3 Bedroom Interior Design Themes for 2021

Last updated on February 12, 2024

Want to know what’s trending in the interior design for bedroom decor? Use these fresh ideas to stay on top of the trend. Read on!

Over the past year, people have been taking an even greater interest in interior design — we’ve all had more time to spend indoors, and many have seized the opportunity to do small DIY projects or larger renovations. 

People have made home offices or remodeled their kitchens, and others have turned their attention towards the most important room in the house, the bedroom.

Think your bedroom could use some inspiration? There are a few emerging bedroom design trends to take note of for the coming year. No matter which furniture company you decide to get your new bed frame, side tables, or rugs from, be sure to keep these three themes in mind.

What's Inside


mid-century modern bedroom

To begin with, we’ll start with a theme that’s easy to execute. Coming to the public eye in the mid-20th century, modern interior design drew inspiration from a variety of different sources that were popular at the time, like Scandinavian and German design. Coupled with contemporary art and decorating from the 40s—60s eras, these influences created modernism as we know it now. 

Neutral-colored bases, defined edges, sleek surfaces, open spaces, and a minimalist’s touch are important aspects of a modern theme. Furniture should be made from ‘industrial’ materials — metal, glass, and concrete, with accents of bold primary colors to brighten the room. Think glass-topped vanity next to a metal bed frame, with a Pop Art piece on the wall.

Hollywood Glamour

bedroom mirror

We’ve focused on minimalism and industrial design, so now let’s move over to something slightly different. A combination of modern and art deco, Hollywood Glam is designed to make a statement. Whether you want to paint using high contrasting colors, or keeping things a simple black and white, Hollywood Glam allows you to be bold in all aspects. 

For accents, include mirrors, gold surfaces, and other metallics. When it comes to furniture, Hollywood Glam really allows you to indulge in rich textures, making good use of faux fur, silk, suede, velvet, etc. 

Examples of a Hollywood Glam room could be: 

  • A simple monochromatic color scheme
  • White or black furniture accentuated with punchy yellow or red pillows
  • Metallic bed frames and dressing tables

Alternatively, if you’re a person who enjoys vibrant colors, create your room around contrast. Watermelon reds and greens come to mind. 

As stated previously, Hollywood Glam is about being bold and over the top. So, if you enjoy making a statement and allowing your design to be a topic of conversation, Hollywood Glam is for you.


traditional bedroom design

For our last idea, we have a traditional design. Keywords here are symmetry, large, and elegance. Symmetry is aesthetically pleasing, and with Traditional design, it helps to bring that key sense of balance to the room. 

Traditional also subscribes to the idea that bigger and more is often better. Much like Hollywood Glam, the traditional style allows you to make a statement — furniture should have curves and be intricately carved and detailed, giving it texture and a sense of character. Window treatments should be large and iconic, with heavy, full length drapes to add an air of luxury. 

Traditional is far from minimalist, so feel free to add extra layers to your bedroom with decorations. A traditional style bedroom could feature a large bedspread and additional furniture made from rich dark woods, with detailed floral designs carved into it. GO for elegant silk or velvet bedspreads and window accents. Lastly, choose drawers and bedside tables with refined curves. 

The Takeaway

Being comfortable in the most important room of the house is key to feeling well-rested, comfortable, and content. Whether you’re more modern or traditional, we hope that you’ll keep these 3 themes in mind for 2021. They’re timeless ideas that make for a great renovation!

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