4 Reasons Why You Should Seek Professional Advice When Investing in Property Abroad

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Here are four main reasons why you would need to seek professional help when investing in property aboard.

When you are looking at investing in property abroad, it can feel like you are trying to throw a dart into the bullseye of a board that is several hundred feet away.

Finding the perfect property for you is such an intricate and personal process that doing it remotely can be overwhelmingly difficult.

You can’t just pop around and see what it looks like at different times of the day or stand at the end of the road to see what the neighborhood feels like. Indeed, you will be lucky if you get the chance to view it at all in person before you put the offer in.

And if you are investing in property abroad while you are already in the country, there are still going to be so many different factors that you need to consider.

Even if you have been through this process many times at home, you are never going to have the kind of experience that a local professional will have.

It makes sense to find a property agent that can help you, and here are just a few reasons why. 

What's Inside

They Can Take Some of the Stress Off Your Shoulders

apartments in singapore

Relocating to a new country comes with a lot of different headaches. Even if you have got your visa approved, you are going to be setting up so many different elements of your new life abroad. Finding a place to live is only a part of the equation.

If you have children, you will be thinking about which school to enroll them in and whether they are going to be behind in their studies. If you are moving to Singapore, for example, there are more than 60 international schools to choose from.

You will be worrying about starting your new job and how easy it is going to be to jump in. With everything from bank accounts to figuring out whether you need a car, anything that you can do to take some stress off your shoulders is a good idea.

Professional property agents will have been through all this before, especially if you find a company that has experience in helping ex-pats. You can trust them to handle the property buying process while you get on with the move.

They Know the Best Neighborhoods


One of the best reasons why it is always a good idea to seek professional advice when investing in property abroad is that they are going to know the area better than you are.

When you are looking to move to an area that you know very well, it is so much easier to take things like public transport access, schools, and the general feel of the neighborhood into account.

If you are buying property abroad, someone with experience is going to be able to tell you where you should be looking to find the kind of property in an area that will suit you and your needs.

For example, there may be recent property developments that they can point you towards or ex-pat communities where you may feel more comfortable.

They Can Help with Home Loans

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Home loans can be a tricky business at the best of times, but if you are thinking about investing in property abroad, there may be many more hoops that you will need to jump through.

In some cases, you may be able to apply for a home loan through the local housing authority. For example, in Singapore, you can get a mortgage from the Housing and Development Board if you meet certain conditions.

However, a good professional agency with experience in Singapore will be able to tell you whether you are going to be able to negotiate a home loan that way or if it makes more sense to get a mortgage from one of Singapore’s banks.

If you are looking online for “best home loan Singapore” then the best thing to do is talk to the team at PropertyGuru. They can break down everything you need to know, and they have years of experience of matching people with properties.

They Can Save You Money in the Long Run

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One of the main reasons why people choose not to seek professional advice is that they are trying to save money. It is understandable right now, given how much costs are going up everywhere you look (although some experts are saying global inflation may have peaked), and whichever way you cut it, moving abroad, and buying property are two activities that come with a hefty price tag.

But there are so many different expensive mistakes to make when you are going through a process as complicated as this.

And let’s face it, if you are investing in property that is intended to be your new family home, the last thing you want is any costly delays. When you find a professional agency that you can trust, you will know that they are going the extra mile to keep your costs to a minimum. 

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