What to Consider When Buying a Nail Gun

Last updated on August 13, 2023

As a homeowner, there might come a time when you would need to upgrade your living space. It’s more than likely that remodeling or constructing a new part of the house would require you to hammer nails into wood. Instead of using the traditional approach, you have the option of using a nail gun to complete this home improvement project faster. 

Below are factors to consider when choosing the right kind for this tool: 

What's Inside

Choose Between Pneumatic or Electric

Nails that are tiny are often called brads, also known as wire nails for their thin appearance. These are typically used to attach lightweight trim. With a head shaped like a rectangle, a brad is inserted into a wooden surface using a nail gun. When choosing brad nailers, you can choose between pneumatic or electric models depending on your needs. 

For the pneumatic model, the air pressure inside it inserts a nail into the surface using up to 100 psi. You are able to see the nail go down into the depth from the surface with force and air from within the compressor. A lightweight air hose also comes along with the device. Favored among homeowners, a pneumatic model makes the nail look neat and orderly after being inserted quickly.

As for the electric model, a power motor operates it and makes it possible for the nail to go under the surface. Weighing heavier than the pneumatic model, this type of nail gun inserts nails at the right level and in a speedy manner. Although using this kind of nail gun is more expensive, it requires minimal maintenance. 

Battery Function

To make your home remodeling project more convenient, you can opt for a nail gun that uses a battery. With this, you can forego the use of an air hose that occupies space. Because of its portable nature, you can bring this nail gun to any part of the house that needs work.

When your residence is small or a ladder is being used, having a battery feature for this machine can make the work easier. However, because of the battery, this type of nail gun can be heavier compared to a pneumatic model. Remember to always keep it charged as the number of nails it can insert on a surface relies on the machine’s battery power. Always bring an extra battery and charger.

To save time, charge the old battery while the new one is being used. Simply alternate the use of each battery as the need arises. Some models have settings for power adjustment, and you can determine the best settings by looking at the density and kind of surface that needs to be nailed down.

Having a battery for your nail gun proves to be less costly and, at the same time, completes home maintenance and remodeling projects in shorter durations due to its more advanced features.

How Deep the Drive Is

It’s more advisable to get nail guns with a deep drive that’s automatic. This power tool adjusts to the hard surface as the nail goes down into it. It’s important for the nail to be inserted on the right level, and the texture of the wood, as well as its softness or hardness, plays a key role in getting the depth right. Mechanisms vary depending on the brand so choose a nail gun that can most effectively adjust to the kind of wood you’re working with. 

Look for a Slim Nose

It’s important to also check the nose of your nail gun as its tip touches the surface and should fit the type of nail you’re using. For instance, a brad nailer has a narrow gauge, so you have to use a nose with the same style. In this manner, you see where and how the nail is inserted onto the surface. 

Cylinder for the Gun

When using this feature of a nail gun, it is important to position it in a perpendicular direction for the nail to go straight down the surface. With this strategy, you are able to shoot the nail into the right spot and level under the surface. Where the nail is directed towards relies on the right position of this cylinder. 

Dry Lockout

When your nail gun has a dry lockout, it gives a signal whether you have to refill the nails inside the magazine where these are stored. It is important that plenty of nails are kept for continuous firing and production to save time. When there are only a few left inside, it can incur possible damage. 

Now that you are familiar with these factors, it’s easier to buy a nail gun that can help you complete your home renovation project. Always remember to exercise caution when using this tool, and keep in mind the important features you need to look out for when selecting the best type for your project. 

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