25 Kitchen Ideas with an Island and a Dining Table

Last updated on November 27, 2023

Check out these inspiring kitchen ideas for combining an island and a dining table or using the island as a dining area. Read on!

Decorating a kitchen with an island and a dining table can combine modern and traditional design elements. Consider adding sleek countertops to the island, light wood cabinets for storage, subtle yet stylish decor pieces, and fixtures to bring the space into the 21st century.

The walls should be painted in warm colors to create an inviting atmosphere. A shaker-style cabinet or handmade cabinets can add character to the room.

Consider adding bar chairs or seating around the island to create a dining area if there’s no room for a large table in the room.

What's Inside

Earthy Textures Kitchen

This modern kitchen features a large island with sleek countertops and a wooden dining table surrounded by stunning chairs. The space immediately draws the eye to the inviting work surface and amply-sized seating area, each made of durable materials that reflect the homeowner’s refined taste.

This kitchen provides plenty of storage options for daily use, with light wood cabinets and pull-out drawers near the sink and oven. Additionally, subtle yet stylish decor pieces are scattered around the room to define this charming setup further.

Modern and Functional Kitchen with a Dining Table

The kitchen is a bustling, vibrant space with an island in the center and a dining table nearby. The island boasts a beautiful backsplash and tile, creating a modern atmosphere that complements the kitchen decor.

The island provides both extra workspace and seating for guests around the table. The interiors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing using HGTV-inspired home design ideas.

With cleverly placed fixtures and accents throughout, this kitchen has been given just enough flair to bring it into the 21st century.

A Blend of Traditional and Modern Kitchen

This kitchen is a stunning blend of modern and traditional design, featuring a large island with a shaker-style cabinet and an elegant dining table. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with pink paint.

The island provides plenty of counter space for meal preparation, while the dining table is perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying family meals. The handmade cabinets add character to the room, making it truly unique.

With its style and functionality, this kitchen will surely be the heart of any home.

Quartz Island with Seating

This luxurious kitchen features a large island with handleless cabinets, quartz worktops, and a spacious dining table. Cashmere satin lacquer finishes and smart appliances complement the sleek design.

For added convenience, the island includes seating and Boracooking systems for easy meal preparation. Storage solutions are plentiful throughout the kitchen, making it an ideal space for entertaining guests or enjoying family time.

This kitchen inspires any home chef with its modern luxury design.

Sleek Kitchen with Hanging Lights

This stunning kitchen features a central island and an adjacent dining table, creating an inviting atmosphere for gathering.

The sleek island is the focal point of the room, with its glossy countertop and spacious design providing plenty of room to prepare meals or enjoy snacks.

The accompanying dining table is perfect for entertaining guests or having family meals together.

Cozy and Elegant Kitchen

Happy Tuesday 🀍 kitchen with island and dining table
Source: @home.at.33

This kitchen is inviting and cozy, with a large island in the center and a dining table off to one side. The island is made of wood with a dark stain and ample counter space for food preparation and storage.

By the island are two barstools that provide seating for casual meals or snacks. The wood has a lighter finish and contrasts with the darker tone of the island.

It comfortably seats four people around its round surface, making it perfect for family dinners or entertaining guests.

Bold Center Point Kitchen Table

Frances Loom on Instagram: "When it Comes to Kitchens, the Islands Keep Getting All the kitchen with island and dining table
Source: @francesloom

The kitchen is bright and inviting, with a large island in the center and a dining table nearby. The island features a stunning marble top, adding an elegant touch to the room.

A bold splash of color further enhances its beauty, while a repurposed piece adds character and personality. Chairs surround the dining table providing ample seating for family and friends.

These elements create an inviting atmosphere perfect for gathering together to share meals and enjoy each other’s company.

Neutral and Modern Kitchen Style

This kitchen features a spacious island with plenty of countertop space and a large dining table that can comfortably seat up to six people. The modern farmhouse style is evident in the neutral decor, with white cabinets and light wood accents.

A shelfie adorns one wall, featuring eclectic home finds such as vases and trinkets. Stylish Target pieces, including an area rug and other decorative items, complete the look.

The overall aesthetic is warm and inviting, perfect for entertaining or just relaxing at home.

All Modern and Gray Design

Küche+Cucina | Kitchen Design kitchen with island and dining table
Source: @kuchecucina

This modern kitchen features a large island in the center, with sleek marble countertops and contemporary kitchen cabinets. Luxury appliances surround the table. There’s also a window for natural light.

The backsplash is designed to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, while the organization of the space creates an inviting atmosphere for cooking or entertaining. The overall design of this luxurious kitchen is perfect for any home renovation or remodel project.

Classic and Elegant Kitchen Collection

The modern kitchen is single, with a sleek island in the center and a spacious dining table nearby. The island’s dark cabinetry and white countertop contrast beautifully with the light hardwood flooring, creating a warm yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Bright natural light pours in from large windows, highlighting the intricate details of contemporary architecture and interior design.

All these pieces showcase stunning kitchens of Instagram and interior photography to their fullest extent.

Gray Marble Round Edge Table Top

The kitchen is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional design, with its sleek white cabinets, large island, and wooden dining table. The island gives you an extra workspace for preparing meals or gathering for a quick snack.

It has plenty of storage space, including two drawers and two cabinets. The countertop is made from durable material in a light color, making it perfect for cutting vegetables or baking treats.

The dining table is made from natural wood with a glossy finish that ties the room together. It comfortably seats four people and provides the perfect spot to enjoy family dinners or entertain guests.

Patterned and Gold Kitchen

The spacious kitchen is a delight to behold, with its large kitchen island in the center and a dining table nearby. The sleek shaker cabinets perfectly complement the herringbone floor, while quartz worktops and brass taps add an elegant touch.

Pendant lights hang above the island for added style, and bi-fold doors lead out onto the patio. There’s plenty of room for barstools around the island, making it perfect for entertaining friends or family.

With all these elements combined, this kitchen truly is inspiring!

All Wood Kitchen Counter and Dining

This kitchen features a large island with a sleek marble countertop, surrounded by modern white cabinets and drawers. A dining table is situated in the center of the room, providing ample space for family meals or entertaining guests.

The walls are painted light gray, creating a calming atmosphere. The flooring is made of hardwood, adding warmth to the space.

Stainless steel appliances complete the look, giving it an industrial feel.

Modern Country Kitchen

This kitchen is a modern country oasis with white walls and period features. The centerpiece is the large kitchen island, contrasting with the parquet flooring.

On one side of the island is a dining table with seating, and on the other are cabinets and drawers for storage. The island has an Ammonite Farrow & Ball finish, adding a touch of elegance to this neutral decor.

For extra inspiration, interior details like pocket doors and framed pictures on the walls make this home unique. This renovation project has genuinely transformed this 1930s house into something special!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

DECOR STEALS kitchen with island and dining table
Source: @decorsteals

This modern farmhouse kitchen is a sight, featuring a large island in the center of the room and a cozy dining table next to it. The white kitchen cabinets and barstools offer an elegant contrast against the warm wood floors.

For an added touch of luxury, an overhead light fixture hangs above the island for plenty of brightness during meal preparation or entertaining guests. The large dining table is perfect for family meals or hosting friends for dinner parties.

All in all, this modern farmhouse kitchen creates a comfortable space that is both stylish and inviting.

Rustic, Wooden, and White Top Kitchen

Santa Barbara Kitchen kitchen with island and dining table
Source: @francesloom

Check out this beautiful classic kitchen. It comes with a wooden table with high chairs. It’s perfect with flowers and other accessories. There’s also the designed ceiling. This is an ideal interior for those who want some modernity in the kitchen but don’t want to lose the farmhouse and rustic feel of your home.

Custom Cabinets for more Storage

Jen | Hillside Home 🀍 kitchen with island and dining table
Source: @hsidehome

This beautiful kitchen features a sleek, white island in the center, surrounded by elegant custom cabinets and outfitted with stainless steel appliances. A stylish dining table sits to the side, illuminated by soft lighting and natural skylights.

The modern decor adds a touch of style and creates a comfortable atmosphere. Whether you’re cooking, entertaining, or simply enjoying time with your family, this kitchen is the heart of the home – it’s designed to make you feel good inside and out.

Marble Top with Underneath Storage Space

This bright, spacious kitchen features a stunning island in the center with green cabinets and timeless design elements. An elegant dining table is tucked away in one corner of the room, surrounded by natural light streaming through several windows.

The kitchen also features plenty of storage space with kitchen cabinets and details that create an inviting atmosphere that oozes interior styling. With both indoor and outdoor living areas, this kitchen is perfect for home cooking and bringing friends together to share meals.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or want to enjoy quality time at home, this classic yet modern kitchen provides the perfect backdrop for all your needs!

Cozy Rustic Kitchen

The kitchen is a bright and inviting space, with a large island in the center and a dining table nearby. The island is made of white marble, giving it an elegant look that stands out against the warm wood flooring.

The top of the island has plenty of room for food preparation or casual meals, while the lower shelves provide extra storage. A modern pendant light hangs above, illuminating the area.

Nearby is a wooden dining table surrounded by four chairs upholstered in soft fabric. The walls are painted in a light grey hue, adding to the airy feel of this cozy kitchen.

Charming and Modern Kitchen

This modern kitchen boasts a sleek white kitchen island with stainless steel appliances and plenty of storage. Its warm wood floors contrast beautifully against the contemporary furniture, like the bright dining table and chairs anchored in the center of the room.

The main highlight is the chic kitchen island with marble countertops, allowing ample workspace to prepare meals or entertain guests. Illuminating light fixtures provide an inviting atmosphere, perfect for gatherings or lounging around the table enjoying a home-cooked meal.

No matter how you use this space, it’s sure to be aesthetically pleasing and functional!

Black and White Kitchen

This modern kitchen is the ideal space for hosting and cooking. A sleek island at its center provides plenty of storage and counter space, while a dining table behind it offers additional seating.

The all-white cabinets and quartz worktops, combined with dark kitchen appliances and accents, give the room an inviting yet sophisticated atmosphere. For added light and stylish detail, a roof light allows sunshine to create an ethereal look around the room.

To finish off the design, faux flowers soften the industrial edge of stainless steel surfaces and barstools along the island in black velvet to break up the monochrome palette.

With this custom-built kitchen design, your family can enjoy meals together with ease and style in equal measure!

Custom-Fit Storage and Cabinets

This all-white marble countertop kitchen is a dream. It’s a clean and sleek design that is perfect for any aesthetics you want in your house. The white cabinets and storage add to the minimalist approach and fit any decor you want to add as accessories.

Beautiful Kitchen from Every Angle

This bright kitchen features a large island with a glossy white countertop and an inviting dining table in the corner. The spacious room is filled with natural light from the windows, illuminating the elegant cabinetry and sleek stainless steel appliances.

The stylish island provides plenty of prep space and additional seating for entertaining guests, while the rustic dining table creates an inviting atmosphere for gatherings. Together, these pieces bring a modern yet classic look to the kitchen that will impress any guest.

The Modern Country Cottage

This modern kitchen features a stunning island and dining table in one. The island is topped with gorgeous marble, and the sleek waterfall edges make it a focal point in the room.

Above it hangs an elegant pendant light that adds to its sophistication. On one side of the room are a cozy dining area with a herringbone floor and boucle chairs for an inviting atmosphere.

The neutral palette creates an airy feel in this spacious kitchen while providing plenty of space for cooking and entertaining.

Finally, the cabinets provide storage and design elements – perfect for creating a modern country aesthetic.

Homey Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen is bright and inviting, with a large island in the center that serves as a large dining table. The island is crafted from sage green cabinets, providing plenty of storage space for all your needs.

A wooden floor of oak planks runs throughout the room, creating warmth and texture.

Above the cooking area hangs an inspirational mural to inspire creative meals for family and friends. The extension beyond the kitchen provides additional seating at the dining table, perfect for large gatherings or intimate dinners.

With its modern features, warm tones, and inviting atmosphere, this dream kitchen has it all!

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