94 Best Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas

Last updated on September 19, 2023

Create the coziest space for yourself and your family on the planet. These fantastic bedroom design and decor ideas will help you.

You don’t have to overdecorate your bedroom, but you have to create a place where you, your significant other, or your kids feel cozy. The right design style and the correctly developed decor can mean if you get quality sleep or not. So it’s time to take it seriously.

We aim to inspire, and the following is an organized list of all the best bedroom ideas on our blog. We have some great ideas, and we keep adding to it. So check out what we’ve got!

What's Inside

Minimalist Bedrooms

21 Beautiful Minimal Bedrooms and What We Can Learn from Them
Minimalist bedroom design / Industry Standard Design

The minimalist bedroom design style is so popular because that’s rarely what your guests see. So you don’t have to overdo with your decor – all you need is to create a cozy space for yourself. We have just the right list of ideas for minimalist bedrooms. (21 ideas)

7 Ideas for a Beautiful and Elegant Bedroom in 2015
Bedroom trends / Industry Standard Design

What are the most common trends in bedroom design and decor? It’s not an easy question to answer, but we give it a try here. Check out these evergreen bedroom design trends that are more than hype. (7 ideas)

Black Bedroom Designs

11 Most Elegant Black Bedroom Designs
Black bedroom design / Industry Standard Design

Black and dark colors, in general, are not the most popular choices in bedroom design, but if done right, the use of black color can add to the elegance and even luxury of the interior design. So here are the best designs that we think got the use of black in bedroom decor done right. (11 ideas)

Best Plants for Your Bedroom

20 Best Plants for Your Bedroom That Will Help You Sleep Much Better
Plants for bedroom / Industry Standard Design

Are you happy with the kind of sleep you get during the night? Get a much better sleep quality by adding the best plants for the bedroom to your space. Here are the top live plants for bedrooms to consider. (20 ideas)

Curtain and Window Blind Designs

25 Nearly Perfect Curtain and Window Blind Designs You Have to See
Curtain designs / Industry Standard Design

Dressing up the windows is important in bedroom decor more than anywhere else. It’s not only the way to block the light during the night, but it’s also a big part of creating the right atmosphere for your sleep. Check out these great ideas for curtain designs. (25 ideas)

Closet Doors

closet door ideas

Did you know that the closet door in your bedroom can change the way your room looks completely? It’s an often overlooked detail and it shouldn’t be that way. That’s why we’ve prepared a short guide of closet door ideas for you to read. (14 ideas)

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