20 Ways to Make Shaker Cabinet Doors and Style Your Kitchen

Last updated on April 12, 2024

Here’s how to make shaker cabinet doors and make your kitchen style stand out. Read on!

Shaker cabinets are defined by their simple look made with flat-panel crown moldings. This look is timeless, and despite being traditional, cabinets in this design can be used in contemporary interiors. It’s the go-to choice when it comes to kitchen remodeling, and you can hardly go wrong with your cabinets.

Simple design doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your decor. Shaker cabinets can create very different looks in very different decor styles. Be it a luxurious modern or traditional and rustic look. You can use them anywhere, and you can customize in many ways. Our goal here is to inspire you to be unique with your new cabinets.

What's Inside

What Are Shaker Style Cabinets Exactly?

shaker cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are defined by their door style. Shaker cabinet doors have simple flat recessed panels with no bevels. This simple and clean construction is what makes them so attractive.

How to Make Shaker Cabinet Doors?

The process of making shaker cabinet doors is simple:

  1. Remove paint from your old cabinet doors (if any).
  2. Measure and cut MDF to make panels for the doors to create the style.
  3. Use wood glue to attach the panels to the door.
  4. Use wood filler to hide any gaps.
  5. Paint the new cabinet doors.

This gives your kitchen cabinets a complete makeover, and you don’t even need custom build doors (although you can go this way too – natural wood adds tons of value). You can follow simple plans on making shaker style doors using these guidelines.

Next, are the kitchen styles you can achieve using your new shaker cabinets.

White Wood Board Panels

White shaker cabinets

White painted kitchen cabinets are classic, they have a lot of rustic charm, and this design adds even more of it. The wood board panels add a pattern to the kitchen decor that is most welcome. It makes an otherwise luxurious decor (metallic light fixtures and handles, marble backsplash, open glass shelving) cozier. It’s the accent that gives this kitchen some personality and character.

Wide Crown Molding

Wide crown molding shaker cabinets

These white cabinets have wider than usual crown molding which makes the more interesting. It makes a decor accent that is so fitting in this small kitchen design. The crown molding makes the cabinet doors look oversize (while being small) and in turn, makes space look visually bigger. It’s a unique way to get more value from shaker cabinets which are known for their simplicity.

Mosaic Backsplash

White shaker cabinets and a mosaic backsplash

What makes shaker cabinets classic is their way to blend into any design, be it modern or traditional. In this case, they work well against a mosaic backsplash making it stand out as a decor accent. The overall look is cozy traditional with modern accents.

Metallic Handles

White shaker cabinets with metallic handles

Metallic handles make great accents on white cabinets. It’s a mix and match of traditional and modern design. The whole design of this kitchen is a mix of classic, modern and rustic elements which work harmoniously to create a unique look.

Rustic Shaker Cabinets

 shaker cabinets

These cabinets with wood board door panels are made even more rustic by a butcher block countertop and a farmhouse sink. The vintage wooden upper cabinets complement the look very well too. Add a unique blue mosaic backsplash for a little drama to the mix, and you have a kitchen design with a lot of character.

Bespoke Cabinets

Bespoke handmade shaker cabinets
Source: etsy.com

Bespoke cabinets have the shaker charm and character with the option of coming painted in any color you choose, plus adding any hardware you select.

Natural Wood

Natural wood with shaker cabinets
Source: houzz.com

Few things warm up space more than dark wood tones. These natural wood cabinets feature a rich dark stain that when paired with bright white cabinets makes for an appealing contrast.


Medium tone wood shaker cabinets
Source: houzz.com

These medium-toned wood cabinets create clean lines that pop against the black hardware. The warmth is kindled with the pairing of green countertops and backsplash.

Beach Style

Beach style bathroom white shaker cabinets
Source: houzz.com

For those master bathrooms large enough to warrant adding cabinetry, the clean lines of white cabinets create a coastal look while adding loads of practical storage.

Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen

Shaker cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen
Source: houzz.com

Shaker cabinets are incredibly versatile and can work with some décor styles. In a farmhouse-inspired kitchen with shiplap ceiling above, they blend with the oversized sink and draw people in with that fresh farmhouse white.

Red Accent Kitchen Island

White shaker cabinets with a red kitchen island
Source: houzz.com

White cabinets play off a bright red center kitchen island to break up space and create visual interest.

DIY Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

How to make  shaker cabinets
Source: hometalk.com

DIY is all the rage these days. Plain old kitchen cabinets have new life breathed into them by adding the trim characteristic of the shaker style and painting them a bright clean white and adding new hardware.


Contemporary kitchen shaker cabinets
Source: hometalk.com

The shaker style works in some décor trends, and with a little tweaking with color and hardware, the cabinets in this kitchen make it a contemporary wonder.


Brownstones are all about history and charm, and adding cabinets to a kitchen that is all about natural light and clean lines makes this kitchen remodel bespoke to the rest of the home’s history.


Shaker cabinets work in some colors, which helps define a space and décor style. Painted in turquoise and set against a warm wood floor, the cabinets help create a lovely farmhouse kitchen that both practical and inviting.


The coastal look has staying power and works perfectly in a kitchen to make that cool beachy look getaway dreams are made of. The clean lines of these cabinets work well paired with dark hardware and a whole lot of white.

Modern Farmhouse

Some of the most exciting décor looks are achieved by pairing two seemingly contrasting styles. Farmhouse and modern are the perfect pairing to exemplify this as shaker style cabinets with silver hardware add the contemporary element into the warmth of a farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

Nickel Pulls

White cabinets with nickel pulls set against a warm beige tile backsplash lends this kitchen a bright, airy, clean and open feel.


Pairing white cabinets and deep-blue colored cabinets create a warm and unique look that brings the farmhouse vibe into the kitchen.


These cabinets are painted in a warm grey for a dramatic and modern-looking kitchen. The subway tile and some rustic accents play well together to make the modern look warmer.

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