25 Modern Kitchen Ideas with Grey Cabinets

Last updated on February 19, 2024

Create a modern kitchen design with these ideas, from grey cabinets to countertops, backsplashes, and other features.

Grey cabinets are a popular choice for modern kitchen designs. This trend adds texture and color to the space with fixtures and hardware, creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

The combination of grey cabinets with stainless steel appliances creates a contemporary feel, while crown molding and recessed lighting complete the classic yet modern style.

This timeless look is perfect for any home, providing plenty of storage space while adding warmth to the room.

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What's Inside

White Grey Super Matte Kitchen

The interior design is modern and timeless, with vinyl wrap and kitchen details that evoke a designer home vibe. The overall look is effortless yet sophisticated, creating an inviting atmosphere for cooking and entertaining.

Grey Marble Kitchen

Combining the two colors creates an elegantly modern atmosphere that is perfect for any home. The grey cabinets provide plenty of storage space, while the light oak flooring adds warmth to the room.

Architectural details such as crown molding and recessed lighting complete this classic yet contemporary design.

White on Grey Cabinets

The cabinets are made of high-quality materials, providing a durable and stylish addition to the space. The cool tones of the grey bring an air of sophistication to the room, while the texture adds depth and character.

The cabinets are complemented by stainless steel appliances, adding a touch of shine and creating a contemporary feel.

FarmHouse Kitchen Design

The muted hue of the cabinets is complemented by black granite countertops, creating an overall luxurious yet understated feel. The durable natural worksurface stands up to everyday use while resisting scratches and marks better than any artificial product.

Stainless steel appliances provide a beautiful contrast against the grey cabinets, completing the elegant look of this timeless kitchen design.

Herringbone Tile Over Grey Countertop

The neutral palette has oak worktops and white walls, creating an atmosphere of both warmth and sophistication.

Christmas decor brings seasonal cheer to the space, with rustic details such as a festive wreath adding traditional charm.

Comfortable barstools provide the perfect spot for gathering and conversation, making this kitchen both welcoming and inviting.

Stylish Round Grey Kitchen

The cabinets complement the grey accents and worktops. The appliances provide ample storage and convenience for a busy lifestyle. The kitchen offers both style and practicality.

Brick Backsplash for Eye-Catching Look

The Roberts' Kitchen kitchen with grey cabinets
Source: @castellview

The grey exterior provides a versatile backdrop for the heart of this home, allowing for creative interior styling touches like colorful tiling or statement lighting to truly make it your own. The bright white countertops complete this look perfectly, making it easy to keep things clean and organized.

For added appeal, there are plenty of kitchen cabinet designs with an eye-catching tile backsplash, giving this kitchen a unique edge that will impress your guests.

With thoughtful planning and attention to detail, you can create a beautiful home living space where cooking becomes an enjoyable experience again!

Classic Grey Toned Cabinets

Here’s your ideal design if you’re looking for that traditional kitchen look. The grey paint, with modern kitchen appliances and patterned backsplash, looks as good as the magazine.

The 1930s Inspired Kitchen

The limestone flooring adds warmth to the space, while the bi-fold doors open to an extended kitchen area. The shaker-style cabinets and traditional 1930s-inspired elements give this kitchen a unique character that is perfect for any home.

An interior designer has incorporated subtle touches like corner shelving and home decor accents to complete the look.

Pearl Canada

Pearl Canada kitchen with grey cabinets
Source: @pearl.sinks

The sleek, matte finish of the cabinets is complemented by the bright white countertops and backsplash, creating a timeless contrast. To add an extra style, pearl-colored sinks are installed on the countertop for a luxurious feel.

For added convenience, include plenty of storage space in the cabinetry to keep everything organized. There are also small touches, such as handmade home decor pieces and Pinterest-inspired kitchen accessories.

This dream kitchen is perfect for anyone looking to renovate their home with style and elegance.

Brass Accessories for Accents

Antique finishes, antique brass hardware, and antique brass accents give the space a timeless look. It gives off that polished look to ensure that your kitchen stands out among the rest!

Heaven in the Kitchen

The neutral backsplash tiles contribute to the room’s airy feel, while stainless steel appliances bring an unmistakable touch of luxury. A white stone countertop ties in with the light color theme, making it perfect for a first-time buyer’s new build home.

To add texture and interest to this neutral kitchen style, brass hardware adorns each cabinet door, creating an inspiring atmosphere for home inspiration and home styling enthusiasts alike.

Typical Sunday Kitchen

Sara's Sunday Kitchen kitchen with grey cabinets
Source: @home_reno46

The walls are neutral in color, and the floor is a herringbone pattern. Add personality to the space with high wooden chairs, plants, and other accents. Use a golden kitchen tap to complete the look.

The Kitchen Oasis

The dark grey cabinetry is complemented by light accents like shelves and Wren Kitchens appliances that add texture and depth to the space.

Transform your kitchen into a beautiful oasis with green kitchen stories and murals that provide an extra layer of visual interest.

Kitchen renovation projects such as this make it easy to create a unique home style with personalized touches that truly reflect your style and vibe.

Ultimate Kitchen Transformation

The pale grey tones provide a neutral backdrop for decor and create a calming space for cooking. Accents of white in the cabinetry and bright pops of color in the accessories combine to create an eye-catching yet soothing effect.

An open-concept layout makes this small kitchen feel more significant than it is, while clever storage solutions ensure that all of your kitchen needs can be met in style. With thoughtful design details like these, this kitchen renovation will inspire your home dreams.

Beautiful Extension

The design adds extra sophistication, ensuring this kitchen design is stylish and timeless. There’s the marble countertop, the grey cabinets, and the deep sink basin to give off that elegant look.

Your Dream Kitchen Classic

Kinne Andersen's Kitchen Classic kitchen with grey cabinets
Source: @unoform

This kitchen has a classic style that creates an inviting and timeless atmosphere. The combination of the grey cabinets with the brass accents and marble worktop gives this kitchen a modern yet cozy feel.

The warm tones of the grey cabinets are complemented by the cool tones of the marble worktop, creating an elegant balance in the room. This kitchen design is perfect for creating a stylish and functional space.

Hallway to Kitchen Transformation

The sleek dark cabinets are framed by stark white walls and contrasting stainless steel appliances, giving the space a clean, neutral look. A herringbone laminate backsplash lends texture to the minimalist palette, while pops of greenery bring natural elements into play.

Finishing touches such as soft lighting fixtures or stylish bar stools complete the inviting atmosphere created by this stunning kitchen renovation.

Patterns Mix and Match

The herringbone flooring adds to the contemporary feel. The white paint on the walls creates a neutral backdrop for festive Christmas decor. The bar stools provide comfortable seating around the kitchen island to complete the look.

Curtained Windows for that DIY Look

Chic home accessories, wall art decor, and a dining table for an inviting atmosphere complement the cabinets. The grey kitchen cabinets provide the perfect backdrop for inspiring kitchen inspiration and renovation ideas.

To complete the look, a dining room decor with wall decorations adds elegance to this stunning kitchen design.

Vintage Kitchen

Busola Evans kitchen with grey cabinets
Source: @busolaevans

The glazed tiles on the walls add a subtle shine, while brass railings provide an elegant contrast. Vintage furniture pieces bring nostalgia, and green accents add color to the space.

Together, these elements create an inspiring kitchen with plenty of design inspiration for any home.

Grey Farmhouse Design

The kitchen design is enhanced by touches of decorative accents, such as painted kitchen cabinets, creating a stunning aesthetic.

Warm weekend vibes are created with a mix of stylish accessories and rustic decor pieces, while corner shelves provide plenty of storage space for a complete homely feel.

Whether admiring the beautiful styling or cooking delicious meals, this contemporary corner of the home will inspire creativity and relaxation.

Shades of Grey Kitchen

The timeless palette creates a sophisticated atmosphere perfect for any home.

Go Monochrome

The kitchen boasts dark cabinets made from linoleum for a matte finish that gives off a luxurious air, contrasted nicely with lighter hues around the room.

Personal touches add uniqueness to the monochrome interior, while natural elements like wooden surfaces bring a warm feel.

The modern chairs and classic table balance contemporary and traditional styles for this reform-inspired kitchen.

Gemma’s Grey Cabinet Kitchen

The quartz worktops complement the grey perfectly and reflect the light from the house’s beautiful window. This further accentuates the stunning kitchen island and provides extra counter space for food preparation and entertaining.

Add an extension to allow for additional storage and provide an inviting atmosphere.

An interior designer has achieved a seamless balance between style and comfort with subtle interior decorations like indoor plants, ornaments, candles, and artwork that add inviting touches to enhance the overall design.

This stylish yet practical kitchen will surely bring joy to anyone who steps inside.

Did you get inspiration yet? Bring beauty to your kitchen today!

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