34 Astounding Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Last updated on November 22, 2023

Use these kitchen lighting ideas to light your kitchen space properly. Follow the modern trends but don’t get hung up on fads. Read on!

Kitchen lighting options are vast, but they should not be left as an afterthought. The proper lighting setup can make or break your entire kitchen layout. And at the same time, you don’t need to chase every new trend to establish the right lighting in your kitchen.

We have made a list of the best ideas for kitchen lighting, and they include every type of fixture from the choice of recessed LED lights to the selection of light fixtures. 

What's Inside

Mix and Match the Fixtures

kitchen mix lighting fixtures

If you are going to mix and match the kitchen lighting fixtures, keep things simple and maintain cohesiveness. Pick one dominant finish and one accent finish—mix metals with stark contrast, such as brass and chrome or dark bronze and nickel. 

Feature Accent Lighting

kitchen accent lighting

Accent lighting can add beauty and elegance to an otherwise utilitarian space. Feature accent lighting can make your kitchen feel more relaxing and inviting with its soft light — perfect for entertaining guests. It may also highlight cabinets, backsplashes, and countertops.  

Modern Lighting Fixtures

modern light fixtures

A modern kitchen deserves modern lighting fixtures. These typically have clean lines and geometric shapes. Aside from aesthetics, you will also notice advanced features such as adjustable intensity, color, and timer. 

All-white Kitchen Lighting

white kitchen lighting

An all-white kitchen looks clean and fresh. If you need to add lighting, consider transparent fixtures with a hint of white, light gray, or other neutral colors. These will blend well with the rest of the space.   

Two-tone Kitchen Lighting

two tone kitchen lighting

A kitchen with two dominant tones can look stunning with the right combination. Your lighting fixtures reflect these dual tones in the upper and lower halves.

Highlighting Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinetry lighting

Kitchen cabinets can be beautiful features that are worth highlighting. Install under-cabinet lights. If yours have glass fronts, consider adding lights inside to showcase the contents. 

Oversized Lighting Fixtures

large kitchen lighting fixture

Large kitchens and oversized lighting fixtures go well together. These lights can illuminate a wide space evenly, so consider adding one if the brightness seems inadequate or uneven. 

Reflective Metallic Fixtures

kitchen metallic lighting fixtures

Reflective metallic fixtures bounce off light from around the room. They get more attention than fixtures with a matte finish. Choose reflective finishes for featured design elements. 

Match Lighting Fixtures with Kitchen Hardware

kitchen light fixtures match hardware

While it isn’t necessary to match the lighting fixtures with kitchen hardware, it can increase cohesion. Include this in your renovation plans if the existing kitchen hardware is old and worn.  

Wall Lights

kitchen wall lights

Add wall lights to your kitchen if spots could use more brightness. For example, place them on the counter or the kitchen sink to make chores easier. 

Kitchen Island Lights

kitchen island lights

The kitchen island lights should be bright enough to help you see all the ingredients clearly while chopping, mixing, and grinding. Pendant lights are ideal since they can hang from the ceiling and drop close to the work surface.

Group Smaller Lights

kitchen light grouping

Group smaller lights together to achieve your desired illumination level over an extended area. This will reduce harsh shadows and provide a more pleasant atmosphere.

LED Strips to Light Under Cabinets

kitchen under cabinet lighting

Use LED strips to light under cabinets if you want a modern solution to kitchen illumination. The strips provide even lighting along their length. They can extend indefinitely using special connectors. 

Vintage and Antique Lighting Fixtures

vintage kitchen lighting fixtures

You might be partial to vintage and antique lighting fixtures because of their unique and ornate designs. Some have interesting origin stories and ownership journeys. These should look right at home in classic kitchens. 

The Rule of Three

kitchen lighting layers

Always use three layers of light. Ambient lighting brightens the whole kitchen, task lighting provides direct illumination, and accent lighting highlights features while adding depth and dimension. 

Dining Area Pendant Lights

dining area pendants

If your kitchen is big enough, you can add a dining area and entertain guests here. Make the spot look more attractive and functional by installing pendant lights above the table.  

Brass Pendants

brass kitchen pendants

Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. Brass has an attractive golden hue that makes it a popular material for homeware. You can find plenty of brass pendants for lighting. 

Glass Pendants

glass kitchen pendants

If you want the light to focus downwards, then use opaque pendants. If you want scattered light, then go for glass pendants. These transparent fixtures can be found in different shapes and sizes.

Lighting Nooks

kitchen breakfast nook lighting

Kitchen nooks are perfect for breakfast. Pendant lights are a popular option since you can find them in different configurations. Even nooks with irregular shapes can have a good match. 

Light Inside Cabinetry

lighting inside kitchen cabinetry

Highlight decorative items inside your kitchen cabinets. Ask a carpenter to create glass fronts. After that, install soft glow light inside the cabinetry to draw the eyes upward. 

Industrial Accents

industrial kitchen light fixtures

Industrial design features earth tones, natural textures, and metallic finishes. If you have a kitchen that adheres to this aesthetic, consider adding industrial accents to complete the look. 

Gold Accents

kitchen gold accent light fixtures

Any room can look elegant with careful design and suitable décor. For example, you can paint the surfaces with a neutral color and install fixtures with gold accents. 

Chandelier Statement

kitchen statement lighting

Chandeliers are often found in living rooms, but you can install them anywhere if the ceiling is high enough. A statement chandelier is particularly suitable for large kitchens that serve as entertainment areas. It can act as a conversation starter while providing brilliant lighting. 

Linear Lights

kitchen linear lighting backsplash

Linear lights are useful as ambient lighting in kitchens with a low ceiling. They are flat and long, often stretching out for several feet. You may install them end-to-end to increase their length. 

Track Lights

kitchen track lights

Track lights have multiple fixtures attached to a continuous conductive railing. The fixtures are all the same, but they can have different positions and orientations. They are a great solution when you want to highlight artworks and other types of wall décor. Track lights can provide overhead soft lighting that is easy to modify if you change the room layout.  

Rustic Accents

rustic kitchen pendant

Rustic accents can make a modern house feel more inviting. These provide a nice break from what some might consider plain neutral colors. The accents have more character and interesting details as if they were taken right out of a farmhouse in the countryside. Use these lights in your kitchen while you make traditional recipes. 

Mid-century Accents

mid-century kitchen lighting

The mid-century design aims for excellence in both form and function. After all, this trend came about in an era that was unapologetically fascinated with modern science but still clung to classical beauty standards. If you like this design philosophy, then look for mid-century accents to light up key areas of your kitchen.  

Mini Pendants

kitchen mini pendants

If you have a small dining area in your kitchen, you can use a mini pendant. Find one that suits your style and blends well with the rest of the space. If you have a large dining area, then use several mini pendants. Linearly arrange them or let them follow a table’s irregular shape. 

Mesh Pendants

kitchen mesh pendants

Mesh pendants protect the light source while creating an attractive enclosure. The mesh makes the source visible despite somewhat obscured by the crisscrossing material. The light scatters in every direction, although more strongly beneath the fixture where there is no mesh to block the path partially. 

Kitchen Sconces

kitchen wall sconce

These wall lights are frequently directed upwards or outwards, unlike pendant lights directed down. Sconces have been around for thousands of years using oil lamps and candles. Modern ones use LEDs and are great as kitchen accents. 

Modern Farmhouse Fixtures

farmhouse kitchen lighting

Modern farmhouse fixtures blend the sensibilities of the countryside with the minimalist aesthetics of the era. These are great for smaller kitchens since they tend to be compact yet full of interesting quirks.

Light Over the Sink

farmhouse kitchen lighting

Ambient light may not always provide enough brightness in key areas like the kitchen sink. Install a dedicated light over the sink to wash the dishes without any problems. 

Dimmable Lights for the Mood Lighting

dim kitchen lighting

The kitchen doesn’t need to be bright all the time. Consider adding dimmable lights for the mood lighting. Turn things down during late nights and early mornings to see clearly without hurting your eyes. 

Energy Efficient Lighting

kitchen led lighting

LEDs provide energy-efficient lighting, so you don’t have to worry about consumption. They also stay cool despite extensive use. Some can even change color and intensity.


Should your kitchen lights match?

No. Don’t get hung up on matching your kitchen lights. It will only add unnecessary stress and clutter to your home. Instead, focus on how the different elements complement each other.

Are LED lights good for the kitchen?

Yes, LED lights are much better than fluorescent bulbs for energy efficiency, and they are perfectly enough to provide enough brightness.

Do doorknobs have to match light fixtures?

No, it isn’t necessary. However, if you choose to match, make sure that they match the overall theme of your kitchen.

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