23 Kitchen Ideas with Plants to Green Up Your Cooking Space

Last updated on November 11, 2023

These decor ideas featuring plants will help you spruce up your kitchen and bring some life into your space. Read on!

Kitchen decor ideas with plants are increasingly popular as people look to bring nature’s beauty into their homes.

This trend includes placing plants on open shelves and window sills and hanging them from ceilings and walls.

Popular plants include succulents, ferns, ivy, pothos, philodendron, snake, and fiddle leaf figs.

Self-watering pots can help to reduce maintenance while adding a touch of color with flowering plants like hibiscus or jasmine can complete the look.

Here are more ideas for you to bring indoor plants into your kitchen.

What's Inside

Greenery Kitchen Plant Decor

Pick up stylish pots in various sizes and textures to create the look. With proper care and regular watering, these blessed greens will become part of your family.

Display them proudly on window sills or shelves as an added element to your kitchen corner decor and revel in the kitchen plants’ beauty. Don’t forget about the air-purifying power of these plants.

They can make it easier to breathe while cooking or entertaining guests. Get creative with hanging planters for larger plants like ferns or snake plants – adding extra life to any space.

Plus, with plenty of indoor and outdoor options, you can easily keep up with trends like bright succulents or traditional botanicals.

Be inspired by nature’s beauty with your collection of kitchen plants!

Hanging Plants Kitchen Decor

Choose from various houseplants, such as succulents, ferns, and ivy, and place them around the kitchen sink or on shelves for an eye-catching display.

Choose pots in different colors and sizes for extra impact to create an interesting visual effect.

Plant parenthood doesn’t have to be complicated; consider using self-watering pots that require less maintenance. With these simple touches, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful oasis that will bring joy every time you enter it!

Trailing Plants Kitchen Decor

Hang trailing plants like pothos or philodendrons from the ceiling or walls, and place upright plants like a snake plant or fiddle leaf fig in corners or on shelves.

Add some color with flowering plants like hibiscus or jasmine, and complete the look with some small succulents.

With this kitchen decor idea, you can bring in nature’s beauty and enjoy the calming atmosphere it creates.

Marble Lilies Kitchen Decor

Try this design. Start by painting the cabinets with earth-friendly paints. Add marble surfaces and shelves for a luxurious look.

Place lilies or other plants on the shelves for an elegant touch. Finish off the look with accessories for a modern yet cozy feel.

With this combination of elements, you can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day!

Multiple Potted Plants

Add multiple potted plants on shelves, counters, or windowsills. Choose from various leafy greens, herbs, and flowers for an eye-catching display.

Place hanging planters from the ceiling or mount plant holders on walls for even more creative options.

With these easy additions, your kitchen will become a vibrant oasis with greenery that can be enjoyed year-round!

Hanging and Potted Plants Combo

Another design you can try is mixing hanging and potted plants together. Place them on shelves or hang them from the ceiling for a unique look. Add green accents like wallpapers and curtains to create an inviting atmosphere.

Add some pops of color with bright kitchenware and accessories to complete the look.

With this combination of greenery and color, you can transform your kitchen into a vibrant oasis!

Countertops Overflowing Plants

Start by placing potted plants on shelves, windowsills, or countertops. Choose from leafy green varieties like ferns and ivy for colorful blooms like succulents and cacti.

Add texture to the space with woven baskets filled with lush foliage or hanging planters overflowing with trailing vines.

Finish off the look by incorporating rustic elements such as wooden cutting boards and ceramic pitchers to create an inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

Layering Potted Plants

Green Room Plants kitchen decor with plants
Source: @bohome_uk_

Layering is key. To get the most out of this look, consider covering a variety of houseplants around the room – everything from bright succulents to statement ferns will create a fabulous space.

To get that perfect moody shot, focus on creating symmetry and layering these greenroom plants against exciting backgrounds like your countertop or stools.

Sunflower Kitchen Decor

Bring life to your kitchen with a sunflower plant. It’s charming to look at. Less is more. So, please don’t overdo it with the potted plants. Even a single potted plant will do.

A kitchen extension offers extra storage on shelves for pots and mason jars filled with herbs and other greenery.

Adding touches like this can transform your kitchen into a peels-like home.

Air Purifying Plants

Inhale clean air with air-purifying plants from the ceiling or shelves, and place them on open shelves for easy access.

Pick out navy blue accessories such as Smeg range cookers or concrete countertops for an extra touch of color.

Add some greenery with potted plants that fit comfortably in the kitchen corner.

These plants will bring life and energy into your and make a great addition to any shelf or storage ideas you may have!

Boho Jungle Kitchen

Begin with a statement piece like a giant hanging plant over your island or table.

Add small potted plants to create a mini jungle on shelves or countertops for added texture.

Opt for feminine options like ferns, a string of pearls, and prayer plants that bring life to the space while adding pops of green throughout the kitchen.

Soften hard surfaces with delicate indoor ivy spilling from baskets and woven containers in various shapes and sizes.

Let the natural beauty of flowers accentuate window sills and tabletops or add dainty charm as part of an aromatic herb garden for daily culinary use.

Accessorize your cooking space with vibrant shades of terracotta pots, wicker baskets, and colorful macramé hangers to style each side inside or outside inspired by bohemian design concepts mixing subtle Nordic elements.

White Honey Jungle Kitchen

Brighten your kitchen with plants and use paints of natural tones. Think about using trailing ivy, ferns, or shrubs to hang planters on either side of the door or window.

If you have more space, add larger potted plants like fiddle leaf fig trees or a tropical palm plant.

Accessorize with white accents in your kitchen- like bowls, mugs, and other kitchenware – for an intentional contrast against the plants.

Finishing touches include scatter rugs and wall art that complement your color palette for a serene environment.

Potted Green Bloom Decor

Play with colors by adding greenery to your dark palette kitchen. Add barstools in contrasting colors to the dark kitchen for a modern touch, and use oak worktops for an elegant finish.

Complete the look with breakfast bars and kitchen decor items like pottery or art pieces. Combined with these elements, you’ll bring a vibrant jungle vibe to your space!

Eye-Catching Potted Plants

Add potted plants to shelves or counters for the view and healthy air. Choose from lush green foliage or colorful blooms to bring life and color to the room.

Hang some planters from the ceiling or add them to open shelving for an eye-catching display. Add pottery pieces in earthy tones and textures for a cozy, lived-in look.

Accessorize with items like macrame wall hangings and woven baskets for a bohemian vibe that will make your kitchen unique!

Classic Small Potted Plants

Play with pot sizes. Hang several small potted plants from the ceiling, creating an eye-catching display that will brighten up any space.

Place larger plants on shelves or counters to add texture and color to the room. Add some greenery to your windowsill with a few succulents or herbs for an easy way to bring life into the kitchen.

With this simple yet stylish decor idea, you can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.

Unique Kitchen Plant Arrangement

Hang hanging planters from the ceiling for an eye-catching display, or line shelves with small succulents that provide greenery without taking up too much space.

For a bold statement, pair bright green foliage with colorful flowers to contrast against neutral walls.

With this decor idea, your kitchen will be sure to stand out!

Calming Potted Plants

Please keep it simple and calm with these potted plants. It features a variety of green plants arranged in different sizes and shapes throughout the room, from small succulents on the windowsill to larger hanging plants from the ceiling.

These plants bring life and color to the space, creating a calming atmosphere. Using natural materials like wood, wicker, and terracotta pots also add to the cozy feel of this kitchen decor.

With careful planning and placement, these plants can divide space or act as a focal point in any room.

This kitchen decor idea with plants is an easy way to make your home more inviting and stylish!

Kitchen with Pothos Plant

Pothos Plant kitchen decor with plants
Source: @fivolihome

Fill the shelves with lush greenery and vibrant flowers, adding colorful ceramic planters to brighten the space.

Plant mom approved! For a unique aesthetic, complete the look with pottery pieces and other plant-based decorations.

Ultimate Farmhouse Kitchen

Incorporate plants into your kitchen decor for an airy, boho-inspired look that feels fresh and inviting.

Hang potted succulents on shelves or macramé plant holders from the ceiling to create a unique wall display. Place tall leafy greens in rustic terracotta pots along window sills and countertops to add dimension and texture to the space.

Make an eye-catching statement piece by mounting planters directly onto your walls using simple hardware.

Whatever you choose, adding plants to your kitchen creates a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation while cooking meals in style.

Potted Plants on Every Corner

Mada Home_ska kitchen decor with plants
Source: @home_ska

Ensure that there’s no boring part of your kitchen. Add some new baby plants like spider plants or ficus benjamina to bring life to the space. Place them around the kitchen and living area for a cozy atmosphere.

To complete the look, add a piano in one corner of the room and fill it with lush green plants like ficus lyrata or philodendron.

Combining wood, tile, and greenery will create an inviting atmosphere perfect for cooking meals or relaxing after a long day.

Grey Green Potted Plants

Mada Home_ska kitchen decor with plants
Source: @home_ska

Place them on shelves or hang them from the ceiling for an eye-catching display. Then add some pops of color with Spanish tiles in shades of grey and green.

Complete the look with small potted plants scattered around the kitchen to create an urban jungle vibe.

With this combination of elements, you’ll have a beautiful, inviting kitchen full of life!

Plant-Filled Kitchen

Create an atmosphere of natural beauty by designing a living wall that you can tailor to meet your kitchen’s unique needs in form and function. Pick plants that bring life, color, and energy to the room while adding a hint of fresh air.

Place them away from direct sunlight for optimum growth and beauty for long-lasting decoration.

Choose carefully – consider size, type, and color when selecting plants according to the size of your kitchen.

Decorate stylishly with decorative pots or planters that match the overall aesthetic, or pick from hanging options for added flair!

Mix and Match

Plant Scouts kitchen decor with plants
Source: @plantscouts

Mix and Match plants for your kitchen. Hang lush and vibrant plants in elegant planters from a shelf, or create a corner filled with colorful foliage for a stylish and impactful addition to the room.

Decorate countertops, window sills, and cabinets with small succulents, ivies, and ferns for an abundance of green.

Incorporate statement Monstera Deliciosa leaves carefully arranged amongst other houseplants to bring texture and life to the surroundings.

Invite more natural elements with woven baskets or unique pots lined up along open wall space that doesn’t take much room but makes all the difference decor-wise.

With this exquisite plant decor idea, your kitchen will feel like paradise!

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