9 Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Last updated on March 22, 2024

You don’t need a big budget to renovate a bathroom. Here are 9 ideas you can implement to remodel without breaking a bank. Read on!

You might think it is impossible to renovate the kitchen in a low budget, but it is actually possible. Popular home remodeling culture might indicate that bathroom remodeling will cost you about five figures, and everything should be changed and replaced. But it is not true. Bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation are very important and have become very popular currently. Bathroom remodeling takes a toll to homeowners in term of unmet timetables, misery and higher costs. High-end home remodeling will make you pay a huge sum of money. This is the time when people search for alternatives that are pocket-friendly yet effective. 

If you have a low budget, but you want to renovate your kitchen and make it more functional than ever, here are some of the ways you can achieve it.

What's Inside

Use The Low-Cost Yet Look-A-Like Materials

bathroom wooden decor

Retaining or refurbishing the existing materials are always seems to be the best option for saving money. But, if you want to swap the materials and install new ones, go for the low cost but similar looking items that help you save money, but they will look a new look to the bathroom. For example, you can use vinyl flooring in place of wooden flooring. It will give you a similar filling and help you save money on the same. The vinyl flooring that you get in the market looks far better than the earlier versions of vinyl floors, and they are affordable too. Innovations like plank vinyl flooring will make anyone feel like real wooden floors. You can also use the laminate countertops and quartz countertops in place of granite or natural stone countertops. The faux stone and porcelain tiled will create the effect of marble countertops

Refinish the Tub Instead of Replacing It

new bathtub

If you find that replacement of the bathtub is the only option left for you, then it is wrong. From the budgeting point of view, you can refine or refinish the bathtub instead of replacing it. Bathtub and shower refinishing are some of the prime ways to make your bathroom look fresh and functional. If the problem is just cosmetic like you can see cracks and nicks or the white color has turned down to yellow, refinish the shower or the white marbled bathtub. You can click for more bathroom remodeling ideas here. 

Add New Hardware to the Cabinets

bathroom cabinets

One of the best ways to update the cabinets is to add new hardware to them and make them more functional than ever. It is one of the most useful and affordable ways to renovate the old existing cabinets in your bathroom. To make the installation process easier, before you purchase the hardware, you should make screw alignment so that it matches up with the holes on the old cabinets. This reduces the chance to make new holes in the cabinets. 

Do Some DIY Plumbing Work

plumbing maintenance

If you do not have time to call the plumber for the emergency plumbing work, stop for some time and ask yourself if you can do the plumbing work independently. With the availability of the plastic PEX plumbing pipes and push-in fitting lines, you can be confident enough to tackle this plumbing work by your own. You can fix some issues with the push-in fittings and the PEX plumbing as perfect you want.

Design the Bathroom by Yourself


We all know that bathroom designers have the experience, and they can provide the best services regarding bathroom renovation and redesigning. But if you want to reduce budget and have some little knowledge of drawings and ideas on designing the bathroom, you can surely do it. You can get some information on designing the bathroom and getting the drawing tips online. 

Paint the Bathroom Interiors Yourself

wall paint

Yes, one of the simplest jobs in bathroom renovation is to paint the inner portion of the wall on your own. By doing so, you will not be able to save money but can also paint the bathroom interiors by the colors you want. Painting the inner walls is easy if you know the basics of painting and large brushes. 

Install a Pre-Fabricated Shower

Shower box

If you want to install a shower, you can surely use the pre-fabricated shower that is good in look yet functional. Do not waste too much money on installing a new shower on the place, you can opt for the per-fabricated ones that give a real look, but they will provide the best experience. 

Install a New Sink Faucet

tub tap

Installing the new cabinets and hardware, installing the new sink faucet is one of the best ways to save money on a bathroom renovation. 

Paint the Wooden Floor

paint tools

If you have a wooden floor, you can replace it with the moisture-resistant floors like tiles. You can also save money by painting the wooden floors. 

These are nine ways to do bathroom renovation within the budget. 

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