25 Inspiring Kitchen Ideas With Brick Backsplash

Last updated on March 2, 2024

Add a brick backsplash to your modern kitchen design for a classy look. Here are some inspiring ideas on how you can do that.

Adding a brick backsplash to your kitchen is easy to bring a timeless and rustic look to the space. The warm tones of the bricks contrast beautifully with sleek white cabinets and countertops, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Add modern appliances, plenty of storage space, potted plants, tea accessories, and other decorative touches to complete the design for a cozy yet sophisticated look.

What's Inside

Brick on Wood Countertop

This kitchen features a stunning brick backsplash, giving it a timeless and rustic look. The bricks are laid in an alternating pattern and contrast perfectly with the sleek white cabinets and countertops.

The country-style kitchen is completed by Laura Ashley interiors, adding a touch of elegance to the space. There are plenty of kitchen ideas to explore, such as hanging copper pots on the wall or displaying plants on open shelving for a cozy atmosphere.

The splashback adds texture and depth to the room, making it an inviting place for family gatherings or intimate dinners. This kitchen will be admired for years with its classic style and modern touches.

Rustic Kitchen

This kitchen has a stunning brick backsplash that adds a rustic charm to the space. The warm tones of the bricks contrast beautifully with the sleek white cabinets and countertops, creating an inviting atmosphere.

The almost-finished kitchen project has modern appliances and plenty of storage space, making it perfect for cooking and entertaining.

To top it off, plenty of decorative touches like potted plants and tea accessories add to this kitchen’s comfortable design life.

Pink Accented Brick Walls

Inspired by Inspiration Monday and its accenting shades of paint, the brick backsplash provides a unique touch to this home remodel by Absolute Vision Properties.

This realtor-approved design creates a cozy yet sophisticated look that’s perfect for everyday living, making it easy to understand why it’s quickly become one of the most popular styles in real estate.

Real Brick

This kitchen is a modern and stylish space, featuring a real brick backsplash that adds texture and warmth to the room.

The kitchen island is made of wood with a wooden worktop, illuminated by stylish kitchen lighting. The open-plan living area has plenty of natural light coming in from large windows, and the tiling on the floor ties in perfectly with the brick backsplash.

The overall look is completed by home decor pieces such as cushions and plants, adding a cozy touch to this beautiful kitchen.

Brick Veneers to Complete the Farmhouse Feel

This kitchen features a stunning brick backsplash that adds a rustic and cozy feel to the space. The brick veneer is complemented by modern home decor, creating an interior design that is stylish and inviting.

The brick wall tiles are arranged in a unique pattern, adding texture and depth to the room. A combination of interior Inspiration and home ideas creates a beautiful interior design that is perfect for any home project or renovation.

The warm tones of the brick walls contrast with the sleek lines of modern furniture, creating an eye-catching look that will impress guests.

Old World Vibe with Warm Colored Brick Tiles

The kitchen has a rustic and charming charm with its brick backsplash. The back wall is covered in warm-colored brick slip tiles that give the room an old-world vibe.

On top of the brick slips are reclaimed brick tiles in soft greys and creams, creating a unique look that pairs nicely with the copper hob and wooden kitchen worktops.

A classic kitchen clock hangs on one wall, while lush home decor accessories like plants and fairy lights are scattered throughout to add warmth and coziness.

The overall effect is a homely cottage-style kitchen that stands out from the rest.

Natural Colored Bricks

White cabinets and open shelving provide plenty of storage, while track lighting illuminates the area. The linear kitchen layout creates an efficient workspace for cooking and entertaining.

A kitchen designer has combined all these elements to create a beautiful and functional kitchen renovation.

Thin Brick Veneers with Woven Wood Shades

The thin brick veneer is laid in a modern, linear pattern to create an eye-catching contrast between the rustic kitchen elements and the sleek, contemporary design.

The warm tones of the brick blend perfectly with the wood cabinets and other rustic elements, creating an inviting atmosphere that is both cozy and stylish.

Play with Colors

This kitchen has a stunning brick backsplash that makes it stand out. The walls are adorned with red bricks, which contrast nicely against the white cabinets and countertops.

The fantastic kitchen design is further enhanced by the beautiful kitchen decor of matching white accessories, creating an elegant and timeless aesthetic. The eye-catching brick wall adds texture to the space, making it cozy and inviting for cooking and dining.

The Brick Island

The bright red bricks contrast the wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances, creating a unique look that stands out from other kitchens.

The brick wall adds depth to the area, drawing attention to the cleverly designed kitchen layout. Every inch of this space creates the perfect culinary experience.

Classic Brick Walls for a Farmhouse Look

The brick is a classic limewash to give it an aged look, while the mineral paint provides an eco-friendly and durable finish.

The white brick gives the room a bright and airy feel, perfectly complementing the modern design of this dream home.

Painting Existing Brick White

This kitchen is a dream come true! The brick wall creates a cozy atmosphere, while the painted backsplash adds a touch of style.

The kitchen vine adds an extra layer of texture to the room, making it feel like home. Houseplants bring life to the space, adding pops of green and freshness.

Countertop to Ceiling Brick Walls

Blythe Building Company kitchen with brick backsplash

The brick complements the neutral cabinets and countertops, allowing it to showcase the real star of your kitchen.

The kitchen also includes other design elements such as backsplash tiles, ideas, designs, and goals that add to its unique character. With its timeless style and quality craftsmanship kitchen, the Building Co. this kitchen is sure to be a conversation starter for years to come.

Modern Rustic Style

The kitchen is a beautiful blend of modern and rustic design, featuring an eye-catching brick backsplash. The warm beige hue of the brick walls radiates throughout the room, giving it an inviting feel.

The bright white kitchen cabinets starkly contrast the brick walls, creating an interesting visual dynamic. The black iron window frames and faucet handles add industrial flair to your kitchen.

To complete the look, high-end materials such as stainless steel appliances and granite count kitchen provide luxury touches that make this kitchen one to remember.

Blue Kitchen

This kitchen features a stunning brick backsplash, with bricks from the 1930s semi-renovation and extension.

The warm brickwork complements the modern kitchen spaces making this renovation special.

Limewashed Brick Kitchen Backsplash

This kitchen has a unique and rustic feel. The brick backsplash adds character and texture to the room, making it look like an old-world charm.

The overall design is homey and timeless, perfect for entertaining guests and relaxing after a long day.

Antique Style

This kitchen is simply stunning. It features a brick backsplash along the walls, giving it an eye-catching rustic and modern look at the same time.

Cover the walls with contrasting tiles like antique white bricks. It emphasizes the style and the other features of the kitchen. Complete the remodel with a Bosch oven and refrigerator to add a layer of elegance to the space.

Sophisticated yet timeless, this kitchen renovation will be sure to last for many years to come.


This kitchen features a stunning painted brick backsplash that creates a beautiful rustic feel. The warm tones of the bricks contrast perfectly with the bright red teapots and blue cabinets, creating an inviting atmosphere.

A marble countertop adds a touch of elegance to the space’s complete kitchen look.

Cherokee Brick

This cozy kitchen is a designer-inspired upgrade with a stunning brick backsplash. The thin bricks create an inviting atmosphere, while the clay bricks add texture and warmth to the space.

The combination of the two creates a unique and eye-catching look that will be sure to inspire your kitchen design ideas. The kitchen backsplash adds character and charm to this classic kitchen, making it feel more homely and inviting.

This brick backsplash’s timeless beauty will surely make any kitchen better!

Modern Kitchen

The brick provides texture and interest to the space. Still, it’s not overpowering and keeps the focal point of the home design.

Above the backsplash are dark cabinets with stainless steel handles and appliances, allowing plenty of storage space for all your cooking needs.

In contrast, dark wooden countertops provide an ideal surface for preparing meals or working with food items.

To complete the look, vintage lighting fixtures hang from above to create a cozy environment when entertaining the family or kitchen.

Elegant Tongue and Grove Brick Pattern

This kitchen features a stunning brick backsplash that adds a rustic and farmhouse-style charm. Arrange the bricks in a tongue-and-groove pattern, with white and grey tones creating an elegant contrast.

DIYers will appreciate the effort put into this project, as it will surely be the centerpiece of any kitchen.

Floating Shelves

This beautiful kitchen features a brick backsplash, giving it a timeless and classic look that will impress. The light-colored bricks stand out against the dark cabinets, creating an eye-catching contrast that adds warmth to the space.

The rich tones of the brick create a cozy atmosphere for any family gathering or meal. A team of experienced custom home builders and designers worked together on this unique design, ensuring quality craftsmanship throughout.

The result? A stunning kitchen with a splash of character from its brick backsplash that will last for years to come!

Brick Mosaic

Lay the bricks in an intricate pattern that complements the room and all the other features, such as the custom cabinets and countertops.

The bricks are a warm shade of red that stands out against the white walls and appliances.

A live edge bar kitchen brick feature adds to the unique character of this kitchen, making it perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a meal at home.

Brick Splash Transformation

This kitchen is a beautiful blend of modern and rustic, with its brick backsplash and cozy fireplace. Use a German schmear technique to adorn the walls, giving them a homey and elegant feel.

The cabinets’ polished and southern style and the coastal farmhouse accents create a warm atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests enjoying time at home.

The centerpiece of this kitchen is the stunning fireplace makeover, which adds a touch of sophistication to the space.

Old Mill Brick Backsplash

The actual brick gives the space an authentic and unique look that is perfect for any DIY home improvement project or kitchen remodel. DIY ideas like this provide endless possibilities for creating a truly personal and creative space.

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