20 Horizontal Backsplash Tiles Ideas: Inspiring Styles for Your Home

Last updated on June 13, 2024

Explore fascinating ideas for horizontal backsplash tiles because they can transform any mundane kitchen into a sophisticated piece of art.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

If you thought horizontal backsplash tiles were only for conventional kitchens, think again! The versatile tessellations not only offer a unique look to contemporary homes but also serve as functional elements.

The internet is already teeming with an array of known ideas, and to add to the mix, resources of the best existing themes will be available at the end of this treatise.

However, the primary aim here is to present an eclectic range of fresh and unique concepts from new perspectives, ensuring this compilation serves as a valuable guide to inspire your next home makeover.

What's Inside

Monochrome Black Tile Backsplash

monochrome black tile backsplash

Monochrome black tiles add a touch of modern sophistication and boldness to any kitchen space. Utilizing them in a horizontal pattern helps draw the eye along the width of the room, subtly expanding the perceived space.

Versatility is another strong point, harmonizing effortlessly with virtually all countertop materials, from marbled white to warm butcher block. Whether in small subway tiles or larger oblong shapes, they usher in a sleek finish.

Meanwhile, glossy black tiles reflect light, making the area feel more open and bright. Satin or matte tiles wrap the space in an understated elegance. However, it’s essential to add sufficient lighting, as dark colors can absorb light and make the space seem dull.

Rustic Wood Look Tile

rustic wood look tile

If you’re after a cozy vibe, consider transforming your kitchen or bathroom with rustic wood-look tiles. Made from porcelain or ceramic and printed with a wood grain design, these are durable, water-resistant, and maintenance-free, an excellent alternative to true wooden panels.

  • Versatility: A broad spectrum of colors and grain patterns allows these tiles to replicate various wood types. From a rich oak to sun-bleached barn wood, you can choose a style that will anchor your room design seamlessly.
  • Easy Maintenance: Unlike real wood, faux wood tiles won’t warp or stain from moisture exposure. Just a simple wipe with a damp cloth is enough to keep them clean.
  • Durability: Ceramic and porcelain are much tougher than real wood, meaning these tiles can withstand wear and tear better, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Installation Options: These tiles can be arranged in a herringbone, chevron, or straight lay pattern, offering an array of choices to enhance your space.

Remember to source tiles that have a realistic wood pattern for an authentic look and feel. Moreover, combining these tiles with similar rustic decor elements will effortlessly bring a sense of warmth to your place.

Marbled Subway Tile Placement

marbled subway tile placement

Subway tiles, particularly those with a marbled effect, have become a popular choice in home decor. When arranged horizontally, these tiles can visually expand the space and create the illusion of a larger room.

Here’s how to achieve this:

  • Color Contemplation: Choose softer-colored marbled tiles, such as whites or greys. They help reflect light, improving the spaciousness and brightness of the room.
  • Setting Sequence: Consistently align the marble veining in one direction to enhance the horizontal flow.
  • Grout Guidance: Select a grout color that complements, not contrasts, the tiles. A too-bright or too-dark grout may disturb the horizontal flow by creating a prominent grid pattern.
  • Cut Carefully: At the ends or corners, ensure the tile cuts blend well with the overall pattern, to maintain a seamless look.
  • Size Significance: Larger subway tiles (like 4×12 inches or 4×16 inches) are recommended to strengthen the horizontal layout effect.
  • Finish Fact: Choose a glossy finish, which helps to bounce light off and add depth to the kitchen or bathroom space.

By carefully considering these factors, a marbled subway tile backsplash fitted horizontally offers a chic and elegant look to any room.

Horizontal Stripe Pattern Backsplash

horizontal stripe pattern backsplash

The horizontal stripe pattern offers a minimalist yet sophisticated approach to backsplash design. By alternating two materials or colors in one consistent row after another, you’re able to achieve a sleek, visually appealing design.

For instance, it can be created with a combination of glossy tiles and matte finish tiles. Glass mixed with stainless steel also brings a playful contrast and depth to your kitchen.

This pattern can visually widen your space, making a small kitchen look larger. Remember, the width of these stripes can be changed too. Go for thinner stripes for a subtle, understated look, or thicker stripes to make a more bold statement.

Rainbow Picket Tile Backsplash

rainbow picket tile backsplash

Perfect for those who adore a dash of color to spruce up kitchen spaces, a rainbow picket tile backsplash brings the room to life with vibrant burst of shades. Go bold with an array of primary colors or opt for a subtler spectrum with soft pastels, making your backsplash the star of your kitchen.

Here are a few tips to make this concept work:

  • 1. Balance it out: With such a colorful backsplash, it’s essential to keep your countertops and cabinets neutral. This will prevent the space from looking too busy.
  • 2. Pick your pattern: While a horizontal arrangement is traditional, you could inject more creativity by staggering the tiles or arranging them in a fish scale pattern.
  • 3. Grout color matters: Opt for a white grout to emphasize the colors or choose a hue from your tiles for a more harmonious look.
  • 4. Mix and match: Pair matte and glossy tiles in your rainbow backsplash for an intriguing play of textures.

Remember, the idea here is to create a fun and happy space that reflects your unique style.

Rose Gold Mirror Tile Backsplash

rose gold mirror tile backsplash

Being extraordinarily versatile, these mirror tiles can fit into various decor styles from modern to vintage. Their rose gold color adds an incredible warmth and vibrancy into any kitchen. When installed horizontally, they not only visually expand the area but also lend an intriguing depth to it.

Here’s why they might be a brilliant choice for your kitchen:

  • Reflective Quality: These tiles will bounce light around the room, naturally brightening up any space they adorn.
  • Luxurious Look: The mirrored finish, coupled with the rose gold hue, adds a luxe appeal that is hard to resist.
  • Easy to Clean: With a smooth surface, these tiles only need a simple wipe to restore their dazzling shine.
  • Interchangeable Styles: By changing up accessories around the kitchen, the mirror tiles can adapt from modern minimalism to baroque richness.
  • Ideal for Small Spaces: Their ability to create an illusion of depth makes them perfect for smaller kitchens, making them appear larger.

Remember to consider the color scheme and overall aesthetic of your kitchen before committing. These tiles can serve as focal points, so it’s vital that they complement rather than compete with other elements in your kitchen.

Terracotta Brickwork Backsplash

terracotta brickwork backsplash

With a rich, earthy hue and an organic texture, the terracotta brickwork backsplash becomes a natural focal point in a kitchen space. The bricks, typically cut into long, thin horizontal rectangles and stacked in a uniform fashion, provide a warm, inviting aesthetic.

Key points include:

  • Material: Choosing authentic terracotta offers a unique hand-crafted feel. However, ceramic or porcelain replicas can also achieve a similar look.
  • Installation: It’s straightforward, with bricks arranged horizontally, making sure edges align perfectly for a uniform appearance. Remember to prepare your walls appropriately for a clean, strong adhesion.
  • Grout Color: Opt for contrasting grout to highlight the brick patterning or a similar shade for a more mingling look.
  • Maintenance: Due to its porous nature, terracotta should be sealed to prevent stains. Regular cleaning is advisable to maintain its charm.
  • Style Flexibility: Its warm tone can complement a range of kitchen styles, from Mediterranean to rustic.
  • Natural Variation: Bricks can differ slightly in color and texture, adding authenticity to your design.

Remember, terracotta brickwork backsplash is about creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere, bound to make your kitchen a cozy gathering space.

Clear Glass Picket Tile Backsplash

clear glass picket tile backsplash

Opting for picket tiles is a modern take on timeless designs. When used in clear glass format, these tiles create an intriguing optical illusion, balancing both novelty and familiarity.

Here’s how you can leverage this unique style in your home:

  • 1. Light Reflection: Clear glass picket tiles are excellent for spaces that lack natural light. The glass material amplifies light, bringing much-needed brightness to a kitchen or bathroom.
  • 2. Clean Look: Clear glass provides a crisply modern aesthetic, which effortlessly pairs with various color schemes and design styles.
  • 3. Unique Texture: The shape of the picket tiles adds an interesting texture to the backsplash, offering depth and dimension that is often missing in traditional flat tile layouts.
  • 4. Easy Maintenance: Glass tiles are water and stain-resistant, making them an ideal choice for busy family homes needing a mix of function and style.

Remember, the beauty of any design choice lies in the personal touches—paine with bold colors, pair with natural stone countertops or metallic fixtures to reflect your personal style.

Emerald Green Hexagon Backsplash

emerald green hexagon backsplash

Boasting a rich, deep hue, the Emerald Green Hexagon Backsplash certainly adds a blend of sophistication and vibrancy to any kitchen. The hexagonal design provides a modern geometric twist that subtly hints at a vintage influence. When laid horizontally, this backsplash creates a unique pattern that captivates visitors’ eyes.

Such a bold color scheme can be complemented perfectly with gold or brass fittings to elevate the design to a new level of opulence. For a more understated look, matte black or stainless-steel fixtures serve as a striking contrast to the lush green.

While being aesthetically pleasing, these backsplash tiles are practical as they are robust and easy to maintain. Whether considering a complete kitchen overhaul or looking to refresh your space with a pop of color, this emerald green backsplash is tough to beat.

Mixed Material Mosaic Backsplash

mixed material mosaic backsplash

Creating a mixed material mosaic backsplash brings something unique to your kitchen and allows for a variety of textures and colors. Select different materials such as ceramic and glass, or metal and stone to create a multifaceted, captivating look. The key is to maintain a consistent color palette to bring harmony to the design.

Consider these points:

  • Choose materials that complement each other and the overall theme of your kitchen. For example, natural stone and glass provide a modern yet organic feel.
  • Play with different shapes and sizes. This keeps the design interesting, and helps highlight the unique charm of each material.
  • Pay attention to maintenance needs of the different materials. Some may require frequent sealing, others less so.
  • Balance the different elements. Use a soft, matte material to balance a shiny, glossy one to avoid an overly-dazzling look.

Remember, the beauty of a mixed material mosaic is in its diversity. Each material, with its unique texture and color, contributes to make the kitchen a welcoming yet stylish space.

Bamboo-shaped Ceramic Tile Backsplash

bamboo shaped ceramic tile backsplash

This unique backsplash style comes with its own set of defining features. Incorporating an interesting natural pattern that imitates bamboo, it draws inspiration from the beauty and durability of this material. This installation tends to align elongated tiles horizontally, creating a bamboo-like appearance, an effortless connection to the outdoors.

Tips for maintaining and installing this backsplash:

  • The ceramic nature of these tiles makes them easy to clean. Regular wiping with a damp cloth or sponge should suffice.
  • Seamless alignment is key for this setup. It helps to achieve a continuous pattern effect that replicates real bamboo.
  • These tiles are versatile and can match various cabinet colors, from neutral tones to vibrant hues.
  • For a complete natural look, pair them with green accents or wooden countertops.
  • Professional installation is recommended to preserve the layout’s integrity and prevent damage, ensuring the backsplash serves you for years to come.

Remember, a dash of nature in the kitchen can breathe life into the space, and a bamboo-shaped ceramic tile backsplash does this while providing a protective, easy-to-clean surface.

Color-Blocked Tile Backsplash

color blocked tile backsplash

Color-blocking involves combining two or more distinct colors to create visually intriguing designs. This technique can provide your kitchen with a unique, creative twist when applied to a backsplash, transforming your cooking area into a vibrant and inspiring space.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Choose the Right Colors: Select colors that align with the overall kitchen color theme. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting shades for a bold statement.

Tile Material Options: Ceramic, glass, and porcelain are great for color-block backsplashes due to their wide array of color options.

Placement Strategy: You can experiment with the arrangement of the tiles. Horizontal stripes, checkerboard patterns, or randomly dispersed colors can all contribute to a visually appealing result.

Remember, the impact of color-blocked backsplash lies in the clever interaction of colors, so select the hues and placement of the tiles thoughtfully.

French Country Blue Tile Backsplash

french country blue tile backsplash

French Country Blue, with its distinctive shade, evokes a rustic yet sophisticated look. Drawing its inspiration from French countryside homes, this backsplash brings an element of tranquility and subtle elegance to any kitchen setting.

For a heightened aesthetic appeal, you can pair it with the soft beige or distressed white cabinetry often found in Provencal kitchens. This style’s distinct color allows your backsplash to pop, while still retaining a classic, muted tone that’s captivating.

While traditional in essence, this tile backsplash can be effortlessly adapted to modern decor styles. Pair it with brushed steel appliances for a contemporary feel, or a vintage-style range for a more authentic country kitchen design.

The tile layout also plays a vital role in the final look. You can opt for a simple, horizontal layout, or you could try a herringbone pattern for an unexpected twist.

Remember to seal your tile backsplash to prevent moisture absorption and to clean it regularly to maintain its vibrant hues! Keep these points in mind and you’ll have a delightful French Country Blue backsplash that stands the test of time.

Horizontal Mosaic Blend

horizontal mosaic blend

As an appealing choice for any kitchen, a horizontal mosaic blend displays an exciting mix of hues and textures. It’s an alluring option for those desiring a unique, artistic feel to their space.

1. Materials: Mixing materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain or stone in the horizontal mosaic blend creates varied texture while maintaining harmony.

2. Color selection: Consider complementary colors to blend together across the backsplash for a unified yet varied look.

3. Grout choice: Opt for a neutral-colored grout to allow the varied tile colors and materials to truly shine.

4. Size variety: Consider diverse tile sizes strategically placed throughout the blend to create visual interest.

5. Professional installation: Consider hiring a professional for installation to ensure pattern consistency.

Remember, your choice reflects your personality and style.

Matte Black Picket Tile Backsplash

matte black picket tile backsplash

Matte black picket tiles are a striking choice for a backsplash. They stand out boldly against white or lighter colored cabinetry, offering a strong contrast that adds depth and character to your kitchen.

Their elongated hexagonal shape arranged horizontally further augments the aesthetics of your space.

Here are some advantages:

  • Versatility: The color black pairs well with virtually all colors and accents, opening opportunities for colorful kitchen accessories.
  • Elegance: The matte finish offers an understated sophistication that complements contemporary and classic kitchen designs.
  • Maintenance: Matte tiles generally hide smudges and water spots better than glossy tiles, keeping your backsplash looking clean.

So, whether you are working with a modernistic or rustic-theme kitchen, these tiles are sure to enhance your overall design.

Nautical White and Blue Stripes Backsplash

nautical white and blue stripes backsplash

Embracing the coastal vibes, this backsplash strategy borrows inspiration from the sea and sky. Pale blue tiles alternate with pure white ones, arranged horizontally to enhance the feeling of space in your kitchen.

Here are some quick tips for implementing this design:

  • Material Choice: Ceramic or porcelain tiles – they’re durable, easy to clean and available in a variety of shades.
  • Color Spectrum: To maintain nautical aesthetics, opt for softer hues of blue. Too vivid or dark may overwhelm the space.
  • Tile Size: The bigger the tiles, the fewer grout lines. This creates a clean, modern look but keep in mind that smaller tiles may add a texture element.
  • Grout Lines: Opt for white grout to let the blues shine or choose a light grey to give some depth and help hide dirt and stains.
  • Accessories: Partner the backsplash with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances to complete the maritime look. A bowl of seashells or a beach-themed artwork makes great finishing touches.

Remember, creating a beautiful backsplash takes careful planning and consideration. Select tiles and grout colors that harmonize with the overall kitchen design and your personal style preferences.

Checkerboard Tile Backsplash

checkerboard tile backsplash

A checkerboard backsplash brings a classic yet whimsical charm to your kitchen. It’s the perfect choice to add fun and drama without going overboard. Consider using black and white for a traditional look, or go bold with alternating bright colors for a contemporary twist.

Remember, the key is to use high gloss tiles for an extra shine and ease of cleaning. Grout color matters – choose a contrasting color for a popping effect or a matching one for a seamless look.

Horizontal Ombre Tile Backsplash

horizontal ombre tile backsplash

This unique approach is truly a sight to behold. It encompasses gradually fading colors from dark to light or vice versa. For an understated look, opt for soft neutrals.

Alternatively, go bold with a high-contrast color gradient. This design can add depth and texture to small spaces without overwhelming the eye. It becomes particularly striking when paired with modern and minimalist kitchen decors.

1. Undertake careful planning: Measure your space to determine how many shades you’ll need for the smooth color transition.

2. Choose the right colors: Opt for shades from the same color family to maintain fluidity.

3. Right placement: Start with the darkest shade at the bottom and work your way up to the lightest for a grounded effect.

4. Complement with your surroundings: Ensure that your countertop, appliances, and cabinetry colors harmoniously blend with your backsplash.

5. Professionals can help: While a DIY approach is possible, hiring professionals will ensure precision, especially with the gradient effect.

Remember, less is more when it comes to creating an ombre effect. Too many colors can create a chaotic look. Stick to 3-5 shades for a neat, clean finish.

Retro Metallic Backsplash

retro metallic backsplash

A Retro Metallic Backsplash captures the essence of classic, yet has an edgy twinge that creates a standout visual appeal. The shimmering charms of metallic backsplash tiles infuse a sense of charisma and warmth into your kitchen.

1. Elements to consider:

  • Material: Options like stainless steel, copper, and tin provide a gleaming yet timeless look.
  • Surface finish: Ranging from polished shine to rugged brushed textures, metallic tiles portray different moods.

2. Benefits:

  • Durability: Metallic Tiles resist heat and water, offering long-lasting beauty and hygiene.
  • Versatility: These can complement a variety of kitchen designs, from industrial to contemporary.

3. Applying the concept:

  • Pair with dark cabinets or countertops to enhance the retro appeal.
  • Install under-cabinet lighting for a fantastic display of light and shadow play.
  • Use larger tiles to accentuate the horizontal layout. Alternatively, smaller tiles deliver a sophisticated design pattern.

Remember, the retro-vibe of a Metallic Backsplash adds a dash of luxury and a nod to the past, making your kitchen both inviting and effortlessly chic.

Translucent Colored Glass Horizontal Stripe Backsplash

translucent colored glass horizontal stripe backsplash

Adding a colorful flair to your kitchen or bathroom, these thin, horizontally arranged stripes of translucent glass tiles bring lightness and illuminate the space. This backsplash incorporates various hues, producing an eye-catching spectrum of colors adorning the wall.

Here are a few ideas to maximize its impact:

  • 1. Lighting: Bright overhead lighting or under-cabinet lights enrich this backsplash’s glossiness, enhancing the tiles’ color vibrancy and making them glow.
  • 2. Tile Arrangement: Arrange varying shades in a cohesive flow, creating a watercolor effect, or using a vivid contrast to make the colors pop.
  • 3. Texture: The translucent nature of these tiles provides depth and texture, as the light bounces off them from different angles.
  • 4. Maintenance: Glass tiles are easy to clean, ensuring your backsplash remains vibrant and glossy always.
  • 5. Pairing with other Elements: To balance the vibrant backsplash, consider using neutral countertops or cabinetry; darker tones for a striking contrast can also be an exciting choice.

Remember, the beauty of this design lies in its flexibility; one can choose a rainbow spectrum or stick to a blend of your favorite complementary hues.

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