We all have books at home even those of us who don’t like reading much. A book is not only a source of knowledge it can be an object of home decor too. Here are 20 wonderful bookshelf designs that really make use of books to create a beautiful interior design.

White Bookshelf

Starting with simple but irregular white bookshelf that gives a modern look to the interior design.

Wall Bookshelf

Speaking of irregular, this bookshelf is a great use of space separating wall.

Upstairs Library

When you have enough vertical space buildingĀ a library like this is a bookworm’s dream come true.

Tower Bookshelf

A freestanding bookshelf tower that can occupy an empty corner.

Staircase Storage Bookshelf

We’ve published an article on staircase designs recently, this is another one for a clever use of staircase storage space.

Sofa Storage Bookshelf

Compact and creative reading corner.

Sail Bookshelf

A wonderful bookshelf design in shape of sails.

Rounded Bookshelf

Rounded corners make a nice modern style.

Library Bookshelf

Another great example of an upstairs library.

Huge Bookshelf

Just look at the shear size of this bookshelf – it’s beautiful just because of that.

Home Office Bookshelf

Simple and nice home office bookshelf design.

USA Map Bookshelf

A bookshelf can take a lot of forms and this is the USA map shaped bookshelf.

Tree Bookshelf

Sometimes books grow on trees.

Tilted Bookshelf

Tilting the shelves is not so much practical as it is beautiful.

Stacked Bookshelf

An impossible bookshelf.

Piano Bookshelf

Another great themed bookshelf design.

Bookshelf Painting

How about hanging paintings against the bookshelf.

Flower Bookshelf

Combining strict forms and creating wall art.

Diamond Bookshelf

This bookshelf reminds us a wine cellar.

Blue Bookshelf

Turning the entire wall into a bookshelf.