The Top 10 Best Area Rugs for the Kitchen [2021]

Last updated on February 8, 2021

Looking for the best area rug for your kitchen? You need one that doesn’t skid, that’s washable, and that looks good on the kitchen floor. It’s right here.

Our top pick: This Kitchen Runner Rug with Non-Slip Padding

This is embarrassing — I’ve slipped and fell on my wet kitchen floor by the sink.

Has this ever happened to you? It would have never happened had there been a kitchen area rug. It’s not just for the looks!

Here are a few more reasons why you need a rug in the kitchen (and why you’re in the right place):

  • A thick and soft rug might save something from breaking when it falls.
  • It will protect the hardwood floors in high foot traffic areas.
  • An anti-fatigue mat for the kitchen will save your feet if you spend a lot of time cooking.

We’ve picked the best rug overall for all kitchen purposes, and then some. You can choose one you like from this “safelist”.

I went for a rug that’s non-slip (obviously!) and that adds decor value to the area. But your priorities might differ, so check out other rugs too!

I should note that our site gets a commission if you purchase anything through shopping links we provide for your convenience. This doesn’t cost you anything.

These are all gorgeous regardless of their function! Keep in mind though, that you may need an extra anti-slip pad for some of these (they are great for other things.)

What's Inside

Non-Slip Area Rug

non slip
Turquoize Non Slip Luxurious Chenille Area Rug

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Thick, super soft, and absorbing water. Certainly worth the money. The non-skid padding keeps it at the same place. Of course, the kind of floor tile you have has to do with it. It fits wonderfully well and is so soft and gentle. You might want to get a few of these.

Kitchen Runner Rug with Non-Slip Padding

Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Non Slip Runner Rug

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This is our top pick. If your tile is a bit slippery, this is what you need. The size is fine, the color is good. It’s not a thick, true rug, it’s thin. However, it works for most needs. The rug comes with plastic only, not in a box, so there might be minor damages or staining upon delivery.

Anti Fatigue Rug

anti fatigue
KMAT Anti Fatigue Resistant Anti Slip Mat

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The rug is comfortable and fluffy. You can get one for your sink and another one for your oven. If you like it, you might consider getting another one for your bathroom as well. It fits the bill!

It doesn’t have any odd smells — that’s a bonus when you get it. It washes out without a problem, and you can put it in the dryer on either low or dry air. It looks fresh for a long time.

Rounded Area Rug

Antep Alfombras Bordered Non Skid Rug

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You can use a rug of this design in your entryway and in front of your sinks in the kitchen. They’re thin enough to open the door if it’s near one. The turquoise and teal colors are suitable for a beach theme cottage. They’re not really padded and just very thin but fit into any room. Spots will easily wash off with a little soap.

Synthetic Microfiber Rug

Carvapet Microfiber Moroccan Trellis Non Slip Rugs

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If you are searching for rugs for a heavily trafficked kitchen that you could throw when they get dirty, these will match perfectly. It is so convenient that these rugs are washed without losing their form, color, or grip.

Colored Kitchen Runner Rug

Nourison Somerset Latte Brown Area Rug

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These are well made, side seams are very well finished. It’s beautifully soft underfoot. It certainly needs something underneath to prevent it from sliding on hardwood floors. We recommend the Gorilla Grip padding for this.

The colors of the rugs on Amazon differ from photo to photo. They range from dark brown coffee to light creamy coffee. They are in the neutral palette, underlined by incandescent light. There are about 4 colors of tans and brown (including dark brown) which are all neutral, and a pleasant color is added by the rusty-rotted berries. The browns remain quite true under the LED lighting, which emphasizes the cooler tones in the rug, but the tan takes on an ever so slight color of yellow. The green spots remain pretty much the same.

Waterproof Kitchen Rugs

LEEVAN Standing Waterproof Non Skid Washable Rugs

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When you cook for a long while you might get tired as you’re standing on a hard floor (especially if it’s tile). So getting these rugs should help your feet from hurting. They are washable so you can wash them and leave to dry out.

Cushioned Kitchen Rugs

Kitchen Cushioned Anti Fatigue Waterproof Standing Rug

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This product is designed for kitchens, and it fits perfectly. The smaller mat is a bonus for the kitchen (great value — 2 for the price of 1). If the color doesn’t match your kitchen theme, you can put it under the sink to turn it into a soft pad for happy feet. It’s not the thickest rug, but this thickness is very cozy and convenient if it replaces a flat runner.

Throw Rug

throw rug
Small Tassels Accent Throw Rug

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It’s a lot more pretty in real life. Great quality. You just have to purchase a non-slip rug pad to get under it. If you typically buy non-slip rugs with pads already attached, this one will cost more. Besides that, it’s gorgeous.

Braided Area Rug

Roxbury Area Rug

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These are well-created and beautiful in color. In addition to buying nonskid padding, they are just what you want.

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