5 Clever Tips for Redesigning Your Office Space

Last updated on November 16, 2023

The office is the second home to many but does it always feel cozy? Let’s pass around some clever office space design ideas to see if we can get some traction. Read on!

With the number of hours that we spend at work, the office can practically become an extension of the home. That is – if the office environment is conducive to a productive, balanced, and comfortable workday.

When employers design or build offices without the employees and daily work environment in mind, it’s noticeable. Things like partitioned desks, low-quality fluorescent lights, and the din of pens, fax machines, and telephone calls reverberating off the walls – all of this can bring down the quality of a work environment. 

Luckily, with a few thoughtful revisions and an experienced construction team, you can completely rework your current office space to make room for better, more effective weekdays ahead. 

Below are our 5 top tips for redesigning your office space.

What's Inside

Consider Installing a Green Roof as a Non-Workspace

green roof

It may sound counter-intuitive, but one of the best ways to encourage productivity in the office is to look at the design of the off-duty space. Offering an area where there is no expectation of work can be a source of great relief for employees when they’re having a tough day or need a few minutes to decompress between tasks. 

One chic and refreshing “off-duty” space to consider is a green roof. A green roof describes covering the top of a building with grass, plants, or other vegetation for insulation. However, when created with employees in mind, it could also plant haven where staff can retreat during the day for some fresh air and sunlight. 

Prioritize Ergonomics and Comfort

ergonomic workspace

With the design inside an office, think about where the employees sit all day. Here, ergonomics becomes invaluable

It’s worth the investment to upgrade chairs, desks (standing desk, anyone?), and desktop accessories so that your employees remain comfortable and productive – especially over long hours. 

For reference, desks should hit near the elbows so that the arms can rest comfortably without strain. The computer screen, however, should be at a height so that the neck remains upright and doesn’t tilt down. Also, be sure the chairs offer lower back support.

Create a Variety


Variety in a workspace keeps things feeling fresh even when you’re on hour 6 of work on a Monday. By creating different work areas – coworking spaces, private desks, enclosed conference rooms, lounges or kitchens – you offer more flexibility for employees to work in a way that’s most successful and comfortable for them.

Everyone works a little bit differently, so by offering different atmospheres, you allow employees to find what helps them perform the best. In turn, this will improve overall company performance.

Keep It Open and Bright

open office space

Gone are the days when cubicles were king. Now, the open-concept office is preferable. It allows for more collaboration and eliminates what can feel like isolation for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. 

In rethinking an open layout, consider a few things:

  • Ceiling – Is the flat roof feeling too low and suffocating?
  • Lighting – Is there enough natural light from windows?
  • Space Division – How are we diving spaces? 
  • Atmosphere – What feelings does the office currently exude?

Loop in the Employees

green office space

During your planning process, ask what your employees think about the changes they want to see. Their input will help you identify their pain points with the current office layout and can better serve them with the retrofitting or remodeling. 

The input also makes the employees feel relevant to overall company changes and can improve morale within the office. When the employees come to see you fit their needs into the redesign budget, they will feel valued by management.

Redesign with the Future in Mind

As you redesign, keep in mind what your needs will be in the future. In creating a more modern atmosphere, you must allow room for growth and changes to be made still down the line. By starting with the tips above, you’ll be on your way towards a new-and-improved office environment that the whole team is sure to love.

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