20 Cover Storage Shelves Ideas for Your Home and Office

Last updated on December 29, 2023

Transform your storage shelves from purely functional to aesthetically pleasing with these innovative cover ideas because your storage deserves to pull double-duty as a display space too.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Diving headfirst into the world of cover storage shelves, this article plans to reinvigorate your space with unique ideas that break from the conventional wisdom. The internet is filled with known concepts, and although some of these timeless methods will be touched on—complete with resources to explore—we’ll primarily focus on fresh vistas, unearthing original and creative strategies for you to consider. Offering a fresh take on this subject, our aim is to provide insights that prove to be resourceful, brewing a mix of personal style and practical function. Because your space deserves more than ordinary.

What's Inside

Use Papasan Chairs As Shelf Covers

use papasan chairs as shelf covers

Endowed first on our list, are Papasan chairs providing a unique solution. Rather than immersing them into obscurity in your basement or attic, resurrect your old or unused Papasan chairs by creatively adapting their function from seating to shelf coverage.

A notable advantage of using these chairs is their substantial size, making them an excellent dust cover for larger items.

They mirror a distinct aesthetic, adding visual interest to any room while veiling the clutter.

Efficiently transfer the Papasan cover periodically to clean, giving an added layer of maintenance ease.

Modification opportunities are grand. Change the cushion cover, paint the chair, or add lights to personalize your new ‘shelf-cover’.

The woven pattern allows for subtle visibility and airy accommodation.

Keep in mind, this method works best with larger, standalone shelves that can accommodate the size of a Papasan chair.

Shelving Units With Built-In Coverings

shelving units with built in coverings

Built-in coverings can provide an immediate answer to your shelving decor needs. They add an elegant touch while offering practical benefits such as dust prevention and keeping objects inside hidden from view.

1. Multifunctional: These units serve a dual purpose. Besides being a storage unit, they also function as a decorative piece, enhancing the aesthetics of your room.

2. Variety of materials: Built-in coverings come in different materials like wood, plastic, glass, or metal, allowing you to select based on what matches your interior decor and personal preference.

3. Customization: Some manufacturers offer customizable options. You can decide on the color, size, design, and finish of the built-in coverings, creating a unique look.

4. Easy installation: They come preassembled with the shelves, eliminating the need for any separate attachment or installation process.

5. Ultimate Solution: An all-in-one storage and cover solution provides a tidy, coordinated appearance compared to makeshift or separate shelf covering options.

With built-in shelf coverings, storage merges seamlessly with style to create an organized, pleasing living or working space.

Decorative Panel Installations

decorative panel installations

With a broad array of designs and materials to choose from, decorative panels cater to all aesthetic preferences. They can instantly disguise your storage shelves while adding a visually appealing element to your room.

1. Material Choosing: From wood to metal, to fabric, explore different materials based on your interior design theme.

2. Size and Fit: Measure your shelves before purchasing or crafting these panels. Precision is key.

3. Affixing: Depending on the material, you can mount them with clips, hinges or even sliding mechanisms.

4. Multi-Purpose: Opt for mirrors or chalkboard panels for functionalities beyond concealment.

5. Off-The-Shelf Options: Numerous ready-made decorative panels are available in the market for fuss-free installation.

Remember, these panels are not just about disguising the clutter, but more about aligning with your room’s décor and enhancing the overall ambience.

DIY Fabric Panels

diy fabric panels

Selecting the right fabric that complements your room’s theme is crucial in this do-it-yourself project. You can choose a more opaque fabric type for maximum privacy or a semi-transparent one for a subtle peek-a-boo effect.

Start by measuring your shelf dimensions to know the right amount of fabric to buy. Add extra inches for wrapping around the shelves.

Next, create a fabric frame using lightweight wood or hardboard which can be easily hung or attached to the shelves. Make sure the frame is sturdy yet light so it doesn’t put unnecessary strain on the shelf.

Finally, stretch the fabric across the frame, securing it in place with a staple gun or adhesive. For a unique touch, consider adding trims, laces, or other decorations to the edges.

Remember, this DIY project not only hides clutter but also adds a touch of your personality to the decor with the fabric pattern and style you choose. It’s also an affordable and easy way to change up your room’s look quite frequently! All it takes is a bit of creativity and some spare time.

Use of Old Window Shutters

use of old window shutters

Transforming former window shutters into appealing shelf covers offers a creative and practical solution, ensuring stored items are concealed, dust-free, and organized. An innovative repurpose strategy like this is also a green alternative, preventing further waste.

Starting with sourcing the shutters, flea markets or thrift shops are eminent, promising quality materials with a sprinkle of historical charm.

Upon obtaining your shutters, you’ll want to make sure they fit your shelves. Measure correctly, allowing room for hinges and easy access to the contents behind.

Re-painting or refinishing is the next step. This provides an opportunity to match the shutters with the existing decor and protects the wood from damage. Don’t forget to let them dry thoroughly before installation!

Opt for sturdy hinges and ensure proper alignment during installation. Balancing both aesthetics and functionality will yield a shelf cover that accentuates your space instead of acting as an eyesore. Ultimately this decorative yet functional addition will bolster efficiency and elegance in your interiors.

Custom-Made Book Covers

custom made book covers

Fresh off the artistic press, these creative wraps provide a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. With bespoke designs tailored to your taste, they not only conceal what’s behind but also serve as a fabulous addition to your interiors, placing a unique stamp on your private space.

Delicate textures, intriguing imagery, or minimalist aesthetics; the design horizons are boundless. They seamlessly morph your visually cluttered shelves into a sleek, coordinated library, where each ‘book’ is a hidden compartment, thus adding an element of surprise to your room.

Remember, the key is a harmonious blend of your existing decor and the cover design. For instance, a vintage-themed room might benefit from classic literature replicas, while a children’s room will transform with fun, colorful titles. Crafty and practical, these are not just mere covers, they are narrative pieces that tell a story about your personal space.

Installation of Roll-up Blinds

installation of roll up blinds

Roll-up blinds can truly transform your shelf into a stylish and concealed storage. They’re particularly suitable for a casual and breezy aesthetic. Here’s how you can effectively use them:

  • Measure: Accurate measurements of your shelf are critical. Make sure you measure the exact width and height of each shelf space before purchasing your blinds.
  • Select Blinds: Opt for either bamboo or fabric blinds as per your home decor. Bamboo blinds offer a natural aesthetic, while fabric blinds provide versatility in colors and patterns.
  • Installation: Installing the blinds is a breeze. With configurations made simple, often you just need to screw the top bar of the blind into the top of the shelf. It’s almost like adding mini windows to your shelving unit.
  • Accessibility: An advantage of roll-up blinds is the easy access they provide. A simple tug, your storage space is open. Even when not fully rolled up, they allow for partial visibility and access.
  • Care: Cleaning and maintenance is crucial. Regular dusting helps keep the blinds clean. If you opted for fabric blinds, check if they are machine-washable or require dry cleaning.

Incorporating roll-up blinds for your shelves can not only hide clutter, but also add texture and character to your space while preserving the functionality of your storage.

Use of Stained Glass Panels

use of stained glass panels

Stained glass is not only breathtakingly beautiful but it also adds a vibrant pop of color to any space. When used as a shelf cover, it can transform a plain storage area into a stunning visual centerpiece. Its semi-opaque nature means belongings are hidden from view while allowing light to filter through, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • 1. Select a design that complements the overall room décor. Designs can range from simple geometric patterns to intricate floral or abstract motifs.
  • 2. Sizing is important. Ensure measurements align with your shelf size to account for seamless integration.
  • 3. Consider lighting. Stained glass illuminates beautifully under natural light, so place your shelf where it can get sufficient light to truly glow.
  • 4. Safety first. Because glass can be fragile, secure it properly to prevent accidents.
  • 5. Maintain it well. Stained glass requires regular cleaning to keep it sparkling and ensure the colors remain vibrant.

Embracing stained glass as a shelf cover can breathe new life into any room, providing both functional storage and a design that is sure to turn heads.

Create a Mural Across the Shelves

create a mural across the shelves

Bringing artistic flair to your storage solutions, murals can add a unique charm. Here are the essential steps:

  • Choose a Theme: Consider what suits your space best – a scene from nature, an abstract pattern, maybe a favorite book or movie.
  • Hire an Artist or DIY: Based on your artistic skill, decide to proceed by yourself or hire a professional.
  • Clear & Clean the Shelves: Ensure the shelves are empty and surface clean for optimal paint adhesion.
  • Rough Sketch: Start by drawing a rough sketch of your design onto the shelves. Use a light pencil, so mistakes are easily erasable.
  • Fill in the Color: Using acrylic or latex paint, bring your sketch to life. Remember to let each color dry before applying the next to prevent smudging.
  • Seal it: Once dry, apply a clear sealant to protect your mural from damage.

The result? A visually stunning storage unit that masks clutter and tells a story in your home. The best part, murals easily blend with existing decor. Enjoy transforming your shelves into an appealing canvas that reflects your personality!

Rustic Burlap Wrap

rustic burlap wrap

As a low-cost and versatile option, using a rustic burlap wrap can add a touch of charm to any storage shelf. Here’s how to harness its potential:

1. Material: Burlap is easily available and has a wonderfully structured weave, perfect for rustic decor.

2. Versatility: It works well with many design aesthetics. From farmhouse to bohemian, it can blend easily with your current decor.

3. Easy Installation: This process requires minimal tools – just scissors, burlap, and a staple gun. Secure the material at the back of your shelf for a tidy finish.

4. Customization: Add appliques, ribbons, or even paint to personalize your burlap wrap. This allows for a unique result.

5. Practical: Besides aesthetics, it also serves to hide clutter or less attractive items placed on the shelf.

Remember, it’s all about balancing functionality and style.

Shelf Covers Made of Beads

shelf covers made of beads

For a chic and novel twist on shelf covers, consider the creative appeal of beads. Not only do they bring a unique texture and aesthetics to your storage shelves, but they also offer practical usability. Creating a beaded curtain for your shelf is not as complicated as it may sound.

The type of bead you choose can totally transform the look. Glass beads, for instance, can give a lovely vintage feel whereas wooden beads might lend a homier, boho vibe. Select beads that match your overall decor scheme.

As for the assembly, you simply need a sturdy string or thin rope and your chosen beads. String the beads together in your desired pattern and attach these strings to a rod or a suitable frame you can affix to your shelf.

For a touch of sophistication, try incorporating different bead sizes, colors, or materials in a single curtain. Transparent and colored glass beads can create a charming light reflection when hit by sunlight. Remember to measure your shelf before you get started to ensure a perfect fit.

This idea affords you the opportunity to infuse a personal touch to your storage shelving. It’s a DIY project that perfectly combines function and beauty.

DIY Embroidered Mesh Panels

diy embroidered mesh panels

Getting hands-on with this stylish cover option can be a satisfying project. Embroidered mesh panels are versatile and add an artistic touch to your shelves. Let’s unpack this idea:

1. Choose High-Quality Mesh: Opt for a durable material like nylon or polyester for longevity. Make sure it’s dense enough for embroidery but also semi-transparent to partially reveal your shelf contents.

2. Pick a Suitable Pattern: Your design could be as simple as geometric shapes or as intricate as floral motifs. Take your overall room aesthetics into account.

3. Use Suitable Thread: Consider cotton or silk thread for vivid, lasting colors. Contrast or complement shades with your shelf and mesh for added drama.

4. Embroider the Mesh: Take your time to carefully craft the patterns onto the mesh. If you’re new to embroidery, consider simpler designs or practice on scraps.

5. Mount the Panel: Secure neatly on your shelf’s exterior. Ensure it’s taut for a clean, professional look.

By crafting your embroidered mesh panels, you add character to your storage shelves while honing your needlework skills.

Macrame Shelf Covers

macrame shelf covers

Macrame, a vintage craft, is a fantastic way to add a touch of bohemian chic to your storage shelves. These intricately knotted patterns involve varying degrees of complexity and can provide a unique texture and depth to your shelf decor.

Here are some key points to understand when considering macrame shelf covers:

  • Material Considerations: Macrame is typically made from twine, yarn, or cotton rope. The choice of material affects the overall look and feel of the shelf.
  • Pattern Diversity: Macrame offers endless knotting techniques including square knots and hitch knots. Each technique results in a distinctive pattern choice.
  • Customization: Macrame can be custom-made to suit specific dimensions and color schemes of your storage shelves. It also allows for the inclusion of personal touches like beads or feathers.
  • Functionality: While being a decorative element, the macrame also serves as a cover to keep items dust-free.
  • Installation: Macrame shelf covers are fairly easy to install. You can fasten them to the top of your shelf with simple hardware like hooks or clips.

Remember, while Macrame shelf covers require time and patience to create, they elevate your shelf design from the standard to the extraordinary with a bespoke, handcrafted aesthetic.

Shelf Covers Made of Recycled Materials

shelf covers made of recycled materials

Embracing recycled materials not only gives another life to items that might otherwise end up in landfills but also gives your home an eco-friendly touch.

1. Old Doors: Old doors, particularly rustic wooden ones, can be recycled into unique shelf covers. They add charm to a space while camouflaging your clutter.

2. Shipping Pallets: With a little artistry, dismantled shipping pallets can be turned into stylish and functional shelf protectors.

3. Recycled Fabric: Old clothes or scrap fabric can be stitched or glued together to create colorful, unique, and practical shelf covers.

4. Disused Shutter Panels: Don’t throw away those old shutter panels, these make for fantastic and character-rich shelf covers.

5. Salvaged Metal Grills: When arranged in interesting patterns, these give your shelves a delightful industrial chic.

Remember, the key when working with recycled materials is to think creatively about their potential uses. Consider their size, texture, and strength to determine what might work best in your space.

Adhesive Wallpaper Panels As Covers

adhesive wallpaper panels as covers

Adhesive wallpaper panels, favored for their versatility and convenience, offer endless designs to match any decor theme. Being self-adhering, they allow quick and effortless installation, with no tools required, making it a DIY friendly option.

They are easy to remove or replace, allowing frequent changes in the room’s aesthetic. Moreover, they add intriguing textures and patterns to plain shelves, transforming, not just covering them. Besides their aesthetic appeal, wallpaper panels protect the surfaces underneath from scratches and stains, extending their lifetime.

The possibility of creatively overlaying patterns and hues adds an unexpectedly interactive design dimension. So, go bold, subtle, vibrant, muted, whatever suits your style; let your shelves mirror your personality.

Magic Screen Door Covers for Shelves

magic screen door covers for shelves

Implementing magic screen door covers brings versatility to your shelf coverage. These are not only affordable but excellent in maintaining visibility while adding some flair.

The flexible and easy-to-remove structure makes access hassle-free. They come in various colors and prints, offering an option to match any decor theme.

Installing these covers involves simple steps. Often, they come with Velcro strips that you fasten to the edges of your shelf. The screen then attaches to the fastened Velcro, providing a seamless look.

To access stored items, you merely need to part the screen, similar to a curtain. This concept is perfect for those seeking a low-cost, yet stylish solution that retains the convenience of quickly accessing their shelves.

Boho Themed Shelf Covers

boho themed shelf covers

Embracing a Boho theme involves using vibrant colors, rich patterns, and artistic flair.

1. Vibrant Colors: Start by selecting a variety of bold colors for your shelf cover fabric. They should imbue the spirit of bohemian aesthetics. Mix and match for a pleasing contrast.

2. Rich Patterns: Choose patterns that depict nature or abstract designs, classic boho. Your options can include vintage fabric, tapestries, or even boho-inspired printed canvas.

3. Artistic Flair: Don’t shy away from adding personal touches. Sew on some tassels or pompoms on the edges for a more appealing display.

Remember, the boho theme aims for a diverse but harmonious look. It’s about creating a casual, welcoming space that narrates a unique story.

Shoji-Style Japanese Panels

shoji style japanese panels

Drawing on the minimalist style of traditional Japanese interiors, these panels provide a serene and elegant look. Crafted from light, translucent materials, usually rice paper, they allow gentle light diffusion that creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.

First, selecting these panels involves matching them to your existing decor. Shades ranging from pure white to ebony black are available, allowing you to maintain a consistent palette.

Second, choose between sliding panels or fixed ones. Sliding panels give you flexibility for easy access, while fixed ones ensure a cleaner, uninterrupted look.

Next, consider the frame material – typically bamboo, wood, or even metal for a modern twist. Each brings a distinct aesthetic.

Finally, remember to consider expert installation. While these panels are lightweight, they demand precise handling to hang perfectly. Because of their intricate designs, you may require a professional’s help to install them properly.

In all, these panels encapsulate the Japanese philosophy of ‘less is more’, providing a calming, uncluttered visual while offering functional shelf coverage.

Decorative Accordion-Style Doors

decorative accordion style doors

Opting for this style does more than just cover up your storage shelves, it manifests sophistication and functionality. Accordion doors blend seamlessly into any décor style, making them a versatile choice.

They’re especially useful for larger shelf units, as they can cover a wide span without appearing bulky. Additionally, these doors save space since they fold back on themselves, as opposed to swing-out doors.

They are available in versatile materials like vinyl, wood, and fabric which can be chosen according to your taste. Personalizing color and pattern options further enhances integration with room decor. Remember, matching accordion door appearance with your room’s aesthetic creates a fluid, cohesive look.

Installing them is usually a straightforward process; however, for a flawless finish, professional help is advisable. For regular upkeep, a simple dusting and occasional spot cleaning are all that’s needed to maintain their appearance.

DIY Pallet Wood Doors

diy pallet wood doors

Creating these functional and stylish doors involves several crucial steps. Start by sourcing for repurposed or new pallet wood. This eco-friendly material comes in different shades, allowing for plenty of customization.

Sketch a rough layout of how you want the doors to look, keeping in mind factors like size and design. Cut the pallet wood according to the required measurements, then sand the edges for a smooth finish. You can choose to paint or stain the pieces for an additional personalized touch.

The assembly of the pallet doors also requires exceptional attention to detail. Secure the individual pieces together using wood glue and squeeze them tightly with clamps to ensure firm bonding. Supplement the bonding process with nails for added strength.

Once complete, attach the doors to your storage shelves using durable hinges. Make sure the doors swing open and closed smoothly. The result is a charming yet robust cover that safeguards your items and adds a rustic touch to any interior décor! Utmost care should be taken while executing the process to maintain durability and quality.

Remember, working with wood often requires safety precautions like wearing appropriate gear to protect from injury, particularly when cutting or sanding.

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