21 Spectacular Mosaic Tile Designs for the Out of the Ordinary Home Decor

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Mosaic tile designs always add unexpected pizzazz to any space at home. Here are 21 ideas to get inspired!

We are used to seeing mosaic tiles in bathrooms and sometimes in kitchens, where they are used as a backsplash, but the living room or bedroom is the last place where we expect to find them.

However, mosaics can be used in place of murals or just to create an out-of-the-ordinary design.

So here are 21 spectacular mosaic tiles used in home decor.

Blue Mosaic

These decorative mosaic tiles create a gradient effect, and it looks stunning.

Brown Living Room Mosaic

A living room is not where you’d expect to find mosaic tiles but they work so well here especially with the adjacent exposed brick wall.

Camomile Mosaic Room

Mosaic tiles used for a mural are way more delicate.

Classic Art Mosaic Bathroom

This bathroom is pure luxury as made by the beautiful mosaic and floor tiling.

Dark Mosaic

Adding the shine to the dark decor with mosaic tiles.

Fireplace Mosaic

Mosaic tiles can decorate a fireplace just as well and the effect is stunning.

Flower Mosaic Bath

More beauty in the mosaic bathroom walls.

Flower Mosaic Bathroom

Floral images an patterns are very popular.

Funky Style Mosaic

Creating a hip and funky style.

Golden Kitchen Mosaic

Golden kitchen made by a beautiful mosaic wall tiling.

Golden Mosaic Living Room

This entire room is turned into gold by an intricate mosaic wall tiling.

Green Kitchen Mosaic

Green color scheme created with mosaic kitchen tiles and wall mural.

Kitchen Mosaic

Another great combination of mosaic tiles and murals.

Kitchen Mosaic

This is one of my favorite designs – you have to love the distorted pattern.

Mixed Tiles Mosaic

A mosaic pattern can also be achieved by mixing up different tiles.

mosaic wall art bath

Mosaic tiles and wall art go hand in hand in this bathroom design.

painting mosaic bathroom

Mosaic painted picture that tells as story.

purple kitchen mosaic

The play of purple spot lighting on the mosaic tiles is truly beautiful.

red mosaic

Tiles can be playful.

tiger mosaic

Mosaic tiles truly add life to the interior design.

White Bathroom Mosaic

This mosaic tile design makes the bathroom look a lot more spacious than it is.

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