Top 7 Kitchen Design Mistakes

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Kitchen redecorating is rated as one of the best remodeling investments you can make in your home, offering a higher return than other home improvement projects. That is, provided they are done right. Given the expense and inconvenience involved, you will want to avoid kitchen design mistakes that can lessen the pleasure and value of the final product. Here are top 7 mistakes you should avoid:

What's Inside

Tone Down the Trendiness

When you are considering a style for your new kitchen, remember that trends come and go, sometimes quickly. If your kitchen becomes a full-blown celebration of the trend of the moment, it can look out of date almost before the paint dries. Also, not everyone likes every trend, so it can turn off potential buyers.

Bad Space Planning

Work space is a premium in most kitchens, so plan for plenty of counter space. Decorative counter tops are not as appealing when there is not enough room to work. Evaluate how you use your current counter space and plan for a satisfactory expansion.

Inconvenient Layout

In addition to a lack of counter space, you also will want to avoid designing an inconvenient layout that adds steps or blocks access to the important, most used parts of the kitchen. Designs should provide easy access between the refrigerator, stove, and sink.

Poor Lighting

Poor lighting is another avoidable kitchen design mistake. There essentially are three types of lighting that every room can use, but that are particularly important for the kitchen. These are overall general lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. Preparation areas, such as the stove and the sink, should have direct lighting. Light switches should be near these areas, as well. General lighting can be aided by a window or lights from an adjoining room.

Lacking Storage Space

Not enough storage space can be a major kitchen faux pas. Built-in cabinets, as expensive as they are, typically are where most cooking equipment, eating utensils, plates, and food stuffs are kept. Since many items can be bulky or oddly shaped, be certain you plan accessible spaces where they can be kept.

Trash Bins

The kitchen generates a lot of garbage that needs disposal, and the solution in the past was to set a trash can under the sink or by a door. However, with today’s focus on recycling, that will not be enough room for additional glass, plastic, and paper trash bins. Plan accordingly.

Bad Planning

Detailed planning can help you avoid many of these kitchen design mistakes. Once you have a plan and budget in place, select a contractor who has had plenty of experience in kitchen remodeling. Also, stick to the plan. Changes can create mistakes and add substantially to the time and cost of the project.

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