21 Beautiful Minimal Bedrooms and What We Can Learn from Them

Last updated on August 13, 2023

The bedroom is where you spend the least amount of time at home and that’s when you’re sleeping most of the time. So while you have to decorate it (of course), you don’t have to overdo it. That’s why minimal bedrooms are so inspiring as they don’t have much in them but if done right they are truly beautiful.

So here are 21 really beautiful minimal bedroom designs. What can we learn from them?

h o m e

First thing you will notice is that they are uncluttered. There’s the bed, there’s the nightstand of some sort and perhaps a wardrobe or some shelving, but otherwise you won’t see a lot of furniture or accessories, mostly because of the limited space but also as a decor decision.

dream state. (sfgirlbybay)

Another thing is the color scheme. You’ll notice how it is mostly bright, white or shades of grey. It’s not only because that’s a clean color scheme that implies minimalist, such colors are also calming and very fitting for a bedroom.

do you hear the sound of violins?

And because they are small, the space should be used efficiently. You don’t see a lot of furniture around, but you can use a window sill, a chair, or simply the floor to keep those books you like to read before sleep or something else.

White with rough walls

As far as the walls, everything is simple – use one picture to decorate, or keep it clean at all. In other words, it’s as minimal as possible.

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