When it comes to current ceiling design, anything goes. People have come to regard ceilings as blank canvasses, rather than surfaces that should be left blank, plain, and white. Gone are the days when ceilings were neglected as areas worthy of expending some time and decorating effort; their transformative potential can be unlocked in a number of finishing details.

There is a design theory that suggests the lion share of decor effort should be aimed at adding architectural elements to a space and that they alone can carry an entire room. Changing a room’s bones does give it an entirely different feel, more so than simply adding some throw pillows or a new color. For those wanting to transform and elevate a space, don’t forget the ceiling. If you are looking for a way to up the ‘wow’ factor of a room, use these 20 ceiling design ideas to inspire and guide you.

Gloss Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceilings are becoming more and more popular. Adding a glossy stretch film to a ceiling makes it reflect what is going on beneath, giving the space a multi-dimensional feel not easily duplicated.

Wood Wallpaper Ceiling

Wall paper comes in so many options these days, and wallpaper that replicates wood planks can be shockingly authentic looking. Adding wood plank wallpaper to a ceiling gives the room a warm cozy farmhouse feel.

Recessed Ceiling with Stretch and Lighting

Having a portion of the ceiling recessed makes a space feel smaller and more intimate. Adding a stretch film and some lighting makes the space feel positively dramatic and theatrical.

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

Adding some reclaimed wood planks to an entryway ceiling is a great way to demarcate the space, while adding that oh-so-charming farmhouse feel.

Drop-Down Grid Ceiling

Adding a drop-down grid ceiling gives the room some architectural panache, while warming up the space and just begging for the eyes to look upwards.

Wood-Beam Ceiling

Adding wood beams to a ceiling goes a long way in terms of adding a rustic cabin-like vibe.

White Tile Ceiling

Having a white grid-style ceiling instantly makes a space feel more contemporary, airy and light.

Patterned Wallpaper Ceiling

Adding wall paper to a ceiling in a dining room with a bold pattern gives the eyes something to feast on while guests dine and admire. The bold pattern lends the space a sense of sophistication and depth.

Drop-Down Ceiling

When a portion of the ceiling drops down, there are few things more interesting in the space. Adding some wood and light features to the drop-down portion makes this the ultimate in architectural interest.

High-Gloss Stretch Ceiling

A high-gloss stretch ceiling is reflective and soothing, and in a cool tone like blue, it gives the look and feel of having calming waters overhead.

Wood Ceiling

Inverting the traditional use of wood flooring and having it on the ceiling, instead of the floor, gives a room a sense of unique modernity as the space questions the boundaries of decor style.

Rustic Wood Ceiling and Chandelier

Pairing rustic wood and a glamorous chandelier on the ceiling makes a stunning contrast, one that will be hard to look away from.

Dark Wood-Plank Ceiling

Adding wood planks, in various dark tones, to a bedroom designates the room as cosy, warm, and intimate.

Recessed Stenciled Ceiling

Stenciling a bold pattern in a recessed ceiling is the ultimate in decadence and glamour.

Bold Millwork Ceiling

A recessed ceiling with a bold millwork pattern inside adds a stunning amount of visual interest to any space.

Fresco-Style Ceiling

Having a fresco-style ceiling invokes images of cathedrals and mural-painted walls in ancient magical locals, lending the space a richly historical feel.

Hanging Pom-Pom Ceiling

Hanging pom poms dangling overhead from the ceiling breathes whimsy and frivolity into a space in a way few other things can.

Painted-Design Ceiling

Having a painted ceiling overhead in a dining room perfectly centered over the table creates an intimate feel of cohesion and balance.

Gingham-Wallpaper Ceiling

Few things are more authentically farmhouse than having a touch of that country gingham pattern in a space. Applying it in wallpaper form to a ceiling instantly gives a kitchen the welcoming country vibe.

Vintage-Panel Ceiling

Adding a series of vintage panels to a ceiling instantly transforms a space into something interesting and unique. It begs for the eyes to face upwards taking it in and admiring the intimacy it brings.