10 Wine Themed Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Are you looking for wine-themed decor ideas for the kitchen? Here they are. Choose from subtle to the most creative ways to decorate.

What has a kitchen to do with wine-inspired decor? Mostly, it’s driven by a passion for good wine or the admiration of the shade of the color. In any case, the kitchen is ideal for making your vision come true, although we would like to see some of the same design elements in other rooms too.

So what makes wine themed decor? We can find several ways how to use it:

  • Repurposing wine corks and bottles
  • Displaying bottles and glasses
  • Making beautiful wine racks and coolers
  • Using wine color shades to design some elements of the kitchen
  • Create accent backsplash mosaics
  • Wine themed signs

The list is not exhaustive as you may always find new ideas on how to use your favorite theme in decorating.

Now, let’s go over some of the most impressive examples of this decor idea in real life.

What's Inside

Countertop Rack

countertop wine rack

Let’s start simple. A stylish block wine rack on the countertop doen’t just provide space to store bottles, it’s a subtle decor accent too. Especially if it sports a lovely shade of red wine!

Wooden and Woven Baskets

wine basket

Why not make a decor vignette from wine bottles by using a pretty wooden or woven basket. We love this idea from Nate Berkus to use baskets and create a considered and welcoming space.

Wine Colored Cabinets

wine colored cabinets
Source: www.houzz.com

Painting the cabinets in a shade of wine red is a great way to feature this theme. Especially when it’s so close to natural wood too.

Also, storage cabinets with clear fronts allow you to show off the different types of wine glasses that you own — being able to see where your glasses make it easy to choose the right ones.

Transitional Elements

transitional design elements
Source: www.houzz.com

A stainless steel wine cooler fits in perfectly with a Victorian-themed kitchen. Have your wine, and Victorian decor too, with Shaker cabinets and other light wood elements. This creates an amazing transitional kitchen style.

Accent Wine Rack

accent wine rack
Source: www.houzz.com

This custom wood horizontal wine storage doubles as a shelf to display decorative accessories such as a model ship for a casual room that is also nautically themed.

Accent Backsplash Mosaic

accent backsplash mosaic
Source: www.houzz.com

Mosaics provide a great splash of color to any kitchen. Installing a wine mosaic over the stove draws attention as well as exhibits brightness to the cooking area.

Cabinet Rack

cabinet rack
Source: www.houzz.com

Mounted on the wall like a cabinet, a small wooden wine cellar makes your bottles readily available. Select one that incorporates glass storage to make a smaller space functional.

Functional Decor

functional decor
Source: www.houzz.com

This ingenious custom red wine rack pulls out to display 40 bottles of red wine. It also closes up next to a wine refrigerator that holds another 40 bottles also to maximize usable space in a small kitchen.

Wall Signs

wall signs about wine
Source: www.instagram.com

Talking about wine is a sign of the times. Custom wooden signs with sayings about your favorite vintage or simply about consuming wine help set the tone in any wine-themed room.

Repusposed Cork Art

repurposed cork art
Source: www.instagram.com

Save your wine corks instead of throwing them away to create a wall hanging. Placing them in a bottle-shaped outline can be the crowning touch wherever you consume wine in your home.

What are your favorite ways to express your passion for wine?

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