20 Peel and Stick Kitchen Cabinets Ideas for a Stylish Upgrade

Last updated on April 10, 2024

Peel and stick cabinets are rapidly gaining popularity in modern kitchens because they offer a quick, affordable, and drastically transformative pay-off without compromising on style or quality.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Peel and stick kitchen cabinets have taken the world of home decor by storm. And while the internet teems with numerous known ideas, there’s always room to innovate.

In this piece, we’ll take a cracking new approach to cook up some unique peel and stick kitchen cabinet ideas. Not to disregard what’s already out there, a compilation of links to the top existing ideas will be found at the end.

The idea here is to dish up a novel and helpful list for you to feast on. So, brace for a delightful smorgasbord of refreshing designs and ideas that are sure to spice up your kitchen!

What's Inside

Revamp Cabinets With Floral Peel and Stick Designs

revamp cabinets with floral peel and stick designs

Dainty roses, leafy vines or vibrant bouquets – the options are endless when it comes to floral designs. Choosing a floral pattern for your kitchen cabinets introduces a touch of nature and vibrancy, brightening up your space instantly. This design style perfectly suits traditional, country, and cottage-style kitchens. However, do not feel restricted as the right floral printed wallpaper can seamlessly blend into an eclectic or modern style kitchen as well.

To pick the right design, consider the overall color scheme of your kitchen. For muted and neutral kitchens, bold and colorful floral patterns can create a stunning focal point. However, if your kitchen already has many color elements, a softer and less conspicuous floral design might be a better fit.

Preparation is key before you start sticking the wallpaper. Ensure the cabinet surfaces are clean and smooth without any grease or debris. This will ensure stronger adhesion of the wallpaper, prolonging its life.

Finally, remember, less is often more. Floral designs can sometimes appear overwhelming if used excessively. Hence, consider applying the wallpaper to specific areas like only the top cabinets or just the kitchen island. This way, you get the floral charm without overwhelming your space.

Incorporate a Monochrome Theme With Black and White Stickers

incorporate a monochrome theme with black and white stickers

Opting for black and white stickers offers a timeless appeal. Striking contrasts between these two ends of the color spectrum result in a sophisticated look.

Here’s how to achieve this:

  • Patterns: Select geometric patterns for a modern twist, or damask designs for a more traditional vibe.
  • Placement: Mix and match black and white stickers. Remember, lighter colors give an airy feel while dark tones ground the space.
  • Details: Use these stickers to emphasize architectural details, or even to conceal imperfections effectively.
  • Harmony: Ensure balance by dividing color usage equally, or making one hue dominant.

Experiment with matte or glossy finishes, complementary textures, or different sizes of the chosen pattern to maintain interest. Always use quality stickers to ensure longevity.

Opt for Wooden Textured Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Cabinets

opt for wooden textured peel and stick wallpaper for cabinets

With peel and stick wallpapers having the texture and look of authentic wood, you can easily create a warm and natural atmosphere in your kitchen, without the high costs associated with actual wood cabinets.

1. Aesthetic: These style solutions offer a cozy, homey feel and come in various wood styles including oak, pine, mahogany, reclaimed wood, and more.

2. Durability: They are not only visually appealing but extremely durable and resist peeling, chipping, or fading, unlike real wood.

3. Variation of Styles: Depending on your preference, you can choose from light to deep tones, or even a distressed wood wallpaper for a rustic look.

4. Easy Installation: Another perk is how simple they are to apply and remove, making it a perfect option for those who like to update their kitchen looks frequently.

5. Cost-Effective: Lastly, they’re a budget-friendly choice, which means it won’t hit hard on your pocket yet assure a total makeover of the kitchen cabinets.

Remember, while choosing the one that suits you, consider the color scheme of your kitchen, and ensure it complements it rather than clashing.

Upgrade to an Elegant Marble Pattern Using Peel and Stick

upgrade to an elegant marble pattern using peel and stick

Adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen cabinets becomes as easy as pie with marble-patterned peel and stick wallpapers. This style can dramatically enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen while keeping it minimal and chic.

Here is how:

1. Select your Pattern: Choose from diverse varieties like Carrara, Calacatta or Nero Marquina to match your kitchen theme.

2. Application Process: Clean your cabinets thoroughly before application. A smooth surface aids in flawless sticking.

3. Precision Cutting: Measure twice, cut once. Accuracy in cutting ensures full coverage and a seamless look.

4. Plant Smart: Always start application from the corners. This strategy reduces chances of air bubbles significantly.

5. Finishing Touches: Use a flat squeegee or credit card for a smooth and bubble-free finish.

Voila! Your sophisticated, marble-themed kitchen is ready to turn heads.

Retro-themed Kitchen With Vintage Style Peel and Stick

retro themed kitchen with vintage style peel and stick

To nail that awesome retro vibe, think polka dots, bold stripes, or even a classic checkered pattern.

It’s essential to choose colors that enliven the old-school spirit – consider red, turquoise, or mustard yellow.

The real magic lies in the use of these textural details and pattern scales that further emphasize the radiant and joyful mood of a bygone era.

Try placing larger patterns on wider cabinets to maintain proportion and balance. For smaller or narrower cabinets, smaller-scale prints will create the perfect aesthetic symmetry.

For a more subtle hint of nostalgia, a muted or pastel color palette can work just as well as the more vibrant choices.

One thing to remember when using these vintage-inspired stickers is to not overdo them. Maintain a balanced look by carefully choosing which cabinets get the peel and stick treatment.

An accent cabinet decked out in a vintage design can function as a visual centerpiece, and you’ll find it can instantly liven up the entire room.

Don’t forget about hardware when going retro. Chrome, brushed nickel, or vintage bronze knobs and handles can enhance the charm of your vintage aesthetic, beautifully tying the entire look together.

Create a Rustic Look With Brick Patterned Peel and Stick Wallpaper

create a rustic look with brick patterned peel and stick wallpaper

Using a brick patterned peel and stick wallpaper can easily evoke a pastoral charm in your kitchen. One of the main draws is the visual texture and warmth it adds, making the space feel homey and welcoming.

1. Select the right tone: Decide whether you want red brick for vibrance or white-washed brick for a subtler aesthetic.

2. Complement your interiors: Match the brick pattern with rustic accessories like wooden cutting boards and vintage utensils.

3. Grouting matters: Opt for cream or grey grouting in your pattern to enhance the realism and depth of your design.

4. Don’t overdo it: Avoid wrapping all cabinetry in brick, stick to a prominent section to avoid overwhelming the view.

5. Longevity and care: Ensure to choose a waterproof version for easy cleaning and increased durability.

This hands-down style gives a nod to the hearty kitchens of yesteryear, without any permanent commitment.

Palette Inspired Peel and Stick Cabinetry for Artsy Kitchens

palette inspired peel and stick cabinetry for artsy kitchens

Creating a vivid artistic vibe in your kitchen requires attention to detail and creative flexibility. Harmonize cabinetry with surrounding elements by choosing peel and stick designs that complement your existing palette.

Consider the dominant hues in your kitchen’s art elements:
Bright tones can be balanced with cooler sticker shades, while earthy elements may benefit from a pop of color.

Design strategies include the use of gradient shades from light to dark, or contrasting colors for a bold statement.

For an abstract look desiring a blend of multiple colors, opt for stickers that incorporate various contrasting hues or shades.

Meanwhile, a color block strategy allows you to decorate different sections of cabinets in unique or complementary shades, or even follow the monochromatic route.

Remember, the key to this art-inspired peel and stick method is balance and blend. You’ll enjoy having cabinets that stand out artistically while asserting their functional aspects.

Glossy Metallic Finishes Using Peel and Stick Solutions

glossy metallic finishes using peel and stick solutions

When you want to inject a bit of glamour into your space, a metallic finish is an effective choice. Peel and stick solutions make this formerly complex task a breeze. Metallic finish wallpapers are available in various hues like gold, silver, and copper, each offering a unique look.

Consider a golden sheen for a rich royal vibe, or opt for a cooler silver to add a sleek, modern touch. Copper, being a blend of both, imparts a warm and trendy aesthetics. Also, you can choose between radiant, mirror-like gloss or subtle, brushed metal surfaces according to your preference.

For maximum impact, pair metallic finishes with a neutral color scheme. The contrast will allow your cabinets to truly shine. Keep in mind that while a metallic finish adds a dazzling touch, overdoing may create visual clutter. Thus, ensure to strike a balance in your application.

Lastly, despite their luxurious appearance, metallic peel and stick wallpapers are very affordable and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth, making not just a visually appealing, but also a practical choice.

Experimenting With Geometric Patterns for a Modern Look

experimenting with geometric patterns for a modern look

Delve into the world of shapes with geometric designs – squares, rectangles, triangles, or hexagons. These shapes lend a modern vibe while maintaining a clean simplicity.

1. Use contrasting colors for a bold visual impact. A black and white diamond pattern could be an eye-catching choice.

2. Opt for the same color family to create a seamless look. Light and dark gray triangles, for instance, are subtle, yet stunning.

3. Adjustable to any kitchen style, smaller patterns give a texture-like appearance, while larger designs become the room’s focal point.

4. For an intriguing look, consider patterns with variations in size and orientation of the same shape.

5. Soft color palette and subtle patterns will uplift your kitchen ambiance without being overwhelming.

Just remember, less is more when it comes to geometric patterns. They should complement the room’s decor, not overpower it.

Unique Chalkboard Peel and Stick for Memo-friendly Cabinets

unique chalkboard peel and stick for memo friendly cabinets

Installing this innovative interior solution facilitates quick jotting of grocery lists or meal plans directly onto cupboard doors, eliminating the need for extra paper notes. It brings functionality and fashion together, enhancing your kitchen space while offering a polished aesthetic.

Bear in mind, however, that while chalkboard stickers are fun and practical, they require additional care. Chalk dust can create a bit of a mess, and frequent wiping might lead to dulling over time. A tip for crisp writing is to opt for a chalk marker rather than traditional chalk. Chalk markers give a more vivid color, won’t produce dust, and are much easier to clean.

Moreover, you can give a personal touch to your kitchen by letting your creativity flow. Leave lovely hand-written recipe notes, nutrition tips, or even inspirational quotes.

Here are a few ways you can leverage chalkboard cabinetry:

  • Keep track of what’s in your kitchen pantry.
  • Save important dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Leave love notes or fun messages for your family.
  • Let the kids show their creativity with drawings.
  • Write the menu of the week for a restaurant-like experience.

It’s a versatile addition that offers both functionality and a black canvas for the artist within.

Customize With Different Patterns On Upper and Lower Cabinets

customize with different patterns on upper and lower cabinets

A visually pleasing way to create a dynamic kitchen space is to apply diverse yet complementary patterns on the upper and lower kitchen cabinets.

1. Balance: Ensure balance in the kitchen by pairing bolder, louder patterns, typically on the lower cabinets, with more neutral or subtle designs up above. This balance prevents overwhelming the eye.

2. Complement: Always ensure patterns complement each other. Both should share a common element, maybe color, design aesthetic, or theme.

3. Color Scheme: Keep the kitchen’s overall color scheme in mind. Maintain harmony by sticking to a consistent palette.

4. Reflect Personal Style: Let the choice of motifs mirror your personal style, whether it’s tropical prints, stripes, or abstract designs. Keep in mind; this should bring joy every time you walk into the kitchen.

5. Application: Remember, application is key. Always follow instructions to ensure seamless output. Post-application, trim any overhanging bits for a clean finish.

With these pointers, one can effortlessly create a visually intriguing kitchen space, like a breath of fresh air every time you step in.

Kitchen Cabinet Transformation With Vibrant Color Peel and Sticks

kitchen cabinet transformation with vibrant color peel and sticks

Vibrant hues add personality and make your cabinetry pop, effortlessly becoming the focal point of the room. This can be seamlessly achieved through the careful selection of high quality, vibrantly colored peel and stick wallpaper.

1. Choose your Colour: First, pick a shade that complements the existing kitchen color scheme. Opt for bold, contrasting colors like teal, orange, or ruby red if you want a starker contrast.

2. Measure Before Applying: Measure the area to cover accurately. The goal is to precisely cut out strips of the vibrant peel and stick wallpaper matching these dimensions.

3. Clean Surface: Wipe down the cabinet surfaces, ensuring they are oil and dust-free. This makes adhesive wallpapers stick more securely.

4. Apply Smoothly: Start from one end, gradually unfurl and stick the wallpaper, smoothing out any bubbles with a plastic squeegee.

5. Trimming Edges: A utility knife aids in neatly trimming off excess edges for a clean finish.

Embrace the vivacity! Let your kitchen reflect your lively spirit with eye-catching, boldly colored cabinets. It is an easy, budget-friendly way to instantaneously refresh and enliven your kitchen.

Opt for Minimalism With Simple, Solid Color Wallpaper

opt for minimalism with simple solid color wallpaper

Choosing a simple, solid color for your kitchen cabinets can result in a clean, minimalist look that still has a major impact. Here are a few points to consider:

1. Dark Colors: Dark shades such as black, slate, or navy can lend a sophisticated feel to your kitchen.

2. Light Colors: Whites, creams and light grays, on the other hand, can make the kitchen feel open, airy, and expansive.

3. Pops of Colors: To break up the simplicity, consider a pop of color on a central cabinet or island. Reds and yellows can energize, while blues and greens can soothe.

4. Color Psychology: Remember that colors can influence mood. Make use of color psychology to create the feel that you’re after for your kitchen.

5. Balance: Ensure a balanced look by coordinating your stick on shade with the other colors in your kitchen, including your walls, countertops, and appliances.

Seasonal Kitchen Cabinet Updates Using Thematic Stickers

seasonal kitchen cabinet updates using thematic stickers

Embracing the changing seasons in the kitchen decor rejuvenates the space. Thematic stickers are a great way to add a festive touch. For spring, floral or pastel hues evoke the blooming freshness.

As summer rolls in, beach-themed or tropical patterns work tastefully. Autumn calls for warm shades – think oranges, browns, and yellows, perhaps even a leaf motif. Winter could be mirrored with snowflakes or cozy plaid designs.

Remember, this doesn’t involve a complete overhaul. With thematic stickers, simply pick a few cabinet fronts to update. This maintains balance while incorporating a playful twist in your kitchen.

Revamp a Rental Kitchen With Non-permanent Peel and Sticks

revamp a rental kitchen with non permanent peel and sticks

You might assume that rental kitchens are off-limits for any form of stylistic tweaks, but that’s not the case. Swap the generic, and sometimes drab look of the standard cabinetry with a more personalized style using non-permanent peel and stick wallpapers.

1. If you love the breezy coastal look, opt for nautical-themed wallpapers. The blues and whites will infuse an airy feel to your space.

2. Don’t shy away from bright colors or bold patterns. They serve as excellent conversation starters and infuse a dose of cheer. Classic polka dots or candy stripes are always a hit.

3. Multifunctionality at its best, adhesive chalkboard wallpapers could be your tickets to a memo-board right on your cabinets. Note down groceries, to-do lists, or let the little ones scribble.

4. For those leaning towards the subtle side, faux wooden finishes or minimalistic solid shades can retain the bare essentials while upscaling the aesthetics.

Keep in mind, peel and stick wallpapers are easily removable and do not leave any residue, making them a landlord-approved choice. The transformation can be achieved within hours and requires no professionals, draining no extra bucks.

Cabinets’ Intricate Borders Using Stencil Inspired Stickers

cabinets intricate borders using stencil inspired stickers

Delicate and intricate designs immediately catch the eye and give cabinets an elegant touch. Stencil-inspired stickers are a great tool for achieving this. These are not only affordable, but also easy to apply.

1. Select the right design: Choose a stencil design that complements the existing décor. Intricate floral, baroque or oriental patterns work well.

2. Size and proportion: The sticker design should be proportionate to the cabinet size. Larger patterns for wider cabinet doors, smaller for compact ones.

3. Positioning: Start from the edges moving towards the center to ensure a seamless alignment.

4. Contrast or blend: Decide whether the sticker should contrast with the door color or blend subtly. Both have their unique appeal.

5. Trial and error: Don’t shy away from experimenting. The beauty of these peel and stick options is their non-permanence and ease of replacement.

So, go ahead, add a dash of creativity to your cabinets with stencil inspired stickers.

Creative Kid-friendly Cabinetry Using Fun and Crazy Patterns

creative kid friendly cabinetry using fun and crazy patterns

Bright colors likely catch children’s attention. With peel and stick designs, it’s easy to incorporate playful motifs like animals, spaceships, or florals.

Opt for a fun jungle theme or a serene underwater setting to spark imagination and kitchen curiosity. This method also offers practical benefits—it provides scratch-proof and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Furthermore, appealing to children’s interests helps promote a healthy attitude towards cooking and household chores from an early age. These decals are also easily removed and replaced, allowing the cabinet design to evolve as the child grows.

Of course, a mix of their favorite colors and characters can create a personalized touch that lets them feel part of the kitchen space. Just remember that your kitchen should still remain cohesive – it’s best to keep these vibrant patterns to just one or two of your cabinets.

Muted Tone Peel and Stick Wallpapers for a Vintage Look

muted tone peel and stick wallpapers for a vintage look

Opting for muted tones can give your kitchen a timeless vintage charm. The trick lies in selecting subdued shades such as muted olive, worn-out turquoise, or washed-out mustard that harken back to a bygone era. These shades can introduce a sense of nostalgia and create an atmospheric backdrop in the heart of your home.

Choose a peel and stick wallpaper with a pattern that embodies vintage inspiration. Delicate floral motifs, traditional damasks, or subtle chevron patterns in these palettes can achieve the desired effect. The beauty of this choice lies in its ability to blend seamlessly with your existing décor. It pairs effortlessly with vintage-inspired kitchen elements like antique cooking utensils and canisters, or linens with heirloom patterns.

Remember, using peel and stick wallpaper offers the benefits of a simple, mess-free application and the flexibility to change your décor whenever the mood strikes or trend changes. Its non-permanent nature means you can experiment with various designs before settling on a final look. No matter the choices you make, your vintage-inspired, muted tone kitchen cabinets will become a conversation piece for visitors and a comforting, heart-warming sight for you.

Equal parts stylish and practical, peel and stick wallpapers in muted tones can effortlessly bring the vintage charm to your kitchen cabinets.

Go Bold With Animal Printed Peel and Stick Finishes

go bold with animal printed peel and stick finishes

Giving your kitchen a daring edge requires minimal effort with the use of animal print peel and stick finishes. Here’s how you can embark on this audacious journey:

1. Choice of Animal Print: From leopard spots, zebra stripes to cowhide, choose a print that resonates with your style and the existing kitchen elements.

2. Balance is Key: Remember to keep the surrounding elements neutral. Animal print is intensely graphic, so it could quickly turn overwhelming.

3. Complementary Colors: Enhance the look with color-coordinated accessories, concentrate on hues that highlight the prints.

4. Placement Matters: It’s not necessary to cover all cabinets. Strategically select few to serve as a standout element.

5. Maintenance: Always clean with a mild detergent to maintain the picture-perfect finish.

Unleash your creativity and embrace the wild side with these ideas!

Minimalistic Aesthetic With Pastel Colored Peel and Stick Decors

minimalistic aesthetic with pastel colored peel and stick decors

Pastel hues are ideal for achieving a clean, minimalist look in your kitchen. They bring in a certain level of sophistication and calmness, without being overwhelming.

Here’s how you can style your cabinetry with pastel peel and stick decors:

  • Gradients: Use varying shades of the same color. Begin with the lightest on top and gradually introduce darker shades towards the bottom. This gives a visually soothing gradient effect.
  • Two-Tone Cabinetry: Combine two different pastel colors. For example, a soft mint green with a pale lilac can induce a serene atmosphere.
  • Geometric Pastels: Try pastel-colored geometric patterns if a single-colored cabinetry seems plain. This adds character while keeping the minimalistic vibe intact.
  • Accent Cabinets: Use pastel wallpapers on just a few cabinets as accents against a classic white or beige base.

Remember, the goal is to maintain simplicity while incorporating some interest on your cabinets. Avoid overly complex patterns or deeply saturated colors inconsistent with minimalism.

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