seashells and driftwood to colorful floral arrangements and patriotic decor, we’ve got 20 ideas that will inspire you.

So grab a cold drink, put on some sunscreen, and let’s get decorating!

What's Inside

Pineapple Wreath

summer Wreath door

Pineapple wreaths are a popular choice for summer door decorations. They add a tropical touch to any home and are perfect for those who love the beachy vibe.

Pineapple wreaths come in different styles, from realistic-looking ones made of silk or foam to more whimsical versions with bright colors and glitter accents. Some pineapple wreaths also feature other elements such as flowers, leaves, or bows that complement the overall design.

Whether you prefer a classic look or something more playful, there’s sure to be a pineapple wreath that suits your taste!

Flip-flop Garland

To make this garland, you will need several pairs of flip-flops in different colors and patterns, as well as some twine or ribbon. Simply string the flip-flops onto the twine or ribbon by threading it through one of the holes in each sandal strap.

You can alternate colors and patterns to create a playful look that is perfect for summertime. Hang your finished garland on your front door using hooks or nails, and enjoy its cheerful vibe all season long!

Nautical Door Sign

Nautical Door Sign

You can create one using materials such as rope, driftwood, and seashells. Alternatively, you can purchase pre-made signs that feature anchors or sailboats.

Hang it on your front door or porch for an instant touch of seaside charm!

Beach Umbrella Wreath

To make this wreath, you will need a foam wreath form, colorful paper umbrellas (found at party supply stores), hot glue gun, and ribbon or twine for hanging. Simply attach the umbrellas to the foam form with hot glue until it is completely covered.

You can add additional embellishments such as seashells or starfish if desired. Hang your finished creation on your front door using ribbon or twine for an eye-catching display that will welcome guests all summer long!

Citrus-themed Welcome Sign

You can create this decoration by using a wooden board and painting it with bright yellow or orange colors. Then, cut out the letters of the word “welcome” from green cardstock paper and glue them onto the board.

To complete the look, attach some faux lemons or oranges around the edges of your sign using hot glue. This simple yet eye-catching decoration will surely make your guests feel warm and welcomed as they enter your home!

Seashell Door Hanger

Seashell Door Hanger

You can either purchase one or make it yourself by collecting shells from the beach and attaching them with hot glue onto a wooden or metal ring. For an extra touch, you can paint the ring in oceanic colors such as blue, green, and turquoise.

This decoration will not only welcome guests but also remind them of their favorite summer memories at the beach.

Sunflower Wreath

Sunflower Wreath

These bright and cheerful flowers add a touch of warmth to any entryway. To make your own sunflower wreath, start with a grapevine or wire frame and attach artificial sunflowers using hot glue or floral wire.

You can also incorporate other elements such as greenery, burlap ribbon, or small decorative items like ladybugs or bees to give your wreath some extra personality. Hang it on your front door for an inviting summertime look that will surely put smiles on the faces of all who pass by!

Watermelon Door Mat

This bright and colorful mat can be purchased or easily made at home with some basic materials. To make your own, start with a plain coir doormat and paint it in shades of green, pink, and black to resemble a watermelon slice.

You can also add some seeds using black paint or felt cutouts for an extra touch of whimsy. Not only will this door mat add personality to your entryway but it’s also functional as it helps keep dirt from being tracked inside the house!

Fishing Net Wall Hanging

Fishing Net Wall Hanging

You can easily create this DIY decor by purchasing a fishing net from your local craft store or online retailer. Once you have the net, simply hang it on your front door and add some seashells, starfish, or other nautical elements to complete the look.

This simple yet elegant decoration will give your home an instant coastal vibe that’s perfect for summertime!

Ice Cream Banner

You can easily make one yourself using colored cardstock, string, and some glue. Cut out ice cream cone shapes from the cardstock in various colors and sizes, then add details like sprinkles or cherries on top with markers or stickers.

Glue each cone onto a length of string at equal intervals to create your banner. Hang it up on your door or porch railing for an eye-catching display that will make everyone smile as they walk by!

Sunshine Door Hanger

This bright and cheerful decoration can be made using simple materials such as cardboard, paint, and ribbon. To create this DIY project, cut out a large circle from cardboard and paint it yellow with orange accents for the sun rays.

Add facial features with black paint or markers to give it some personality. Attach a ribbon loop at the top of the circle so that you can hang it on your front door or porch railing easily.

The sunshine door hanger will add warmth and happiness to any entryway!

Sailing Boat Wind Chime

This charming piece can be made using driftwood, seashells, and fishing line to create the sailboat shape. The addition of small bells or shells as chimes adds a delightful sound when caught by the breeze.

Hang it on your front porch or patio to add some coastal charm to your home’s exterior décor this summer season!

Garden Tool Decor

Garden Tool Decor hang

You can use old garden tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoes to create a rustic and charming display. Simply clean them up with soap and water or give them a fresh coat of paint in bright colors like yellow or green.

Arrange the tools in an interesting pattern on your door or hang them from hooks for added dimensionality. Add some flowers or greenery around the edges of the display to complete this fun DIY project that will surely impress your guests!

Ocean Wave Door Sign

This door sign can be made using various materials such as wood, cardboard or foam board. To create an ocean wave effect, paint the base blue and add white foam on top of it with a sponge brush or by dabbing with your fingers.

You can also add seashells and starfish to give it an authentic look. Hang this beautiful piece on your front door to welcome guests into your home while adding some coastal charm to your decor!

Hanging Beach Hat Collection

Hanging Beach Hat Collection

Simply gather a few of your favorite sun hats, attach them to a ribbon or twine with clothespins, and hang them on your door. You can mix and match different colors, patterns, and styles of hats to create an eclectic look that will surely catch the eye of anyone passing by.

This decoration idea not only adds personality but also serves as functional storage for those hot summer days when you need quick access to some shade!

Pool Noodle Spiral

To make this decoration, you will need a pool noodle, duct tape, ribbon or fabric strips in different colors and patterns, scissors, and hot glue gun. Cut the pool noodle into 1-inch sections using scissors or a serrated knife.

Then thread the cut pieces onto a long piece of wire or string until you have enough for your desired length (usually around 6 feet). Next, wrap duct tape around each section of the pool noodles to secure them together in one continuous spiral shape.

Decorate with colorful ribbons or fabric strips by tying them onto each section of the spiral using knots or hot glue gun for extra security if needed. This simple yet creative summer door decoration is sure to catch everyone’s eye!

Tiki Torch Wall Sconce

A unique way to incorporate tiki torches into your door decor is by creating a tiki torch wall sconce. This DIY project involves attaching one or more tiki torches onto a wooden board and mounting it on the wall next to your front door.

Not only does this create an eye-catching display, but it also provides functional lighting for evening gatherings or parties. You can customize the look of your sconce with different types of wood, paint colors, and even decorative accents like seashells or faux flowers around the base of each torch.

String-light Cactus Silhouette

String light Cactus Silhouette

You can create a cactus shape using wire or cardboard, then wrap it with green string lights. Hang it on your door and turn on the lights at night to add some fun ambiance to your porch or entryway.

It’s an easy DIY project that will make a big impact!

Beach Ball Yard Stake

You can easily make one by painting a wooden dowel in bright colors and attaching an inflatable beach ball on top of it. Alternatively, you can use foam balls or Styrofoam spheres if you want something more durable.

To secure the stake into the ground, simply hammer it down until it’s stable enough to withstand wind and rain. This decoration is perfect for families with kids who love playing outside or anyone who wants to add some whimsy to their outdoor space!

Outdoor Movie Marquee

Movie Marquee whiteboard

You can create your own DIY version using a chalkboard or whiteboard, or purchase one online. These marquees typically come with interchangeable letters and numbers so you can customize them for any occasion, whether it’s announcing a backyard movie night or welcoming guests to a summer party.

Hang the marquee above your front door for an eye-catching display that will make all of your neighbors jealous!

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