21 Decorative Sofa Throw Pillow Ideas You Need to See

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Looking for ideas on how to decorate your sofa with accent pillows? These are the best ideas to learn, choose, and get inspired.

Accent pillows are the spices of decor. You can sprinkle them over the sofa and change the look altogether. You can use them subtly to push your style in some direction, or you can make a statement of them. It’s possible to overuse pillows too – be careful about it.

We have come up with a list of ideas with examples of how you can use different types of decorative pillows to create beautiful decor. These ideas will show you how different combinations work to achieve an effect you want. So check it out.

What's Inside

Knit Covers

Knit pillows

Among all the materials to use for the accent pillows, we have the rarely used but compelling visually knit covers. It’s ideal if you want to create a cozy rustic decor.

Word Art

word art

Words have power in design even if they don’t mean anything. It’s the pattern we are mostly after. Such patterns attract the eye, but they don’t distract. The idea works with throw pillows as well.

Unexpected Colors

Unexpected colors

Usually, we decorate in expected patterns that follow specific rules. We match colors, sizes, number of items. But using something unexpected is what creates the character. Go ahead and explore the colors that pop and seem out of place.

Different Shapes

different shapes

Don’t forget you’re not limited to the square shape of the pillow. You can use other forms too. And you can mix them to create unique combinations. It’s all about creating decor interest in your designs.

One Color

one color

Use one color (can be slightly different shapes) for your pillows to add more visual weight to the sofa. It doesn’t create an accent, but it makes the couch more prominent in your interior.

Accent Pattern

accent pattern

If you need more than an accent color, one option is to add pattern in a neutral color. This creates an exciting combination without making it overwhelming or eclectic.


cover prints

We rarely suggest using prints because more often than not, they are tacky. But you can use them is they make sense. So a print of a deer can work in a rustic cabin interior.

Mix and Match Patterns

mix and match patterns

And by mixing and matching patterns, we mean all styles of them. Play with geometric and graphic designs; try different colors of them. As a rule of thumb, avoid vivid colors, choose subdued shades – patterns will do the work.

One Accent Color

one accent color

If you use solid colors, it’s safe to use a vibrant accent color. For example, several neutral pillows create an ideal backdrop for a single throw pillow in a dynamic cover.


ombre colors

Use an array of accent pillows in different shades of the same color to create the ombre effect. Is a fun way to make a statement in your decor from simple things.

Scandinavian Style


What we know about the Scandinavian decor style is that it features minimalist patterns drawn from nature. So simple lines, geometric shapes, black, monochrome colors are all the rage in this style.

Mix and Match Cover Materials

mix and match cover materials

From faux furs to leather – you can mix and match materials of the covers to create unique combinations. Experimenting is key. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and you may find the winning combination.

Match the Wall Color

matching wall color

This idea works well in the presence of an accent wall. Match its color to make the design even more prominent. But do use some neutrals in the mix as well.

Lots of Pillows

use lots of pillows

Usually, we advocate using throw pillows sparingly. But there are times when it makes sense to use a lot of them. For example, it’s a great option to create a cozy nook or a lounge area. But then, try using them in soft colors to keep it less crowded.

Blend In

Invisible pillows

Sometimes you don’t want your decorative pillows to make any noise at all. This is especially true in interiors where you already have a lot of accents and statements that you want to feature. Then, choose the throw pillows the same color as the sofa (use can use subtle patterns).

Color and Pattern

Grey and teal

Use both color and pattern for the accent. It brings a lot more weight to sofa decor, especially in neutral interiors.

Graphic Patterns

graphic patterns

Graphic patterns are on the brink of whimsy but aren’t there yet. They add some playfulness to decor but subtly enough to be taken seriously. Use graphics with a dominant accent color.

Whimsical Designs


You can, of course, use playful and fun pillows as it applies to your personality. Show that you have a fun side and your home reflects that. Accent pillows are so easy to do that.

Match Other Accents

matching accents

Use same color window dressings, cases, wall art, and other accents. Such a consistent use of color creates a theme and makes your interior look complete.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns

Floral patterns are tacky unless you’re going for the eclectic look. So use them sparingly. Of course, a pillow in the soft colored pattern used in combination with different styles add variety to decor, and it’s most welcome.

Sofa Corners

Sofa corners

One of the most popular ways to position throw pillows on the sofa is in its corners. That way the seating is open but the pillows soften the visible lines.

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