How to Prepare Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and romance. To set the tone for a romantic evening, the bedroom can be transformed into a love cove. Below are some guidelines on how to get this done:

Appeal to the Sense of Smell

When used correctly, aromatherapy directly speaks to the pleasure centers in the brain. Use sexy, intoxicating fragrances to set a romantic tone in the bedroom. You can burn incense a few hours ahead of the romantic evening. The fragrance will linger but will not be too overwhelming. You could also diffuse your favorite essential oils to create the right atmosphere for your love celebration.

Use Lighting to Create the Mood

Sexy lighting is a sure method of creating an atmosphere for romance. The right lighting will make a world of difference to an ordinary room. A dim bedroom could also be a confidence boost that would allow you and your partner to have uninhibited fun. Lower the light on the fixtures that can be dimmed. Remove the regular bulbs and have them replaced with sexy colored bulbs. These will cast warm lights around the bedroom. Do not turn on the bright overhead lights, use candles to light the way to your romance-filled night. There is also the option of using battery-operated candles. They will have the same effect with no need to tend to them for the duration of the night.

Focus on Textures

Certain textures can be used to create an air of sensuality in the bedroom. Use ultra-soft flannels, silk or faux fur to make your bed. These textures will feel great against your skin. You can also bring textured massagers or long feathers into play. Sensuality and touching are great ways to set the tone for love.

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There are simple changes that can be made to the bedroom to transform it into a special love nest for Valentine’s Day.