Top 20 Best Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

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These are the top 20 best kitchen ceiling design ideas. Get inspired and change the way your kitchen looks by revamping the most overlooked feature.

Are you happy with the look of your kitchen ceiling? It’s the most overlooked feature in most room designs, and the kitchen is usually where it’s the most lacking. But it can be so easy to revamp it even without a complete kitchen makeover. Making use of the architectural features, adding molding, or merely experimenting with lighting fixtures can completely change the look.

So check out the most popular ideas that we call the top 20 best kitchen ceiling designs and get inspired. It’s easier than you think!

What's Inside

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Kitchen with Ceiling Pendants and Chandelier

Kitchen Reveal!

The lighting pendants with brass elements juxtaposed with the industrial chandelier give this flat ceiling a lot of depth in this kitchen design. See the website to get inspired.

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The Tree House Kitchen with Wooden Ceiling

The Tree House Kitchen Reveal!

A section of this kitchen ceiling is entirely wooden. This gives the decor a lot of warmth and depth. See the link to get more details.

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Smart Ceiling Improvement with Awesome Lighting

kitchen reveal: smart budget improvements with awesome lighting

The statement chandelier above the kitchen island not only embellishes the ceiling, but it’s also a play with light. As the shadows drop on the ceiling, they create intricate ornaments. Check out the website to get the inspiration.

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Kitchen with Vaulted Ceiling Wooden Beams

kitchen reveal

Wooden beams are always a great way to make the ceiling interesting. And in this case, they especially play well with the vaulted ceiling. Follow the website to get complete details.

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Wooden Ceiling with Beams and Windows

Dramatic Before and After Kitchen Reveal

This farmhouse kitchen is truly dramatic. The massive wooden beams not only provide architectural interest, but they also establish great kitchen decor. And the ceiling windows are just a nice bonus. Follow the website to get inspiration.

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Metallic Pendant Lights

Our White on White Kitchen Reveal

Metallic accents on the ceiling via pendant lights and chandeliers make the easiest way to design your ceiling. Check out the website to get the inspiration.

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Tray Ceiling Design

Diary of a Renovation: The Kitchen Reveal

Having a tray ceiling creates the perfect opportunity to create something from nothing. And all of it is just the right selection of lighting fixtures. Follow the link to get inspired.

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Wooden Beam Features

Take a Tour Inside our New Lake House Renovation

This is just a great way to feature the architecture of the house. See the website to get inspired.

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White Ceiling and Black Moldings

Win This House! The Kitchen Reveal

Moldings always help to put an accent on the ceiling, especially when using contrasting colors. See the website to get the inspiration.

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White Ceiling Moldings

Our Big Kitchen Makeover: The Reveal

White moldings, on the other hand, establish a classic look. Check out the link to get inspired.

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Off White Ceiling Paint

Our Kitchen Renovation Reveal

Choosing the off white color for the ceiling helps it get noticed subtly. See the website to get the inspiration.

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Ceiling Panels in Different Texture

Before & After: Our Scandinavian-Inspired Mountain House Kitchen Remodel

This Scandinavian-inspired kitchen design makes use of shiplap to add decorative interest to panels of the ceiling. Follow the website to get inspired.

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Shiplap Walls and Ceiling

Small Kitchen Remodel Reveal!

This kitchen takes the nautical theme with shiplap walls and ceiling but also round windows. At the same time, it’s made interesting with farmhouse sink and shaker cabinets. See the link to get inspired.

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Tray Ceiling with Statement Fan Chandelier

Kitchen Reveal!

An imposing fan chandelier finds the perfect spot in this tray ceiling. Follow the link to get more details.

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Brass Lighting Fixtures

Double Eagle Project Kitchen RevealBECKI OWENS

It’s incredible how this brass hardware of the lighting fixtures embellish the white ceiling and provide it with decor interest. Check out the link to get inspired.

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Chrome Light Fixtures

Kitchen Reveal {Before and After Photos}

Similarly, chrome hardware can be used for the more subtle ceiling detail, and we can see it working perfectly here. Check out the website to get inspired.

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Glossy Ceiling

BIG Kitchen Reveal: Not your basic New England Kitchen, doing it California Style with an Impeccable Twist!

Using glossy laminate to design the ceiling creates more visual space by letting natural light bounce around the room more. See the link to get inspired.

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Dark Wood Beams

 Kitchen Reveal

The contrast of the pain does wonders in this kitchen with dark wooden ceiling beams. See the link to get the inspiration.

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Tray Ceiling Patterns

Kitchen Reveal

Creating patterns with texture from your tray ceiling is a simple but brilliant idea to make use of the architectural features. Check out the website to get inspired.

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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ceiling

My Kitchen Remodel Reveal!!

The latest trend is leaving the ceiling white and using statement chandeliers or pendants. The best results are achieved with contrasting colors. Follow the link to get the inspiration.

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