20 Creative Corner Nook Bench Ideas for Extra Seating Solutions

Last updated on January 3, 2024

Explore these creative corner nook bench ideas because they are an excellent way to maximize space while adding flair to your home decor.

I take great pride in presenting this article and the unique corner nook bench designs I have crafted; my hope is that you’re as inspired and have as much fun exploring them as I did creating them.

Corner nook benches are a fantastic way to maximize space and add charm to any room. Whether it’s for casual dining, reading, or simply relaxing, these benches can be a stylish and functional addition.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of corner nook bench ideas, from traditional to modern designs, and even DIY options. You’ll learn about different materials, styles, and color schemes to choose from. We’ll also delve into tips for accessorizing your corner nook bench to enhance its appeal and practicality.

So, if you’re looking to transform an empty corner into a cozy and inviting spot, this comprehensive guide is perfect for you.

What's Inside

Rustic Wooden Corner Nook Benches

rustic wooden corner nook benches

Crafted from chunky, rough-hewn timbers, these rugged spaces exude a natural and unpretentious charm. This style’s essence lies in the harmonious blend of shape and texture, where each piece’s knot, grain and colour echo the beauty of the outdoors. Deeply versatile, these benches work particularly well in traditional or country-style homes, but they can add a striking contrast in a modern setting, too.

To further enhance the aesthetic, consider adding soft, neutral cushions or throws that complement the wood’s warm tones.

Some points to ponder when choosing rustic wooden corner nook benches include:

  • Select durable, weather-resistant wood types like oak, cedar, or teak if the bench is for an outdoor space.
  • Opt for benches made from reclaimed wood for a more eco-friendly choice.
  • Ensure the craftsmanship is top-notch. Handmade options, while pricier, offer better quality and authenticity.
  • Match the rest of your décor. If your home is more modern, ensure the rustic element isn’t too overpowering, to maintain a balanced look.
  • Finally, consider the bench’s size and whether it fits well within your space without hindering movement.

White-cushioned Bench for a Modern Minimalistic Look

white cushioned bench for a modern minimalistic look

A modern minimalistic design reflects the essence of simplicity and elegance, and a white-cushioned corner nook bench can help you achieve this effortlessly. Here are some key features of this style:

  • Neutral Palette: The white of the cushion, combined with other neutral colors, creates an inviting and calm space.
  • Clean Lines: The uncomplicated straight lines give a clutter-free look that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.
  • Versatility: The bench can seamlessly blend with any corner of your home, be it the dining area or a window nook, providing an unambiguous style statement.
  • Comfort: The white cushion not only enhances the look, but also assures comfort for prolonged seating.
  • Easy Maintenance: The removable cushion cover can help in easy cleaning, keeping your bench white as new.
  • Mix and Match: Play around with brightly colored throw pillows or a patterned rug to add an element of surprise to your overall interior decor.

Incorporating this kind of seating can certainly bring in a soothing ambiance to the home environment.

Multi-function Bench With Added Storage Space Beneath

multi function bench with added storage space beneath

Offering practicality combined with style, these benches hold a secret advantage – added storage. Think of the possibilities! Cushions, blankets, dining linens, or even board games could find a home within. This clever design optimizes every inch, turning unused space into useful assets. Access is usually through a hinged or lift-top seat, making it as easy as possible to organize and locate your belongings.

The additional storage doesn’t compromise appearance or comfort – it harmoniously blends functionality with aesthetics. Depending on your preferences, storage can be concealed or stylishly exposed using baskets or crates.

This idea of concealed functionality extends further: some multifunctional benches come equipped with pull-out surfaces, acting as makeshift trays for your coffee or wine. More than just extra seating, these space-saving solutions can better serve smaller rooms and encapsulates the essence of a truly versatile piece of furniture. A smart decor choice, providing a clutter-free environment, maintaining the room’s chic ambiance.

Industrial-style Metal and Wood Bench

industrial style metal and wood bench

The fusion of metal and wood in this style is visually striking, blending the elegance of wood with the raw edge of metal. This offers durability and a robust aesthetic which complements traditional and modern spaces alike. It is particularly suited for open floor plans or where a touch of utilitarian appeal is desired.

Select woods like oak, maple, or walnut to pair with a sturdy metal frame. This not only guarantees longevity but also enhances your corner nook’s visual appeal. Darker woods and metallics like matte black or bronze often create a harmonious scheme.

Consider pairing this bench with matching industrial-style fixtures, such as pendant lights or a metal-frame table. This creates a cohesive look and enhances visual interest. Remember, comfort needn’t be sacrificed for style – simply add some soft cushions to your bench.

Maintenance-wise, a wipe with a damp cloth usually suffices for the metal frame. On the other hand, wooden parts may require occasional polishing to maintain their sheen. These combined elements showcase a raw, authentic taste in decoration, setting an inviting ambiance for your corner nook.

Wraparound Corner Bench for Larger Dining Areas

wraparound corner bench for larger dining areas

This type of bench is an excellent addition to spacious dining rooms. Opting for a wraparound design maximizes seating area, while also offering a unified, sleek aesthetic. It’s particularly well-suited for large households or those who frequently host gatherings.

With a variety of materials to choose from, you can align with your room’s design—from chunky rustic wood to sleek black metal or even cushioned comfort. Add some coordinating cushions or throws and you’ve created an inviting, social space!

Ensure to measure your space accurately before purchasing or commissioning a wraparound bench, as its size is key to creating harmony in your dining area. It benefits not just the functionality of your space but significantly elevates its style quotient too.

Vintage-style Bench for a Retro Vibe

vintage style bench for a retro vibe

The allure of this design lies in its ability to transport you to another era. With an old-world charm, this bench often showcases details typical of past decades such as fluted legs and wood with distressed finish.

The color scheme leans towards more muted and antique shades, often paired with pastels or neutrals. Warm shades of brown are usually a common choice. Moreover, Floral or checkered upholstery which harks back to old-school designs can be used.

Practically, consider sturdier types of wood like oak or mahogany mimicking the furniture styles of the past. These dense woods guarantee longevity, giving a real sense of history to the space. Moreover, an investment in a good quality piece ensures the bench will age well, adding more character over time.

For an added retro feel, pairing the bench with vintage accessories like antique cups or classic tabletop radios balances the overall aesthetics of your corner nook. Don’t hesitate to gather inspiration from the past while tailoring it to suit today’s comfort.

Corner Nook Bench With Bookshelves

corner nook bench with bookshelves

Adding bookshelves to your corner nook is a fantastic option not only to provide comfy seating but also offers practical, easy-to-access storage. This ensures optimal usage of your space, particularly useful in small rooms or apartments.

1. Versatility and Functionality: It wonderfully marries leisure and organization without needing additional furniture.

2. A Reader’s Delight: This allows an amazing opportunity for ardent readers to be surrounded by their favorite books. Read, relax, or even have a quick snack, all in one place.

3. Easy Access: Right at the dining table or living room, you can pull out a cookery book or a novel without having to leave the spot.

4. Creativity in Design: The shelves could be crafted in a variety of styles – stacked, staggered, floating, or cubbies – which add visual interest.

5. Enhances the Decor: Arranging books by color or size can become a part of your home decor statement.

Remember, while installing this type of bench, consider factors such as the height of the shelves and type of books to be stored for utmost convenience and aesthetic appeal.

Bench With Throw Pillows for a Cozy Feel

bench with throw pillows for a cozy feel

A quick way to bring in cozy comfort to your corner nook bench is by using throw pillows. These can easily elevate the look of your space while providing much-needed comfort. Opt for pillows with different textures to add depth. A combination of fur, velvet, and cotton pillows can bring a mix of textures to the seating area.

Choosing a color scheme for the pillows helps maintain a cohesive look. Stick to two to three colors, or go for a monochrome look with varying shades of the same color. A blend of patterned and plain pillows can create an engaging visual hierarchy.

It’s not just about style; size matters too. An assortment of different sized pillows, from big to small, not only creates a more comfortable backrest but also adds a dynamic visual element. Make sure to fluff them regularly to maintain the shape and keep them looking plush. Being mindful of these details will ensure that you achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort.

Wicker Corner Bench for an Outdoor Ambiance

wicker corner bench for an outdoor ambiance

Feeling a fresh breeze while sitting indoors can evoke a sense of relaxation and tranquility. That’s where wicker corner benches make a notable impact. This unique style of furniture, commonly known for its durability, embodies the outdoor ambiance with its nature-inspired texture and design.

1. Material: Wicker is a sturdy and lightweight material, perfect for creating a natural outdoor environment indoors. Its airy, open structure and organic look can easily transport you to a breezy beachfront or cozy countryside setting.

2. Versatility: The natural colour of wicker can fit into various decor styles. Whether you have a contemporary, traditional, or country-style decor, a wicker bench can seamlessly blend in.

3. Comfort: Adding soft cushions or throw pillows to your wicker bench can enhance its comfort tremendously. You can choose from a range of outdoor-friendly fabrics to complement the wicker’s natural tone.

4. Maintenance: Despite its sophisticated look, wicker furniture requires minimal upkeep. Regular dusting or vacuuming and occasional washing are enough to keep the bench in excellent condition.

With these key points, transform a dull corner into a captivating retreat with a wicker corner bench, serving not only as a functional unit but also as a decor piece that exudes an outdoor vibe.

U-shaped Padded Bench

u shaped padded bench

The U-shaped padded bench optimizes space by cleverly snuggling into your room’s corner, offering a haven of comfort and style.

Its U-shaped form is perfect for an intimate, sociable dining experience.

Adding to its allure, the padding creates a plush seating area, coaxing guests to linger after meals, fostering a warm, convivial atmosphere.

It can be adorned with additional cushions for a personalized aesthetic effect.

When opting for this bench, consider your room’s color palette and choose padding that effortlessly blends in or strategically stands out.

Select the material carefully to ensure it’s durable and stain-resistant, especially if the bench will be used frequently or by children.

For smaller spaces, a scaled-down version can provide a cozy breakfast nook while maintaining the room’s airy feel.

Bench With Patterned Cushions for Some Visual Interest

bench with patterned cushions for some visual interest

Cushions displaying bold patterns can add a dramatic twist to the otherwise plain area. They not only increase comfort but also introduce texture and colour to the space.

When selecting these fashion-forward elements, consider the room’s existing decor to ensure coordination.

Try adding contrasting designs for a pop – florals with stripes or geometrics with paisleys. However, don’t overdo it; three to four different patterns work best in one setting.

Also, for an aesthetic appeal, match a few of the cushion colours with other elements in the room. Finally, note that easily removable and washable cushion covers make maintenance stress-free.

Remember, the size and shape of the cushions matter. Go for a mix of large, small, square, and rectangular cushions for a balanced look.

With these handy tips, your corner bench will capture attention effortlessly.

Futon-style Corner Bench for a Japanese Touch

futon style corner bench for a japanese touch

Taking cues from Japanese interior aesthetics, this particular bench design offers a harmonious blend of simplicity and functionality. Often known for their minimalistic approach, the Japanese apply the philosophy of ‘less is more’ into their furniture designs.

Keeping that in mind, this bench stands devoid of any unnecessary embellishments. It makes the most of straight, clean lines, and is typically lower than Western-style seating. The cushions applied on the top surface would usually be flat and firm, following the traditional futon mattress style.

Commonly used materials for this bench would be natural woods like cypress, cedar, or pine, exhibiting their bare, understated beauty. Bamboo could also serve as a unique, eco-friendly option. These materials provide both durability and a down-to-earth style.

In the same vein, the color scheme remains fairly neutral. Subtle shades of brown, beige, or off-white are common, though pops of muted colors can add a pleasant surprise.

Moreover, these benches often stand quite modular and adaptable, suiting various spaces and configurations. Offering utility and elegance in one, these Japanese-inspired benches elevate the charm of any corner nook.

Bench With an Attached Side Table

bench with an attached side table

This innovative design maximizes space by combining seating and surface area. It’s perfect for smaller areas where additional furniture might not fit.

Anywhere from condos to small apartments, a bench-side table combo can be a game-changer. The side table could serve as an excellent spot for various objects like a flower vase, books, or even your morning coffee.

Choose a bench with a hardwood table for durability or a glass top for a sophisticated finish. You’ll want to coordinate this piece with your existing décor – a vintage finish for a more traditional space or sleek black for contemporary living areas.

One key advantage is that you’ll have everything within reach – you won’t need to get up once you’re comfortably settled in. It’s convenience, style, and efficiency wrapped into one.

Natural Teak Wooden Bench for a Sturdy and Classic Look

natural teak wooden bench for a sturdy and classic look

Teak, a dense and highly durable hardwood, adds a sense of solidity and timeless beauty to any corner nook. Given its natural oils, it’s resistant to warping and cracking, thus holding up well over time. The classic look of this wood, combined with its impressive durability, ensures it rarely goes out of style.

One captivating feature is the subtle grain pattern and rich, golden-brown color, which can seamlessly blend with any design aesthetic. For more flair, you might choose to pair your warm-hued bench with vibrant, patterned cushions. On the more practical side, teak is also relatively low-maintenance; a simple wipe with a dry cloth often suffices.

Furthermore, the transition between the indoors and outdoors becomes effortless as this bench can serve both purposes superbly. A teak bench in the corner of your patio or garden area isn’t just an aesthetic statement but a practical one.

Choose a shape and size that fits your space— from compact to expansive seating arrangements. Round-edged, square, or even L-shaped forms of this robust wooden bench can transform a simple corner into a comfortable and inviting nook.

Bench With Tufted Upholstery for an Elegant Style

bench with tufted upholstery for an elegant style

A tufted upholstered bench adds class and sophistication to a room. Small details bring about significant changes.

Tufting is when buttons are threaded through the upholstery to create a pattern, often in a diamond or square design. This technique adds structure and dimension to any bench, creating an element of visual interest.

Offering both comfort and aesthetics, such benches work perfectly in a formal dining setup, elegant living rooms, or even a lavish bedroom corner.

For an added layer of luxury, consider designs with velvet or satin upholstery. Neutral hues like cream, gray, or black can seamlessly integrate with your existing decor. However, deeper tones like burgundy, sage green, or royal blue bring in a pop of color while maintaining the elegance.

Lastly, match the bench with similar tufted elements, like throw pillows or curtains, for a cohesive look.

Sectional Nook Bench for Flexibility

sectional nook bench for flexibility

Should room configuration or family size fluctuate, a sectional nook bench stands out as a smart choice. Its individual sections can be rearranged, added or subtracted based on current needs, giving this style a truly flexible nature.

Here are key considerations for this option:

  • Layout Changes: If you’re planning a move or a remodel in the near future, the ability to adjust the arrangement of the bench sections can accommodate shift in layout.
  • Size Variation: Sectional benches allow for adding more seating when having guests, and reducing it when less is needed, maximizing space efficiency.
  • Style Integration: Banquette style, L-shape, or even a full circle – choose the arrangement to complement the style and vibe of your dining area.
  • Customization: From upholstery to wood finish, you can customize each section as per taste and even differentiate them for a fun eclectic feel.

Remember, the goal is to create a comfortable dining space that can adapt to the evolving needs of your household. A sectional nook bench offers exactly that – flexibility with style.

Corner Bench With a High Backrest for Comfort

corner bench with a high backrest for comfort

A corner bench with a high backrest seamlessly blends style and comfort. These benches help maintain good posture while providing much-needed back support, essential during long seating periods.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Selection of Material: Ensure the material is durable while being comfortable. Varied options range from plush upholstered backrests to tough slatted wood, both providing excellent support.
  • Overall Design: The design should complement the existing decor of your room. It could be carved for a traditional touch, use clean lines for contemporary spaces, or incorporate rustic elements like distressed wood for country-style homes.
  • Comfort Level: While the high backrest provides support, comfort can be elevated with padded upholstery and additional cushions.
  • Space Availability: Not all high backrest benches need large spaces. Some designs are compact and perfect for smaller areas.
  • Customization: Adding throw pillows or blankets can add an individualistic touch, inviting guests to enjoy their comfort.

Remember, the goal is not just to have a beautiful corner but one that offers ultimate comfort and support.

Pastel-coloured Bench for a Soft Look

pastel coloured bench for a soft look

From delicate lilacs to muted mint greens, choosing pastels can inject a tranquil ambiance into any corner nook. These shades are known for their ability to create light and airy environments, making the space feel larger and more inviting.

Using a pastel-coloured bench allows for easy coordination with other elements in the room. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Material: Opt for natural fabrics such as cotton or linen which can maintain the pastel colours alive and vibrant.
  • Layering: Adding cushions in varied pastel tones can add depth and interest.
  • Lighting: Ensure there is ample natural light to enhance the bench’s colour.
  • Accent Pieces: Select neutral or complementary hues for surrounding furniture to keep the spotlight on the pastel bench.
  • Maintenance: Light colours might show stains more easily, so prompt cleanup of spills is essential.

Remember, the goal is not to overwhelm, but to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere by integrating the pastel bench into your room aesthetics.

Corner Nook Bench With a Unique Geometric Design

corner nook bench with a unique geometric design

Stepping into the realm of abstract art, the geometrically-designed bench delivers an unexpected and exquisite visual appeal. The charm lies in the unpredictable angles and shapes, giving your nook a stylish statement.

Incorporating such a design not only boosts the aesthetics of your space but can also maximize seating capacity. Here are some considerations when opting for this unique style:

  • Materials and Finish: Choose among materials like wood, metal, or upholstered finish, each offering a fresh interpretation of the geometric theme.
  • Color Choice: Harmonize the bench color with your interior decor. Bold colors can accentuate the design features, whereas neutral tones allow the geometric shape to take the spotlight.
  • Functionality: Incorporate storage elements or adjustability into the design for added practical use.
  • Comfort: Use cushions or pads that comply with the abstract angles for a comfy coziness that doesn’t compromise the design.

So, revamp your corner with a geometrically-designed bench, governing both form and function in your homely retreat.

Bench With a Fold-out Feature for Extra Seating

bench with a fold out feature for extra seating

Harnessing the versatility of this design choice, the fold-out feature offers a practical solution to the occasional need for extra seating. Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Space-Savvy: In compact spaces, this feature shines, providing additional seating without consuming more space.
  • Easy Functionality: Most fold-out benches have a user-friendly mechanism, making hosting large gatherings a breeze.
  • Flexibility: Depending on the design, it can be extended as individual seats or as a continuous bench.
  • Variety: You’d be surprised by the variety of styles and materials available – from sleek leather to cozy fabric upholstery.
  • Cost-Effective: The dual functional aspect certainly eliminates the need to buy additional seating.
  • Surprise Element: It effortlessly adds an element of surprise to your décor.

Therefore, a fold-out feature in your corner nook bench is more than just an aesthetic addition; it optimizes your space and functionality.

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