How to Buy and Maintain an Indoor Area Rug or Carpet

Last updated on November 21, 2023

Looking for a new carpet or area rug for your home? This is an essential guide on what to look for and how to clean it later on. Read on!

Okay, you have bought your new home and design it with some unique items, right? Yes, every new homeowner like you has the wish to have a dream home with the items, furniture, and decor that match one’s needs and budget.

While decorating the home, the carpets or the floor rugs play an important role. They do not only keep the floors clean but also add to the aesthetics of the space. The carpets beautify your home, give a warm welcome to the guests, and also provide a soft touch under feet. Carpets can be of various styles, designs, and fabrics.

You can buy the carpets or the floor rugs according to your home furniture, decor, and budget. Whether you are using the carpet made with natural fibers or the ones that are synthetic in nature, cleaning your carpet is a must (how often should you clean your carpets?).

You can clean your rugs on your own, or you can hire professional carpet cleaners who will come to your place and provide the best cleaning services that will keep the carpets fresh, clean, and as new for a longer time.

Before going into details on the types of various carpets or rugs available, you should know how to pick the one for your home. For this, you have to keep on reading.

What's Inside

How You Can Pick the Perfect Living Room Carpet

persian carpet interior

We all know that the living room is the beating heart of the house; it is the entire household’s hub, the perfect place for having fun and recreation, and where the family members gossip, play, and enjoy. It is the place where the bonds strengthen, and feelings unwind. It is the place where you relax after the tiring day and where your friends lounge before having dinner.

While entering the home, the guest’s eyes fall first in the living room, which should be decorated nicely and uniquely. One of the items that make the living room looks great is the use of indoor carpets or rugs. Nothing will add the oomph factor and personality in the home rather than the indoor living room rugs. 

If you buy the area rugs carefully, it can transform the living room into a space that you will admire forever. Before buying the rug for your living room, you should decide whether you want to make space formal or more functional.

Carpet Pile Fiber

carpet pile fiber

If you have kids or pets in the home, go for the durable rugs made with wool in the darker color options or the ones that are made with the tougher pile fibers to expand its longevity and protection. 

However, if you are considering comfort, you can opt for the soft pile fibers like the lush bamboo silk or the silk area carpets that have the velvety texture, and they are perfect indulgence to the feet. If the carpet experiences too much foot traffic, be sure to clean it quite often to keep the material fresh and free from dust particles. 

Carpet Size

carpet size

After you consider the practicality of the carpets or the rugs, the next thing to keep in mind is the carpet size you want to buy. You should remember that the oversized carpet will overwhelm the room. It will create tightness in the space. On the other hand, the smaller ones will reduce the decorative effect.

The table and the furniture in the room are the best ways to measure the carpet’s size. A large rug with all the furniture fits on is really a huge affair. Let’s put the carpet a few inches before the sofa. For this, buying the rug with the rug’s perfect size and color will be great for a conversation to start. 

Carpet Fabric


The next is the fabric of the carpet. The texture and thickness of the carpet should be considered. You might opt for the silvery haired carpet or the velvety ones. But these carpets require more effort to maintain and are best for the areas with low traffic.

Do not overlook the importance of lighting too. Some of the materials, like the viscose, are more reflective in light.

Now, talking about how to buy the best carpet indoors, you can check various offline carpet sellers or find out the best carpets online. Several websites are available that provide some of the best varieties of carpets to the customers. 

How to Clean Area Rugs and Carpets

carpet cleaning

Yes, the most important part associated with the carpets is the cleaning. As the carpet is a delicate product, it is very important to take good care of it to maintain its longevity, texture, and quality. You can consult with the professionals for cleaning your carpet, or you can do it yourself at home. 

Here are some of the simple steps that you can follow to clean the carpets, they are:


Vacuuming is one of the important steps to clean the carpet. You should do it once in a day as it will help in removing the debris, dust particles, and the grease from the carpet. Vacuuming sucks up the dirt and keeps the carpets clean. The carpet of the living room experiences the highest foot traffic; it should be vacuumed daily. It is the easiest way to keep the dirt and dust away. 

Limit Foot Traffic

When anyone is entering your home, be strict, and say to open the shoes before entering. A hell of lots of things sticks to the bottom of the shoes, and they get stuck on the carpet as when the shoes are kept over it. 

Call the Professionals

If you cannot clean the carpet nor have less time to do the same, it is very important to call the professionals who will clean the carpet and keep it look new.

Hence, it is clear that carpet is an integral part of the home decoration, and you should be very cautious about choosing the best one and taking good care of it. 

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