3 Design Ideas That Will Help Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Last updated on October 19, 2023

Don’t leave your bedroom design to an afterthought. You can have a stylish room and keep it cozy too. Use these three clever ideas.

Hands up if you’ve been in the following scenario. Your bedroom is a mess, so you have a burst of productivity and clean it. An hour or two of back pain and good old fashioned elbow grease later, the place is spotless – you’re incredibly proud of your work. You bask in your pristine sleeping space for 24 hours, but then look around to find, somehow, it’s a complete tip again.

Sound familiar? It happens to us all. In today’s world where we’ve all got a bit too much stuff and not quite the appropriate amount of space to go with it, keeping the bedroom consistently tidy is one of the toughest tasks in the home. However, one of the main reasons bedrooms often get messy quickly isn’t down to a lack of effort, but rather a matter of sub-optimal design and organization.

With that in mind, here are three ways you can enhance your bedroom design, so you can keep things tidier for longer.

What's Inside

Maximize Your Storage Space

bedroom storage

Let’s start with the obvious. The more storage space, the better, but finding a balance between storage and living space in your bedroom is massively important. Thus, it’s key that you maximize your storage space that doesn’t encroach on the comfort of the room. How well are you using underneath the bed, for example? And how easy is it to access your wardrobes and drawers?

Ideally, you want storage that makes it just as easy to put things away as to throw them on the floor. Similarly, you want simple storage solutions that make the proper organization of your possessions easy. Investing in some drawer organizers is a great idea for those who want to keep their smaller items together and their drawers clutter-free.

Deal with Your Washing

laundry basket

The number one culprit of mess and clutter in virtually every bedroom around the country has to be dirty clothes, so dealing with them efficiently is a great way to make headway in a messy bedroom. Having a washing basket that is both accessible and big enough to stow away your laundry can be a lifesaver in the bedroom, especially for those who aren’t great at keeping up with the washing cycle.

Upgrade Your Wardrobes

bedroom sliding closet

We’ve talked about maximizing your storage space, but what about maximizing your storage units themselves? Conventional wardrobes can take up a lot of space – often more than they need to do their job – thanks to a clunky design and traditional open and closed doors which mean you can’t place anything in front of them. You can reduce the appearance of wasted space by fitting sliding wardrobes that typically offer a neater, more compact fit and open using a two-dimensional plane rather than a conventional outward open and inward close.

Sliding wardrobes will give you the internal storage space you need while allowing you to utilize the space in front of them, too, making them a must-have for smaller bedrooms in particular.

Being cleverer with your storage is the key to not only keeping your bedroom tidy but also enjoying it more. With the tips above, you can make sure your next cleaning effort has a much bigger impact.

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