The Top 10 Best Degreasers for Kitchen Cabinets [2021]

Last updated on March 22, 2021

If you’re struggling with keeping your kitchen cabinets that only means you haven’t found the best degreaser for them yet. Well, now you have. Read on!

Which one is the very best, though? We choose the Rejuvenate Cabinet and Furniture Cleaner.

A lot can be said about the design choice of the cabinets. But we won’t do that now. Nothing makes cabinets look uglier than grease build-up. You forget to clean them once or twice and it feels like you need whole new kitchen cabinets. Before you go shopping for replacement doors, try a good degreaser.

When you have greasy, dirty, grimy kitchen cabinets, you need a degreaser that can cut through the grease and grime and get them back to normal. You also need something powerful enough to tackle the grease and grime and yet safe enough that you don’t have to worry about using it.

What makes a degreaser and cleaner great (and why can’t you just use the first thing you find on a store shelf?)

  • Non-toxic formula is a must. You can’t have any of that dangerous stuff around your kitchen, as powerful as it may be.
  • Natural oils and waxes help get rid of stains and protect wood better than you think.
  • Ease of use in terms of spraying it on and wiping it off with a microfiber cloth.
  • You can clean grease residue with a solution of vinegar and baking soda, but that won’t protect the wood surface and won’t restore the finish.
  • Your cabinets doors may be made of multiple materials, so the best degreaser should be able to clean all of them.

As someone who gets to clean their greasy cabinets quite often, we’ve found our favorites.

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What's Inside

Rejuvenate Cabinet and Furniture Cleaner

Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Cleaner Ph Neutral
Rejuvenate Cabinet Furniture Cleaner

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This degreaser leaves no residue on wood surfaces and has the strength to remove dirt, oil, residue, or grease. The pH-balanced formula is safe to use on all woods and can be used with Rejuvenate Wood Furniture and Floor Repair Markers. It comes with a microfiber applicator.

Formulated with pH-balanced ingredients that are safe to use on all wood furniture and clean kitchen cabinets. It removes grease, dirt, oil, and residue from cabinets and leaves surfaces refreshed with a fresh scent. The formulation protects inner wood while leaving the floor ready for refinishing or down for renovation. Both traditional Walnut furniture makers also people who restore pieces after storms will find it extremely useful because it gets rid of the dirty look without altering the artwork or design featured in these pieces.

It can be used on paint, wood, laminated surfaces as well as cabinets.

Quick facts:

  • Lemon scent.
  • Removes dirt and oil.
  • For everyday use.
  • Creates a protective layer.

Stanley Home Products Cabinet Shine Protector

Stanley Home Products Cabinet Shine Protector -
Stanley Home Products Cabinet Shine Protector

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This degreaser is good for the cleaning of kitchen cabinets. Cabinet Shine Protector removes dirt, grease, and grime build-up that can give more air space to allergies and asthma. Plus it makes wood surfaces shine and renews them to maintain their natural beauty.

Developed to get rid of dust and dirt build-up, Stanley Home Products’ Cabinet Shine Protector is perfect for cleaning kitchen cabinets. A wax-free and solvent-free formula — it easily removes residue, dirt, grease, and grime build-up while leaving the surface feeling soft to the touch. With an effortless single application, a little goes a long way making it easy to use on light or dark wood. It leaves surfaces looking pristine with a rich polished sheen.

You can apply this show-loss grease remover product to your dirty cabinet surfaces for deep cleaning and remove stains.

Quick facts:

  • Removes dust and residue.
  • Wax-free formula.
  • Trusted brand.

Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Degreaser

Krud Kutter Kk32/2 Original Concentrated
KK32 Original Concentrated Degreaser

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It’s water-based, non-toxic, biodegradable, and prevents flammability. By diluting the product with water it can be ready for use in minutes. It washes away blemishes on surfaces as it cleans the cabinets. The recipe prevents wood harming and protection of floors while removing stains cleanly.

Safe for everyday use. Features a super-concentrated formula that is ready to use with no mixing hassle. Contains natural ingredients and cleans stains without harsh chemical acids that can damage cabinets.

Highly concentrated, one dab of this product will make your kitchen more clean than with strong detergents as its less harmful to cabinets, keeping them from becoming warped or stained. This cleaner removes stains from your cabinets quickly and effortlessly.

Quick facts:

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Concentrated cleaner and degreaser.

Magic Wood Deep Cleaner and Polish

Magic Wood Deep Cleaner And Polish - 17 Ounce -
Magic Wood Deep Cleaner Polish

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A degreaser that has been formulated with a mixture of ingredients to protect your cabinet’s wood. It gets rid of cooking grease as well as other dirt, food particles, and natural oils on the surface that could cause damage to the paint by making it excessively dry.

Contains Brazilian Carnauba Wax to help protect and restore original beauty and gloss to wood. Water protection formula guards against watermarks, dirt, and grime, even preventing dust, food stains, cooking grease, and kitchen soils from becoming a problem in the first place. When applied it removes dust, food stains, or cooking grease from wood surfaces with ease to prevent premature aging of wood.

Quick facts:

  • Removes residue.
  • Restores gloss.

Weiman Furniture Polish and Wood Cleaner Spray

Weiman Furniture Polish & Wood Cleaner Spray - 16
Weiman Furniture Polish Cleaner Spray

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This degreaser is amazing at cleaning cabinets, especially when it comes to removing stains. It is also very moisturizing and leaves the wood looking more beautiful than before. Its formula means it’s safe on wax or silicone yet has powerful cleaning abilities. This cleaner can be applied directly to finished furniture and floors yet also protects the wood against drying for years without residue build-up.

It removes dirt quickly without toxic solvents, including dried on spills and the food stains you can’t always clean on your own. With no wax or silicone formula it disperses quickly are doesn’t require scrubbing or buffing to prevent streaks.

It gently cleans and moisturizes while protecting finished wood from damage over time. The formula protects the floors, benches, trim, and cabinets more powerfully than wax or silicone-based products of the past. After use there is no residue left behind which would cause tackiness.

Quick facts:

  • Restores and protects wood.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Non-toxic formula.

Miracle Wipes for Wood Surfaces

Miraclewipes For Wood Surfaces - Remove Dirt And
MiracleWipes for Wood Surfaces

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When I got my company anniversary party’s decorations I needed a degreaser quickly and easily to clean my cabinets. The degreaser did everything I wanted, within no time. The product is all-natural with no phosphate and without the tell-tale odor of other cleaners. It left my cabinet wood shelves vibrant and shiny with fewer scratches than ever before.

This degreaser is great for cleaning cabinets because it can remove the tannins on oak, maple, hickory, and walnut and bring the wood back to its natural colors. It also removes scruffs, scratches, paw prints, grease stains easily and quickly without long wait times for reactivation which doesn’t leave your floors unprotected. It has a phosphate-free formula that minimizes the incidence of oxidation.

Quick facts:

  • Clean all types of wood.
  • Eliminates stains and scratches.
  • Phosphate-free formula.

Chomp! Heavy Duty Cleaner Spray

Chomp! 156828 Heavy Duty Cleaner Spray: Pull It
Environmental Solutions Ultimate Cleaner Degreaser

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Contains no bleach, dyes, or solvents. It is safe for use on rubber, plastic, wood and more. For tough jobs, this cleaner can even be used on dirty cars and tires. Whether you need grease off of your walls or smoke from your home; you don’t want any toxic ingredients harming anyone in your household or environment. A non-toxic cleaner that removes stains better than traditional degreasers.

A stain and oil-removing product with an easy-to-use formula that is gentle on fabric and effective for subfloors. With its non-corrosive, water base not containing harsh bleach or solvent, this degreaser is safe for clothes, copper, stainless steel, and hardwood. The non-toxic formula erases musty odors as well as unpleasant-smelling smoke from cigars or tobacco from one’s home.

Quick facts:

  • Heavy-duty cleaner.
  • Works on any type of material.
  • Non-toxic.
  • All-purpose cleaner.

Hope’s Perfect Glass Multi-surface Degreaser

Hope's Perfect Glass Multi-surface Purpose
HOPES Multi Surface Household Countertop Degreaser

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This is a degreaser that will help remove stains and protect wood. It is ideal for use on glass, stainless steel, chrome, cabinets, appliances, showers, sinks etc. It also good as a cleaner for electronic screens. The nontoxic formula works good in kitchens where there is food around or in the home with kids and pets.

The streak-free cleaner is designed with a fast-acting no residue formula to make cleaning easy and keep surfaces cleaner longer. It cuts through greasy messes to give surfaces a brilliant shine while remaining safe for the household that includes it being compliant with Food Grade Regulations. It also protects the wood of your cabinetry by cutting through dirt and grime with an industrial-strength one-step no-rinse formula cleaner.

Quick facts:

  • Works on many surfaces.
  • Non-toxic.

Wood Cleaner Conditioner Wax and Polish Spray

Wood Cleaner, Conditioner, Wax & Polish - Spray
Wood Cleaner Conditioner Wax Polish

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It saves time — a spray pump and simple wipe-off treatment mean no work for the person who cleans. It is gentle to your wood surfaces, making it an environmentally friendly option. The oils and waxes leave a beautiful shine that clears away surface stains while protecting the wood without leaving behind a residue.

The conditioner removes tough stains and most residue leaving behind a lustrous shine on wood surfaces. The formula contains natural oils which provide nourishment without buildup. Removes tough conditions, protects the surface from dirt and dust with no repetition needed.

This degreaser is perfect for kitchen cabinet cleanliness. It has a mild formula that cleans and conditions your cabinets, nails, furniture, tables, and more. It contains natural oils, like Coconut Oil which leave the wood looking fresh and healthy. Furthermore, our degreaser leaves no residue behind that build-up dirt or sticky substances which attract dust.

Quick facts:

  • Contains natural oils and waxes.
  • Leaves no residue.

Therapy Wood Cleaner and Polish Kit

Therapy Wood Cleaner And Polish Kit With Large
Therapy Cleaner Polish

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A complete cleaning kit with a microfiber cloth for those who like the convenience. It’s a cleaner and polish for wood cabinets. It will do the job well in a safe and easy manner. People are happy to use it on natural wood surfaces.

Quick facts:

  • Cleaner kit includes microfiber cloth.
  • Plant-based formula.

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