8 Careers in Architecture Besides Being an Architect

Last updated on January 18, 2024

Do you have a degree in architecture? Here are 8 career choices you might not have thought about pursuing. Read on!

There are over a hundred thousand architects in the United States alone, with the number increasing by as much as 2% each year. With that in mind, as an architecture graduate, you might find yourself less and less inclined to actually become a licensed architect.

The good news is, there are plenty of things you can do and jobs you can apply for as an architecture graduate, and here are just some of them.


Architecture Visualization Artist

By now you must know that not every architect can render stunning visualizations of their work that can wow clients. So if you’re someone who enjoys working at home and rendering 3D images perfectly, then this might be for you. The good news is, there is a strong demand for such artists in the industry and it’s easy to upskill thanks to the many software and learning materials that are available online. 

If you’re still a newbie, you can even learn from the best visualization artist studios who can create stunning and innovative pieces from their imagination.

Graphic Designer

If you’re fed up with the world of architecture or you find yourself unable to land a job as it is, you can dabble in the field of graphic design. The principles are the same, you can still exercise your creativity, and it pays well (especially web designing).

Graphic designers can be freelancers, too, and that’s a great way for you to control your time if you’re someone who doesn’t want to work during normal work hours.

Professor or Teacher

The saying that goes along the lines of “Those who can, do, while those who can’t, teach,” isn’t really applicable in this regard. Choosing to be a professor of architecture or being an art teacher doesn’t mean you aren’t really cut out to be an architect. It takes a special skill and a lot of guts to be teaching the next generation and not a lot of people can do it. 

Teaching might not give you the same salary grade, but it will definitely give you a deeper sense of fulfillment compared to contributing to a building project.

Production Designer

Have you ever been mesmerized by the amount of detail those movies and Netflix shows have? Well, you have production designers to thank for that. They work closely with directors and producers to breathe life into studios and location sets to make them a seamless part of the production.

A bachelor’s degree in architecture actually gives you a solid background and all the key skills one needs to become a production designer. Your ability to reimagine empty spaces and transform them into something visually appealing can make your background perfect for this industry.

Furniture Designer

Some of the most popular and iconic pieces of furniture in history were designed by architects. Take, for instance, the Wiggle Chair by Frank Lloyd Wright or The Barcelona Chair by Mies Van Der Rohe.

As an architect, you already have sound design principles locked down. You just have to apply the same design philosophies onto designing furniture for outdoor spaces and indoor use alike — and you can create something that would leave a mark on the industry whether it’s modern or vintage in design.

Video Game Designer

A huge part of designing effective and stunning video games are creating the perfect environment and mood for each scene, sequence, and backdrop. In many ways, it is actually very similar to actual architecture. You’re still designing spaces to evoke certain feels or emotions to it, only this time you’re doing it on a much smaller scale, and in a virtual setting. 

Video game designers generally get paid heftily, too. 

Architectural Photographer

A strong sense of good visual composition is what makes a great photographer — and a great architect. Fortunately, there’s always ample demand for architecture photographers or those who can capture building and structure designs in pictures, may it be for portfolio use, for an art show, or even for a magazine spread.

As an architect, you would know which parts of a building are best highlighted and which ones are better off hidden in the shadows, making you a good candidate for this job.

Accounting Architect

Most of the careers we’ve talked about in this article are still linked and related to design. However, if you’re looking for a complete career shift that will totally veer you away from designing stuff, you might want to look into accounting.

You might be surprised that accounting is actually a top choice for career shifters because you don’t actually have to have a degree in finance or accounting to join this industry. You just have to train and study for the licensure exam

Then, you can actually use everything you learned from your business management and feasibility classes in architecture school to keep business books in order.

See? Your architecture degree will never lead you to a dead-end career path, just as long as you know how to widen your horizons and apply everything you learned about architecture in other fields and industries. Your education gave you almost-unlimited options, so never think for one second that you’re trapped doing something you no longer love.

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